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Published on February 10th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 192

The Importance of Salaah | Nouman Ali Khan – ILLUSTRATED | Subtitled


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Okay .. uh..


“The Importance of Salah”

What’s the urgency?

Why should – you know

You’re told to do something a lot of times,
but you don’t rush to it


You know – and this is a common thing

When you’re told something good, you say:
‘yeah, I’ll get around to it eventually’

‘you know – I really should do that’

‘next semester’

‘You know’

or ‘as soon as I graduate’

or ‘as soon as this… as soon as that…’

Allah says: [Inna as-saa’ata aatiyatun]

The Hour has pretty much arrived

It’s on it’s way

It’s right there

You use the more immediate form of the sentence
– the [ismiya] form

It’s just around the corner

And the preparation for it is in the ayah before
– as what?

[la ilaha illa ana fa’budnee waaqimi alssalata lithikree]

If you wanna be ready for

The Hour that’s coming

and the only reason you don’t see the

the urgency of it

[akadu ukhfeeha]

I’m almost hiding it

He didn’t say “I’m completely hiding it”
He said “I’m …”

“…almost hiding it”

there will be signs of the hour coming

Right? and the signs are described by the Prophet (sallahu alahi wasallam)

So Allah didn’t say “I completely hid it”

“I’m giving you some signs” and the more signs you see, what should increase?

Your preparation

Your salat should increase, your dhikr should increase

That’s what should – what’s supposed to happen

So he says: [litujza kullu nafsin bima tasa’aa]

and so “I’m almost hiding it”

so that every person can be given what they aspire

What – what they made effort towards – and this is the final point I want to make for you guys insha’Allah o Ta’ala

I met this brother today – yesterday – ironically

Pulls me over, and he says
“Brother! I saw – I saw this video on YouTube and…”

” I’m just really paranoid that the Dajjal is coming and…”

“You know – all the signs have been fulfilled. Have you seen the dollar bill?”

“It’s got one eye on it”

“and – you know – the hadith…”

and then he gives me the whole nine yards – right?

I was like “yeah!”

And I just – my eyes bugged out – I was like –
“What are we gonna do?”

He gives me the whole thing about the Freemasons taken over and

you know – the signs of The Hour being established and

you know

this and that – “everything’s coming together, brother!”

you know – and this big big – u know

“trouble’s on the horizon” and

“Dajjal is already here” – blah blah blah

and I said, “Okay. You know what?”

“What should we do?”

“What should we do?”

And then “I don’t know – I think we should leave the country”

I was like “How about we should make Salat?”

How about – you know

Allah is telling us the hour is arriving
You should get ready

How should you get ready?

Be Allah’s slave and make Salah

Make proper Salah

There’s nothing that will prepare you better

for the challenges that are ahead of you

than the prayer

Allah is talking about prayer in the battlefield

Allah Azwajal is talking about prayer in every circumstance


This is something to be taken very very very seriously

you know – I didn’t even plan it to be this way – but man!

this is turning out to be a really strong pitch

for you guys to attend meaningful prayer

And I really hope you do
Insha’Allah o Ta’ala!

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