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Published on December 2nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 300

The biggest Test of a Married Couple

when a person gets married one of the

things that he or she looks forward to

after the honeymoon is Sharla is to have

children and one of the biggest tests of

allah subhanahu wata’ala is the

following and before i say let me tell

you when you understand that Allah has

chosen for you a specific package of

tests that is uniquely yours not anyone

elses he knows that he issues suburb and

patients according to the package that

he’s given you to you you can never be

burdened with something beyond what you

can cope with because Allah has promised

that he will give out to you the amount

of subl and patience that you actually

need for your package that he already

knows about so don’t say I can’t cope

yes it gets to a level where perhaps you

might want to do something about it you

know people think that when we speak

about marriage you need to stay in an

oppressive marriage because Allah says

he won’t burden you with something that

you cannot cope with that doesn’t mean

you need to remain in an oppressive

marriage all it means is when it gets to

beyond a certain point you can choose

another way out that Allah has allowed

you to that’s what it means you can so

let’s not misinterpret what is being

said but what I mean is when there are

things you have no control over at all

there is no way Allah will open your

door of Sabha according to your problem

according to your issue you lose a loved

one for example or the main issue that I

wanted to start with is and I said one

of the biggest problems one of the

biggest tests that Allah tests a couple

will is when they do not have offspring

they don’t have offspring that is your

paradise that is your journal Allah says

hang on I know exactly why I am NOT

giving you offspring you might not know

I know why I’m not giving you

and I am telling you this is the biggest

test for you and if you were to bear

suburb I want to let you know that I

will be with you my help is with you and

at the same time for you is Jenna in my

office our balloon

Bhavani is a

uhh indeed Allah compensates those who

have engaged in any form of Saburo

unlimited reward in an unlimited manner

Allah gives you so much

so my mothers and sisters if from

amongst you they will definitely be

people who don’t have children and you

desperately want those children and yes

it is correct

Allah will keep you there for as long as

he wills and he may grant you a miracle

according to what you perceive is a

miracle and if you don’t get what you

perceive is a miracle you need to know

that what he has done for you is always

a miracle you need to know this when

Allah doesn’t give you what you want you

need to know he’s always done whatever

he wanted that was the miracle for you

you may not understand it I know of

people who’ve had children after a long

long time and then they lost their

children to a motor vehicle accident and

I remember being told I wish I didn’t

have these children in the first place

well when you didn’t have them you

continued to cry about it well there is

no harm you are supposed to become

closer to allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala when

he tests you with not giving you what

you want it’s think about what I’ve just

said if allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has

not given you what you want one of the

reasons is he wants you to draw closer

to him by calling out to him alone

that’s what it is if every one of us had

whatever we wanted I think a lot of us

would not even be reaching out calling

out to allah subhanahu wata’ala i think

we would be dilly-dallying in our acts

of worship but when you have a problem

it’s a medical issue it’s a social issue

it’s a financial issue whatever issue it

may be you start calling out to Allah

your heart becomes softened it should

become softened and this is why I say

and I’m repeating if you don’t have

children thank Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

upon this the many things that you do

have and continue asking

I’m not saying sit back and say look I’m

not going to ask I’m not going to do

anything I don’t

to seek perhaps medical advice I don’t

want to see if there’s anything wrong

I don’t want and I’m just going to sit

because I’m a mock Mina and I’ve been

told that you just need to be happy with

the decree of Allah that is a warped

understanding of tack deal of predestiny

what Allah says do whatever is in your

capacity to to achieve what is

beneficial for you according to you here

assalam I and Faruk make sure that you

go the extra mile to do that which you

believe is beneficial for you then is

that in billahi wa latasha’s seek the

help of allah and don’t be lazy and then

when something happens to you the hadith

says were in asaba cash a lot eccolo and

MIFA a little Kanaka dark either foreign

allow deaf tahu babish upon when

something finally does happen this way

or that way don’t ever go back to blame

the term if I F if I did this had I done

this this would have happened if I did

this that would ever happen don’t say

that because the if opens the door of

the devil that’s what it means you did

it and that’s it I tried my best

I continued making duaa but I am happy

upon what Allah has chosen for me that’s

something that I need to understand so

those who don’t have children may Allah

bless you with children those who don’t

have offspring may Allah bless you with

offspring then mashallah we are blessed

mashallah and what happens five years

later eight years later ten years later

I know of a case 18 years later

mashallah when people almost lost hope

and Allah says hey I’m going to give you

something and suddenly you’re expecting

and suddenly you have a child and

suddenly it’s a boy or it’s a girl and

mashallah was so excited life changes

and everything becomes so exciting

that’s the gift of allah subhanahu

wata’ala isn’t it at the same time my

mothers and sisters there is another way

Allah tests and what is that by giving

you another child Oh

so how is that a test of the same gender

subhanAllah so now there’s a new problem

what’s the problem I have a child but

that child is the same gender as the

previous one so people are not happy

Allah says in the Quran amazingly that

he creates as he wishes

Linna he Malik Osama 81 are only a flop


uh yeah happily Manasa why AHA bulimia

I wasn’t cool I won’t use that when we

jump look on I wanna NASA why I don’t my

our team Allah to him belongs everything

on earth and in heaven for him is the

ownership of what is in the skies and on

earth he creates as he wishes he gives

whomsoever he wishes only females and he

gives whomsoever he wishes only males

and he gives whomsoever he wishes both

male and female and for some whom he

desires not to give offspring he will

give neither male nor female

that’s Allah that’s his plan so you have

one child you are happy you have another

child if it’s the same gender you are

sad that’s what happens that is the test

of Allah do not be sad I want to inform

you of a major sin a major sin is to

become upset at the gender of the child

that you have been bestowed with

especially if it is a female why

especially if it is a female because

that is expressly mentioned in the Quran

the kuffar at the time of the prophet

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just the

pre-islamic era those who far they had a

major issue what was the issue they only

wanted males I think this is creeping

him to society today again and it has

been rearing its ugly head now and again

people only want males female in some

countries they will abort the moment

they find out it’s a female because they

become upset and for this reason many

verses have been revealed take a look at

Surat quieren where Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala speaks of how those who used to

bury their daughters alive there was a

pagan habit that as soon as a child was

born at that time there was no

ultrasound to figure it out otherwise

they would have dealt with it earlier as

soon as they figured out or they saw the

child is born female the father would

take the child

dig a pit bury the child alive forget

about it and carry on what happens to

the child I’m not bothered I don’t want

a female that’s how bad it was and when

Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was

sent he made it clear that daughters are

special very clear he made it very clear

that if you get upset when you are

informed of the fact that a las bestowed

you with a gift of a child being a

female than you’ve engaged in a major

sin just by becoming upset so be careful
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