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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 345

The Shaytaan Pulls You Slowly!

he tempts you into doing something

and when you do it – at first

“it’s not haram”

“it’s not totally haram”

“at least, I’m not doing…” and then you can fill in the blank with your creativity

because when kids get caught, they say: “at least I didn’t..” and then they – you know


but he only wanted to get you to the 1st milestone

because from there, he will work on you for a month or two, to get you to the 2nd milestone

and then to the 3rd milestone and then to the 4rth milestone

eventually you will be doing the very thing you said early on “at least, I’m not doing…”

you’ll be doing that

but he won’t get to you immediately

he will work on you


he’ll work on you slowly

he’ll work on a guy and a girl

to develop an – you know – illegitimate relationship slowly

first they’ll just see each other in the bazaar

at the Islamic book stall

“oh, you like that tafseer too?”

“I love that tafseer”



“I love Ibn Kathir.. yeah.. it’s amazing”

“oh, you love that surah too?”



“oh, it’s the last copy? oh, I’ll let you buy it”

“it’s okay… please”


it’s innocent

it’s nothing

it’s okay, alhamdulillah!

he said “salam alikum”

you said “walaikum Salam.. hehehe”

you did a little bit

it was all innocent at first

and then it takes a little bit

“hey, uh…”

“do you know Abdul Kareem?”

you say: “Well, yes I do” – look at you

you know

“oh okay, I know him too”

and that’s

somebody comes up and says “hey, you can’t say ‘do not know Abdul Kareem?’ “
and you’re like “was it haram??”

“I can’t even ask who Abdul Kareem is?”

“is it haram to talk to a brother?”

“at all”

“no, I can’t tell you it’s haram”

“but, you know what Shaitan is doing”

just a little

then a little

“so are you on Facebook?”

“well, of coarse I am”

“actually I already looked you up”

u know


little by little

and then you’ll say:

“but we’re just texting – we don’t do anything else”

“we’re just on WhatsApp together – that’s all”

“Well, just a picture – it wasn’t a video, just a picture”

you give one justification, then another justification

there’s “it’s just a dinner – it’s with the whole MSA”

“Yeah – I know – I know”

how did he know that?

who told him?

one thing to another to another

then I get the phone call: “brother nauman, you have a couple of minute? I want to talk to you”

“what’s her name, bro?”

You know

“well – you know the Shaitan [dallahumma bi ghurur] – he got us”
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“now, I really want to marry her – but I’m 14 years old and …. “


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