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Published on November 22nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 808

The Countless Blessings Of ALLAH

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says when you

are thankful to me I will grant you

increase but I want you to know in order

to be grateful you will have to think

what are the gifts I have bestowed upon

you a lot of what Allah gave you you

won’t realize until you sit and you

ponder and he says when you do ponder

you will never ever be able to reach the

ultimate gifts of allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala you won’t count all of them

how many are you going to count you’re

going to start today one day two days

five days ten days you’re going to start

so many days counting every day a

thousand things you still will not be

able to complete the gifts of Allah even

if you are to look only at your eyes

just your eyes and you ought to look at

a million things that medicine will tell

you regarding your eyes you won’t even

be able to go beyond your eyes a year

later may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

grant us a deep understanding ask those

who cannot see subhanAllah imagine with

your eyes and with our eyes we don’t

have a little knob on the side where we

need to focus and make sure we can see

properly etc etc brother you just come

out the thing adjusts on its own to the

light to the darkness to whatever it is

etc it said everything is done planned

by Allah gift of Allah if we were in

prostration our entire life to thank

Allah only for the way the oxygen is

filtered into our system while ahead

would not be enough Allah heed would not

be enough if you were to pay a million

grants for one heartbeat and wallahi you

were to save your life as a result of

that you would result I would understand

that a million grants for one heartbeat

is worth it is worth it

imagine if you had to pay that for every

heartbeat and you have one hundred

thirty six thousand hearts pure heart

beats a day what would you pay say you

had to pay one cent per beat my brothers

and sisters can you not leave Salah at

least can you not fulfil the five daily

prayers at least save yourselves Allah

gave you one hundred and thirty six

thousand heartbeats every single day if

one had to stop it would declare

almost the end of you and yet you can’t

even get up for salon for allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala help us may he guide

us may he definitely keep us away from

the clutch of the devil we think we are

healthy but wallahi is split second you

just need a doctor to tell you brother

there’s a tumor in your brain may allah

safeguard us allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

cure all those who are seeking ill

service number 34 Allah says why attack

me cool me Massa l2 move

oh allah has given you everything that

you have asked him well their own

doughnut met Allah Allah to sue her and

if you are going to count the gifts of

Allah you will never ever be able to

contain them

you won’t be able to circumscribe them

you won’t be able to drop them all down

Allah says never in years an alum

gaff indeed man man is not only

oppressive and a wrongdoer but he is

filled with ingratitude may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala make us the

exception maybe not be from among those

who are ungrateful may allah subhanahu
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wa’ta’ala forgive us


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