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Published on November 25th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 251

The Most Generous People

what lying and I’ll just end with this

when I was in Mauritania and I lived

with Bedouin one night we were with one

of the scholars there and this is a true

story I have several witnesses to this

sort of one of them is but I think us a

vote for people that know him in but

it’s it’s a story that some people might

find hard to believe but this is a story

that happened to me so I’m not relating

it from a book we will be with one of

the scholars and he said when you get to

Israel you might have trouble and if you

do just go a few hundred meters to your

right and in Shambala you’ll find some

help and we left his encampment when we

got to a place called Israel our our

trunk got sunk in the mud because it had

been raining it was pitch dark and one

of the people that I was wish’ company

would weigh about some some people know

him he was in California with us he said

to hobble I’m not back at fab said

there’s like cash from him he said if

you have trouble at this barrel then go

and so we did exactly what we said we

came to a Bedouin tent and there was a

Bedouin man there this was probably

about 10:30 11 o’clock at night he went

and he took a sheep and he slaughtered

it and cooked it for us and then it was

raining in his water wind that night she

was holding the akiza of his tent you

know the main pillar when we woke up at

fudger he was still there holding it he

had spent the whole night holding that

pillar up because he didn’t want it to

fall on us

that is covenant and cattleman Kurama


generosity and dignity and some of the

most generous people I’ve ever

experienced in my life or poor people

and and we do that my grave injustice by

not looking to their knees Jews are

gonna have

come with anyone for money

what funny am i any meaner be one mean I

don’t say don’t come with anyone I ain’t
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one funny funny me don’t worry one


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