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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 759

The Pursuit of Happiness

happiness cannot be determined at any

point in one’s life happiness is the sum

total of the entire life to be savvy or

to be shucky is not determined at any

one point in your life and this is why

the Western pursuit of happiness is a

psychological state and this is why they

will use antidepressants to get that

state because they want to be happy

psychologically not realizing that

happiness is a spiritual state not a

psychological State it’s a spiritual

state of being according to Aristotle of

being virtuous in our tradition of being

amongst the people of sada which are the

the Sarada are the people

paja Manzana Corporon natashka we didn’t

send this book for you to be miserable

Maha Manmohan OVA and zelner Anita’s had

we sent it for you to be happy

forbid addict Italia Fraggle who will

home in marriage maroon let them rejoice

in the book and assume that it’s better

than what they’re gathering from dunya

that they’re trying to make them happy

because every pursuit in life is a

pursuit for happiness if you ask

somebody what you want in life they say

I want money

money is not an end because you’ll say

why do you want money and they’ll say

well because it’ll give me freedom why

do you want freedom you can keep asking

them that in the end they have to come

to the conclusion what they really want

is to be happy and that’s why happiness

is an end in itself it’s not a means to

another thing I’m not happy to fall in

love I fall in love to be happy I’m not

pursuing well merely to the pursuit of

what unless it’s pathological because

you you can have like there are people

that are pathological they’re there

they’re diseased people they have

pathologies like the miser who collects

wealth not

he doesn’t benefit from it he’s actually

poor because wealth is what you use it’s

not what you have your risk there’s a

see laughs amongst the oedema but the

risk really is what you use not what

what you have because you might be

acquiring it for somebody else and you

don’t even know it so happiness is is

what we want but you are going to to

have difficulties in your life and

that’s why you have to be spiritually

fortified for them this is this is the

nature of life this is a doddle hum it’s

an abode of anxiety it’s an abode of


it’s an abode of concern right this is

the great noble truth that you know the

Eastern traditions that life is

suffering life is suffering in that the

nature of life is its impermanence and

things that are impermanent will never

give you true satisfaction the only

thing that will satisfy you in life is

what’s permanent and the only thing that

is permanent is allah subhana wa ta’ala

and this is why no matter what you’re

going after in dunya it’s all an

illusion that you’re pursuing if you’re

not pursuing allah subhana wa ta’ala to

be in a state of knowing your lord

because with that comes happiness with

that comes contentment and this is why

the olia are the most contented people

in the world nothing fazes them it

doesn’t mean they don’t have fear I was

just happy now see you keifa

they can have fear it doesn’t mean they

don’t get depressed the Provos have got

depressed we know that that he had

prison when his son died he grieved

grief is a human condition it’s not a

negative thing in fact grief can open up

a door that might have been closed

before it happened and Allah will often

put grief into your life in order for

you to call on him and come back to

Allah Subhan Allah

and that’s why you have to embrace that

gift because if you’re a believer it’s a

gift you might not see it but it is a

gift this is our belief heaven the Amida

moment the indomitable cool of the ohio

sahi muslim so hey but rome ii said our

prophet saw license said how wondrous is

the believers affair because all of it

is good in a today whole sabha

if he tries him if God tries you he’s

patient and if he gives you he’s

grateful now there are those who will

see the gift in the tribulation and then

that’s the highest maqam qaleelun min

ibadiya sh-shakoor’ you of my servants

are always grateful Shakur is always

grateful right and what does what does

Shipley’s want he wants to make sure

that we’re not grateful that’s his whole

game is to remove gratitude from your

heart so either you have patience or you

have gratitude but to be in any other

state is to be in a dangerous state and

chiffon wants you he says you will find

most of them aren’t grateful that’s what

he want in gratitude why because he’s an

ingrate Comfort means in gratitude

karana Nima it believes is an ingrate

and this is why I see Muslims now they

complain all the time they complain

about their Hakam they complain about

their social conditions their economic

condition it’s all complaining that’s

all Muslims do we are the best

complainers on the planet and the thing

about complaining a lot would just give

you more to complain about you you want

you want something to really complain

about and then people say wow that we we

thought it was bad then look at it now


that’s what the Prophet said the end of

time to fit into raffia ba-ba-ba-ba-ba

kun luminous edit written upon Malekith

Imahara kitty I’m finished I’m finished

and then the next one that comes it’s

easier than the first and this is why

if you’re not grateful then she cut them

that is identical right if you’re

grateful I’ll increase you but but if

you’re if you’re an ingrate Nabi should

heed my my a DAB is fierce do you want

to be ungrateful I’ll give you plenty to

be ungrateful about and that’s why

gratitude is the best state to be in

it’s the best state to be in is to be in

a state of just thanking Allah subhana

wa tada if you’re in Amman thank god

you’re not in chaos if you’re in chaos

right thank God you have Iman at least

you have some frame to understand it

because there’s people in chaos that

lose their faith right and and the idea

of losing faith I mean may Allah not try

any of us with great tribulations you

know because but the whole point of

faith you know and in the New Atheists

their argument is that faith is

unreasoned belief for us it’s not it’s

reasonable our religion is a religion

the Quran is filled with proofs look at

the dead earth how we brought it to life

don’t you think we can do that to you

you know use your brain you do think

this all came out of nothing you think

you were created for no reason right

oh yeah superintendent you took us

through that does he think he’s even

mean left without any reckoning that he

can go and do all this horrible stuff in

the world you know to oppress people

steal their well rape their children

right do all these terrible things and

what nothing’s gonna happen to them so

these three the vitamin in FC he the one

oppressing himself the muck dusted and

thus a become dirt Herat they are all

part of this ulna if they’re believers

and this is why at calluna gender to a

denon yet who luna ha

all of them will enter into paradise

maybe they’ll have a period of

purification right they might have to go

through some type of pasteurization you


flash heating and to remove all the

impurities that’s possible Allah even Oh

a bath riveted mr. two of the greatest

of the interpreters of our religion from

amongst the Sahaba

al snafu a third a third too cruel ooh


he had it on metal Muhammad deity whoa

cool uncle Jenna all of them are part of

the prophets Allah and all of them are

in paradise and that’s why don’t

belittle people if you see a Montella if

you see a Muslim who’s in tribulation if

he’s smoking drinking if he still has

Laila he’ll Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah
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he’s from the Ummah and he has her MA


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