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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 395

The Servants of The Most Merciful

[A’udhu billahi min ash Shaytanir Rajim]

[wa ibadur-rahmanil-latheena yamshoona alal-ardi hawna-wa itha khatabahumul jahiloona qaloo salaama]

[rabbish rah-li sadri wa yassirli amri wahlul uqdatan mil-lisaani yafqahu qawli … wal-hamdulillah …. was salatu wassalamu ‘ala Rasulillah]

[aa ‘ala aalihi wa-sahbihi ajma’een]

Assalam Alaikum
“Quran Weekly”

Allah Azzawajal at the end of Surah Furqan – Surah# 25 has a passage describing those who are

the slaves of Ar-Rahman

Allah has many names

and He can attribute

call people – “slave of Allah”

“slaves of The Creator”
“slaves of The Wise”

But He calls them “slaves of Ar-Rahman”

It is, as though, He is suggesting

that these people have a relationship with Him

based on His endless and unimaginable Love and Mercy and Care

So the slaves of the One who cares a lot,
the slaves of the One who loves a lot,
the slaves of the One who

shows mercy unimaginably


that means that these are special people

that the people that Allah is describing at the end of this passage are very very special people

all believers are special, but these are extra super duper awesome special


the first quality that is described of these people that earned the title “Ibaad-ur-Rahman”

[allatheena yamshoona alal-ardi hawnan]

that they walk on the Earth – those who walk on the Earth

with humility



acknowledging their weakness

You know

when we accomplish things, we

feel a sense of kind of strength and power and empowerment

And those are the moments in life, when we’re supposed to acknowledge our humility

This is # 1

and [hawnan] also suggest that you are

you don’t demonstrate your strength in front of others

Allah talks about this on many occasions in the Quran

for example, lowering your wings before your parents

what does that mean?

that means you’re an adult

Yours – you have a career – you have money – you have your own car – you have

a house – and your parents are retired – they’re old

so obviously you’re in a position of strength and they’re in a position of weakness

But you need to

not flap your wings too much, you need to chill out and act humbly in front them

so the act of humility

you know one time I met

recently I traveled

and .. uh ..

Those – our brother – who picked us up from the airport, drove us around everywhere and

kind of just took care of everything -this guy was literally like a servant

driving us around all over the place, right? for food – for lectures – for this – for that – “anything else I can do? can I get you some water? can I do this? can I do that?

like super humble brother

at the end of the trip, we find out the guy’s wotrh is like 700 million dollars

you really – I couldn’t fathom – like how does this work? – where do you get this kind of humility?

I know people that make like a hundred thousand dollars and think they own the world

Right there – you got into

you know – they topple the goal a little bit over six figures – and they’re like

that’s right

and this guy

You know – just – his humility just shattered me like

how in the world can this be?

and I was reminded

[[wa ibadur-rahman allatheena yamshoona alal-ardi hawnan]

that’s # 1

they learn to walk on the Earth with humility

Humility is also not just a demonstration of financial strength

It’s also a demonstration – an undo demonstration of physical strength

and intimidation

It can also be a demonstration of

your ability to out-talk someone

maybe you’re a very aggressive, outgoing person – you like to make a lot of jokes

it can really dis-put somebody in their place, especially in a public setting

you need to chill out and kind of hold back from that – don’t do that

because that’s an expression of arrogance then – because you

you are overpowering someone with your tongue

you can overpower someone and put someone in the place with your – with your mouth – you can

you know – you know something about a

a field – an area – and you just want to stump somebody with your knowledge

Don’t do that – you know

it’s good for you that you know, but you don’t have to like prove yourself at every juncture

You know

you know – for example – a teacher – a teacher’s job is not to prove to his students that he knows

a teacher’s job is to try to teach – you know

and you don’t have to go and tell everybody your credentials all the time – you don’t have to do that

you just be yourself

just be yourself, and be humble before people – as a matter of fact –

try to hide your cabability

in some cases – if it means it’ll

it’ll just be a source of intimidation for others – u know
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so now, this is [hawnan]


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