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Published on February 10th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 402

learn Quran reading with tajweed

learn Quran reading with tajweed

The Servants of The Most Merciful | Part 2 | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | Subtitled” learn Quran reading with tajweed “


What do you know about IslamLog on to “Free Quran Education“on Youtube


So now this is [hawnan], but then there’s the other part of it – which is – I love this part [waitha khatabahumul jahiloona qaloo salaaman]

Every bit of word deserves a little bit of attention here

at least in this short clip

so I’ll give each word it’s due – [itha] Insha’Allah


is “when”, not “if”

which means, the situation that’s about to be described is inevitable – it will happen – you will run into this situation

so what is that situation?

” learn Quran reading with tajweed “

[khatabahumul jahiloon]
people that don’t control their emotions

people that are – you know – obnoxious – people that are outrageous – in the things they say or in the way they act

when those kinds of people address you – and it will happen

you will have to deal with difficult people in life – it will be a fact of life

there’s no way around it
[itha khatabahumul jahiloon]

now, the other thing is

you didn’t go seeking their connection

or talking to them

they came and addressed you

So they’re the subject of the verb

suggesting that you’re not even looking for trouble – trouble came to you

and it will

so just because you’re not looking for it, doesn’t mean it won’t come

[itha khatabahumul jahiloon]

[qaloo salaaman]

when the arrogant – or – not the arrogant – the ignorant


the uncontrolled

address them – the uncivilized even – address them

They say – now there are two translations possible here [qaloo salaaman] means

they say “peace”

in other words,

You could be interested as they say “peace out” – look – u know

“maybe this isn’t a good time, We should talk another time”

or whatever – they get – they walk themselves out of the conversation

they don’t hear something stupid and say

“you know how stupid you are?”

“I’ll put you in your place”

no no no – peace!

” learn Quran reading with tajweed “

They don’t – they don’t engage

when they hear something ridiculous, they don’t engage

they just say “peace!”

[qaloo slaaman]


It’s not just about

you talking to somebody

in a converstaion

but this could even be

a Whatsapp group man!

this could be like a Facebook post

this could be a YouTube video made about you or something

or some trolling comments underneath

you don’t have to address any of that, just leave it alone

leave it alone


and especially in private settings – where you’re

actually, interpersonally

exchanging – you know -conversation with someone

and they get out of line

You should just back off

sometimes this might happen in the Masjid – you guys were going to the Masjid

and some elderly fellow might get a little aggressive with you

“you don’t know how to pray!”

“why are you standing like that?!”

“astaghfirullah! you’re wearing … “

“…a T-shirt or something”

they’ll just go at you like that – you’re like

“watch it, old man!”

“or whatever, I don’t need this”
you walk away – no no no

you say “peace!”

make dua for the uncle, let him keep yelling and just go somewhere else and pray

just going in another corner and pray – that’s it

leave it alone – don’t let it get to you

the other meaning of [qaloo salaaman] is they speak peacefully

so [salaaman] could be considered a ‘haal

which you call in English an adverb

and the way you think of that is

so they’re talking to you aggressively, angrily

in a very arrogant tone, in a very offensive tone

almost in a way that they’re trying to

probe and

get a reaction out of you

but you are speaking peacefully – you don’t let them get under your skin

you learn how to control your emotions in this conversation

and it’s not even a

you know – sort of- you have to go out of your way to kind of – holding back “It’s so hard to hold back” – no no no

You can – you develop a kind of tolerance where you can just let this stuff roll off the top of your skin

you don’t let it get underneath

you don’t let it get to you

” learn Quran reading with tajweed “

and you just deal with ita very reasonable, rational way

this is actually Dawah in it and of itself

and Allah says, Allah loves these people

Allah will describe later on – these are – other qualities of believers – like they pray all night


Tahajjud prayer

He’ll give other descriptions of them, but the first description He gave of them is they are – they are – you know – # 1


they don’t put others down

and when others are putting them down, they deal with it in a peaceful fashion

or if they don’t know how to deal with it, they just say “peace!” and they walk away

[waitha khatabahumul jahiloona qaloo sallama]

may Allah give us the strength of character
and really the common sense and the wisdom to act on this Ayah when the situation arises

” learn Quran reading with tajweed “

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