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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1060

The punishment on the day of judgement

the punishments and trials on the day of

judgement because the day of judgment

will not be easy except for those whom

Allah has made it easy for the day of

judgment the day of judgement omotchama

will be long except for the small few

whom Allah has blessed and it will be

quick and easy for them the day of

judgment will be hot people will be

thirsty water will be scarce and only

Allah will bless the people whom the

Prophet system allows to drink that

water may Allah make us amongst the

people who invites to the health and

Jahannam will be waiting outside we will

see Jordan of every one of us we will

see Jenna on that day and the hey SAP

will itself be a type of torment except

for the one whom Allah makes it easy for

which is why our process who make to

have that oh Allah make my hissa be a

seer yes sit a Savannah and the Sirat

will be difficult to cross and there

will come a time when everybody will be

plunged into darkness and there will be

the hunter before entering gender all of

these that we have discussed them in

hospice and also in the ruse

these will be a type of punishment for

some of the Muslims whom their sins are

many they deserve worst punishment but

Allah will use the suffering of teamö

to forgive them the suffering of Johana

we don’t want that but there will be

those that it will act as a kafir for

Jahannam and our goal is to zoom through

Jan to the geometry Yama

to Jenna to make the hyssop a seal

that’s a door out the process to them

that we make the hisab easy to make the

day of judgment quick to give us shelter

to give us water so the suffering of the

Day of Judgment for some sinners will

act as a calf ARRA for the actual as ab

of Jahannam it is not something good but

it is infinitely better than Jahannam

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