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Published on January 15th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 361

Learn quran with skype

Learn quran with skype

Learn quran with skype


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When God begins Surah by saying

Do they really dare to ask questions about

The news and the great event

They say: In English, news means news

In Arabic and in the Qur’an there are two words that mean news

They are “news” and “news” and use the word “news” for small things

May be a word of news for things like “I’m lost Could you give me news how to get to that town?” This is news

As Moses says peace be upon him:

I will go and see to you I bring you news from there

Any small things

As for the important and big things

When something big happens like an army approaching or an earthquake will happen

Or that the flood has drowned a town … this is no longer just a “news”

This is news

And so through the use of the word of God shows us that it is great

Then makes him Almighty and Almighty seems more important and great

Through the use of the great word

The other thing about the word “news” is that it requires action, action and action

The news may be anything, for example: the cat has four legs .. This is news

Learn quran with skype

I mean what should I do about it 🙂

Nothing .. just wanted to let you know

But when we say “news”, the news is as dangerous as our saying: that the city is evacuated from its population now or that the flood will come

Or that there is a tsunami coming and that Houston will be evacuated from its population

Or that New York City was evacuated during the hurricane season … then your reaction will not be: Well, that’s interesting. I’ll go to the beach

No .. but will go in the opposite direction

You have to act and do something when you hear “news”

Using a word of the word, God addresses mankind

Who laugh when they mention something they are supposed to take seriously “Doomsday”

Then comes a great word to add a new dimension to the word

Not only in great sense

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The source is the same source of the word bone or bones

Something solid and can not be broken

Something harsh, something that can not be deformed or easily eclipsed

In other words, God does not describe an important event here

But a specific event in its qualities

Can not be changed .. does not depend on your point of view

Your opinion will not change the reality of this upcoming event

I will tell you by analogy

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If there is a thunderstorm coming

You say you hate thunderstorms or my God, I do not want the storm to come

This will not change anything .. The storm will come though

You can cry and scream and complain about the coming storm

But, you can not change the reality

It is a fixed and predetermined fact

The use of this word reminds us of the idea of life after death

The event that God speaks of: Resurrection

Is material and concrete and real and not only a philosophical idea

There are silly stories and ideas that some think about the Day of Resurrection

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As if after death we would become ghostly beings

Cross the walls like CASPER

And that there will be nothing real tangible

Or physical reality .. just thoughts

Paradise is not a real thing, but a state. It is not a real thing

It is tangible

All these meanings are contained in the verse: the great news

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