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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 651

The Friend of ALLAH

who is a friend of Allah who is a friend

of Allah who Olivia the–do fils-aime

hat like people think is it the one who

is able to fly in the sky kind Allah he

said no that’s not necessarily the

friend of Allah who are lidium Chiana

was he’ll mad is he that one is that is

able to swiftly walk over water call

Allah he said no that is not necessarily

different of Allah then he said who a

lady yep leaf is Allah is he the one who

uncontrollably cries in prayer

Canella know then he said man who won

one e then who is the friend of allah

subhana wa ta’ala

God Allah dattaji who are in the

everyone nahi it is that person who you

find him fulfilling the orders of Allah

and staying away from the prohibitions

of Allah that is a friend of Allah he

may not be able to break down crying

when he leads Allah he may not have the

most beautiful voice he definitely may

not be flying around and walking on

water he may not be doing any miracles

very simple mundane normal life but if

he fulfils or she fulfills the orders of

Allah and stays away from haram that

which has been prohibited by allah

subhanaw taala know very well that you

are meeting and speaking to a friend of

allah subhana wa ta’ala the Prophet SAW

Allah LM sorry for delay if you protect

the orders of Allah Allah who will come

to your protection in this day and age

when we’re all suffering from this

anxiety and fear of the future anxiety

and fear of what the future holds

whether it’s the political process of

this country whether is the education of

your children

whether it’s your next paycheck your

loans that you have to pay off fear fear

fear we need a hand

we need a shoulder we need friends to

give us comfort my brothers and sisters

give Allah try give a loss of Hannah

what did I try and see what a beautiful

protector Nimal mawla why not – you the

best of caretakers and the best of

assistants a las américas I’m the best

of caretakers you’re never gonna find a

better caretaker than me you’re never

gonna find a better that help than me

but this is the deal if you fulfill my

orders and I got your back brothers and

sisters what are the what are the things

that we can

that Allah will then protect us number

one quickly for things Allah says in the

Quran half you do same word of heaven

amusing happy who Allah salawah he was

sorrowful Musa protect this Lala protect

the obligation of Salah and especially

the middle son of salat on Oscar which

becomes the most difficult in our

messages so that the Master will have

the least number correct so I have the

last I have the least number so protect

Oh make sure you ensure you fulfill all

the salons and Salafi laughter number

one that’s something number two I’m

using four statements of the prophets of

salim in the quran in whichever avenues

he follow first one was half ago out of

Salah protect yourself number two there

you have you the idol Hulu Allah and the

prophets all a set up said in hadith

related related by Ben Imagi that only a

moat men will protect and preserve his

will do so in mock men when he leaves

his mansion he’s in will do when he

leaves his house he’s in state of will

do when he gets out of office in the

state of will do even though it’s not a

time of a prayer but he says what

happens Allah forbid if my car breaks

down I got a pray so I have to be in the

state of would always he tries to stays

in state of will do this is the sign of

Eman number three the Prophet SAW Allah

Allah seldom said that why follow a

Manickam I read a surah my data for


protect your promises and oates preserve

your promises and oaths this is the

third thing that we are told that this

is a sign of Iman protect your salah

your will do and your promise is a notes

and lastly protect the head and

whatever’s around it whatever is

encompassing the eyes the ears the

tongue and protect the stomach and

whatever’s around that the heart on top

and the private parts and of course the

stomach itself meaning make sure we

don’t eat haram we don’t look at how Tom

we don’t listen how Tom we don’t speak

out on we do not we make sure our

private parts are protected and remain


that is Iman if we can protect this last

thing what we said our organs and limbs

number one and the other one three were

what Salah will do and our promises this

is insha’Allah guaranteeing us the

protection of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

I pray to Almighty Allah that he grants

all of us complete conviction in every

verse of the Quran every true hadith of

the Prophet sallallahu Salam I ask Allah

subhana WA Ta’ala to grant us for his

protection allow us to remain under his

protection grant us

in a sense of security and peace remove
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all our anxieties and worries


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