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Published on February 18th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 441

quran reading pen

quran reading pen

The Perfection of Allah swt | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan”quran reading pen”


What do

you know about the pewer of Surat An Nas and Al-Falaq?Log on to “Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


We’re going to go to the perfection of Allah,

Allah can’t be compared to anyone and Allah
created this creation like water and there

is nothing you can compare to it.

He says, and this is commonly mistranslated,
I’ll translate in the proper way and then

the “paindoo” way, “How perfect is the
one who created spouses, pairs of all kinds.”

Paindoo translation?

He created everything in pairs.

“quran reading pen”

So he created spouses of all kinds, not spouses
or pairs of everything, but pairs from all

kinds of things.

“From what comes out of the earth, from
within themselves, and out of things they

don’t even know.”

Allah created all kinds of pairs.

Now somebody emailed me, “Brother, Quran
says everything is created in pairs.

What about amoeba?

What about a virus?

What about unicellular organisms?”


There are so many words that I have heard
my uncle say in Punjabi that come in my head,

I don’t even speak Punjabi, but words like
ullu da patha and they just come in my head

when I read those emails.

I don’t want to get angry but some questions
are just so epic, the Quran is being undone

by amoeba!

And he attached a jpeg file in case I didn’t
know what it looked like.

Allah made all kinds of things in pairs.

“Azwaaj” doesn’t just mean in pairs.

“Azwaaj” also means groups that complement
each other.

Azwaaj is used in the Quran like that, (20:131).

Not pairs but groups.

Allah made things complementary is what He
is saying.

“quran reading pen”

Allah made things complement each other.

Entire ecosystems complement each other.

Planets complement each other.

Galaxies complement each other.

The human body parts complement each other.

Spouses complement each other.

Families complement each other.

Neighbourhoods complement each other.

Countries complement each other, complete
each other.

“quran reading pen”

All of this is part of “Azwaaj”.

From within what comes out the earth, you
know sometimes it is not just two kinds of

apples and two kinds of oranges, not like

That may be true, but there are also certain
environments where certain plants have to

grow and other plants can grow in the neighbourhood
of those plants.

They can’t grow on their own, they need
other plants to provide them shade, to provide

them moisture, or provide them other things.

And some plants can only grow on top of other
plants, and some birds can only live in some

kinds of trees, this is what Allah did.

Things that need each other.

He is so perfect, He made everything need
everything else.

He’s the One who doesn’t need anyone.

That’s the point he is making.

“quran reading pen”

Look around you, look at everything and look
at how it needs everything else.

Look at how the earth needs the clouds, look
at how the clouds need the winds.

Look at how the earth needs the sun and the
moon, and they need each other.


And within themselves, and within you, He
made things that need other things.

He made the pair, the obvious pair that people
talk about is the male and the female but

this goes way beyond that.

This is way beyond that.

Even though that is a huge, significant thing.

(30:21) Why did He make spouses out of you?
So that you can find peach with each other

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