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Published on December 4th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 485

The Best of People

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh mashallah bismillah alrahman

alraheem in the name of allah subhanahu

wata’ala the most gracious the most

merciful alhamdulillah all praise is

indeed due to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

the Creator the nourisher the cherisher

the sustainer the provider the protector

the cure the one in absolute control of

every aspect of existence and I’m just

praying that brother Tim who’s next to

me here will not find it difficult to

interpret what we just said because

speaking about Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

quality after quality and explaining

that with fingers is not a joke may

Allah make it easy and accepted from him

and from all of us and make it easy for

those of our brothers and sisters who

are benefitting from this beautiful

translation may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala make us appreciate them and

appreciate the his own favors upon every

one of us o salatu was-salam ala Shah

Alam ba

a well more serene nabina muhammad wa

ala aalihi wa sahbihi ajma’in we send

blessings and salutations upon muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wasallam

his household his companions his

followers including every one of us may

Allah bless us and bless humanity at

large and guide us all to the straight

path the path that leads to Jenna to

paradise I mean my brothers and sisters

I’m sure that you are aware that this

evenings topic is the best of people so

what did you think when you read the

best of people as a title you probably

thought and I’m talking about those whom

I interact with and I had the

opportunity of asking the question – you

probably thought well you know we need a

world with better people so we’re going

to be speaking about the best of people

because the last time I interacted with

so-and-so they were not good the last

time I interacted with so-and-so they

were not good the last time we did

business with someone they cheated and

they deceived the last time we perhaps

you know ate somewhere or did

something some form of interaction with

someone they were not good enough but

I’m going to change this today because

in Islam Allah says in the Quran very

clearly in Allah Allah you overhear or

maybe come in had over who maybe who see

him Allah is not going to change the

plight or the condition of a nation

until and unless every individual takes

it upon himself or herself to change

himself or herself if you change

yourself that is that that is the moment

that you will be contributing towards

changing community and society if

society has changed then many societies

will change making it a whole country

that would have changed the values

become better the morals what we live by

becomes of a high standard and we become

the best of people so today we don’t

want to look at you I want to look at

the other three fingers those that come

to me how can I listen to what the

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has

said and I’m going to concentrate on the

hadith I’m going to concentrate

throughout my hour the whole speech I’m

going to deliver I will concentrate on

statements made by mohammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam and we will explain

them and we will work around them

because the package is what what is of

essence you know people think that as

muslims we are the best but they don’t

really realize that we cannot just say

we are best as muslims just by name

muslims rather you need to live by islam

you need to understand what the

messenger peace be upon him gave and

what he taught what he instructed what

he prohibited and this is the reason why

we are gathered here in this beautiful

east london masjid the house of allah

subhanahu wata’ala we always say it’s

the house of allah it’s not mine it’s

not yours

we’re all welcome here no matter what

background you come from the race

no matter

who you are you are welcome here it’s

the house of your Lord your maker and

inshallah whatever we say will make you

feel a better person a better Muslim a

person who’s loved by Allah there is

always hope for all of us the world is

filled today with much hopelessness so

much is happening that frustrates us but

we need to constantly remember the

Almighty is most merciful you can pick

up a message that comes from allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala

and distinguish it from a message that

is from someone else by looking at the

mercy within the statement within the

message if you find mercy in the

statement if you find hope in that

message it is definitely the the lofty

the high message of allah subhanahu

wata’ala so let’s start off by saying

every one of us and it takes to improve

himself or herself in so many ways let’s

not think while I’m speaking today that

yes I know someone like this yes I know

a person who perhaps might benefit from

this when we ourselves have our own

weaknesses Toolbar Lehman Chevrolet

Hawaii boo who are no you beam us you

know give good news of perhaps a place

in Paradise to the one whose own

weaknesses keep him or her occupied from

engaging or entertaining or looking into

the weaknesses of others in a negative

way if you have seen the weaknesses of

another perhaps you would like to be

positive about you try and help them try

and say something to them that might

encourage them to quit their bad ways

and habits not forgetting that every one

of us myself included we have ways and

habits that need correction

rectification improvement perhaps even

eradication may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala make it easy for us so i start

off with the narration that i mentioned

in the same masjid some time back when I

spoke to my brothers and sisters here it

was a lovely message that we mentioned I

think it was during the month of Ramadan

if I’m not mistaken and subhanAllah it’s

the it was just prior to Ramadan just

before mashallah just prior to Ramadan

see my memory fails me but my shall I

have people to correct

that’s actually something very good my

brother I thank you for correcting me

because accepting correction is also

part of improving yourself and community

at large many people think you know I

know in my field I’m so-and-so and I

know what I’ve achieved who is he to

tell me subhanAllah

the minute we think that we’ve already

dropped we’ve dropped society community

because we all need correction so much

so that when the Imam in Salah in prayer

is reciting and he makes a mistake it is

the right of everyone who knows the

blunder to actually correct that Imam

because it’s the word of Allah don’t

make a mistake in those words and a good

person a good Eman

a good person in the front would

actually consider it an honor to be

corrected by someone no matter who it is

it could be young and old tall and short

he could have yelled it it screamed it

from the corner or wherever else so what

it was a correction it was needed

everyone will correct you but in a

different way perhaps some might correct

you in a way you may not you may not

like it I would like to think if I were

to correct someone I choose the best

possible way so that they don’t feel bad

but sometimes even if you’ve chosen the

best way they will still feel bad I’m

sure you know what I’m talking about

so my duty is to be the best when I

correct and my duty again is when I’m

corrected don’t feel bad may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala make it easy for us

so I start off with a hadith I mentioned

in this message it it’s a hadith

reported in Sunan in fact in by a Dara

company he mentions this beautiful

narration and it is Asahi correct

narration say lunar sea the Prophet SAW

salem says hi lunar sea that means the

best of people who are they and Pharaoh

homeland nasi the best of people are the

most beneficial those who benefit the

rest of the people the most so if you

want to know if you are the best if you

want to know if you are a top person and

usually in the Arabic language when we

say fairness we are talking about the

best of people so you are in a category

that is the best there might be twenty

thirty qualities of those

right or that at that top category but

every single quality will make you from

among the best from among the best of

people are those who benefit other

people the most now that’s quite a

simple hadith it’s easy to understand so

I need to close my eyes I need to ask

myself how much do i benefit the rest of

people if I benefit them more than

others then I am a better person than

the others but I must not start thinking

that I am better than them which will

result in a chip-on-the-shoulder effect

where you start looking down on people

to say but I am better than you because

I help you you don’t help me they could

be benefiting you through your are

through prayer through that which you do

not see which might be more valuable

than whatever you’ve done to them so

part and parcel of the signs of

acceptance of benefiting others is when

it makes you more humble when I have

helped you and I never talked about it

then I’ve really benefited you when I’ve

been of benefit to you and I’ve never

bragged I’ve never made you feel like I

was the one who Allah chose to do this

for you some people will give you

something and say to you if it wasn’t

for me you wouldn’t be where you are

today that type of a statement will

nullify your reward where do we get that

from yeah are you having a party come


well other oh you who believe do not

destroy the reward of your charities by

bragging about these charities or by

harming people after you help them if

you brag and if you harm someone and you

think you have the right to do that

because you had the seeming upper hand

at some stage then you’ve lost it you

lose the reward Allah says don’t nullify

your reward when you give a charity be

humble when you give a charity it is

better to give a charity in a way that

your left hand does not know what your

right hand has spent although it is

permissible to announce it if by that

announcement you are going to encourage

others for example if we have a

fundraiser right now and I tell you who


going to donate a thousand pounds and

you find two three guys putting up their

hands and then you see others who think

to themselves wow if he or she could put

up the hand then I’m sure I can do

better in that way there is

encouragement so it would be permissible

to do that in fact it happened at the

time of the Prophet Muhammad peace be

upon him as well where some of the

Companions came up with so much and the

others came up with more and others came

up with more until the champion was abu

bakr as-siddiq radiyaallahu anhu who

came up with all of his wealth I wonder

how many would be able to do that may

allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant us

goodness may allah subhanahu wata’ala

make it easy for us so the best from

among you those who are the most

beneficial to others the question is why

why didn’t Allah say the best from

amongst you is the one who stands in

Salah all day or all night and the one

who fasts every day yes those are

important pillars of Islam we cannot do

without them but when Allah spoke about

the best of people he started off by

saying to us through the blessed lips of

muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallam that

if you help others for the sake of allah

and you’ve helped them the most then you

are definitely from among the best of

people because by helping someone for

the pleasure of Allah there are so many

factors that come into play number one

is you’re not helping them because you

want something in return from them if

that’s the case you’re doing business

with them it’s a business deal I help

you thinking that you’re gonna help me

back or I give you something thinking

that I’m going to get something back in

return that was a deal tit for tat I

gave you you gave me all I’m expecting

from you the day I don’t get I feel bad

but if I do it for the sake of Allah I’m

not expecting anything back from you if

it comes or handle in love if it doesn’t

come and even bigger alhamdulillah it’s

in the package notice it’s the second

time I’m saying it’s in the package

there’s a reason I’m going to get to

that each other so it’s in the package

subhanAllah you do good for the sake of

Allah I’m doing good to you or you’re

doing good to me or to anyone else not

because I think you deserve the good

but because I want to please Allah you

may deserve it you may not deserve it so

when I’m doing good to someone who is

good yes I’ll get a reward but when I’m

doing good to someone who is not good in

that case I’ve plugged my reward in with

Allah because that confirms I’m doing it

for the sake of Allah because Allah

loves those who do good well on your hip

boom I seen in so many places in the

Quran Allah says and Allah loves those

who do good so if I’m going to do good

to anonymous person I don’t know person

I don’t introduce myself to they may not

know you you help them in any means or

way of helping any way of helping them

whether you were on a journey with them

and you facilitated for them whether you

got up from the chair and allowed them

to sit on public transport whether you

help them up or across the road whether

you gave them some money no matter what

it was even if it were just with a kind

word a word of goodness or just a smile

that is kindness subhanAllah many of us

forget this we think okay when we talk

about kindness it means money so I took

out 20 pounds and I put it in the box I

was kind that’s not the definition of

kindness that’s a charity yes if you did

it with the correct intentional

hamdulillah but kindness extends way

beyond that my brothers and sisters and

charity begins at home and this is why

the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Islam

extends it further when he says the best

from amongst you he uses the same

wording and he uses a different category

of people so he says hey Luc amharic

only ali he the best from amongst you

which means the best of people are those

who are best to their family members you

know the term al it starts off with a

spouse and everyone else in the family

now one might say well there’s a

contradiction here in one narration he

says the best from among you are those

who benefit the others the most and

another he says the best from among you

are those who are best to their family

members no contradiction your family

members are people they are the closest

people to you you’re going to benefit

them to start

with and then everybody else what’s the

point of me benefiting the rest of the

world but when I come home we have this

cat-and-mouse relationship with our own

children as you knock the door or as

they hear you open the door well as they

hear your car just come into the drive

if you have a driver on the road and

everyone is helter skelter hidden and

gone subhanAllah why because Dad is in

that’s okay but nowadays because mine is

in boo so Han Allah may Allah forgive us

I hope that’s not the case but you know

there’s equality in the sense that

nowadays we’ve got to speak about both

subhanAllah may Allah help us all

mother’s or Father’s no matter who mad

may Allah make us from among those who

can be kind to those we live with who

can start the trend of being good to our

family members while llahi if you want

to be the best of people it has to start

at home your children your spouse’s your

parents your brothers and sisters and

inshallah we will come across a few more

narrations that explain this a little

bit clearly further down but the prophet

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also tells

us in another narration a beautiful

powerful narration he are oakum the best

from among you the best of people has

seen you come a clapping definitely from

among the best of you are those who have

the best character and conduct how do

you carry yourself how do you walk how

do you talk how do you come across to

the people you interact with that will

make you the best of the Muslims do you

know that and this is why we say when

you fulfill your Salah when you give you

as a cap when you actually fast in the

month of Ramadan and when you’ve gone

for Hajj if your character and conduct

has not improved there is something

wrong with your acts of worship

definitely something wrong but if your

character has improved you’ve become

conscious of Allah going back to the

question I asked right at the beginning

why why is it so important to benefit

others why others because those others

are created by Allah just like you are

those others their Lord is Allah

just like your Lord is Allah

those others are the creatures of the

same maker who made you the minute you

recognize that you realize that you are

just but a number Subhan Allah you are a

number if you were in need you would

expect people to reach out to you who

would put it in their hearts to reach

out to you if you were drowning for

example if you were in dire need we see

across the globe people struggling and

suffering we hear about what may or may

not happen in it live in Syria may Allah

help them and grant and goodness and

ease our hearts bleed indeed we are

Muslim in how do we reach out to them

the minimum is through dua

thereafter we may want to look at people

who are helping and assisting in terms

of humanitarian ways and we might want

to consider helping in that way if

possible for us and our pockets and

that’s not actually impossible it’s very

possible but if you did not realize who

they are and the fact that they are

suffering not just there but anyway

let’s take an example of Japan what

happened in Japan a few days ago

subhanAllah how many of us made dua for

them it doesn’t mean that just because

they were non-muslim perhaps

predominantly that you don’t pray for

them that is humanity have you

understood what humanity is the Prophet

Muhammad peace be upon him made a great

effort on humanity that is when humanity

realized the high and lofty message that

he was carrying and that’s when they

accepted the message many people think

well you know if they are sinful I don’t

need to benefit them well you’ve lost it

because if they are sinful you need to

reach out to them in a bigger way so

that they can understand perhaps they

may be guided look at what allah tells

musa alayhis salam when he went to the

pharaoh and i said this in the same

masjid the last time I was here and

subhanAllah this time I’m giving you the

same example but with a different point

Allah says to him Allah who called

and Lane and letter that come only after

go to the Pharaoh you and your brother

are on and speak to him in a soft way

speak to him in a lenient way with soft

perhaps he may turn perhaps he may

remember he may be reminded and he may

become conscious of Allah go out and

reach to the tyrant of tyrants this was

an instruction to the messenger the

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when

he saw Abu jahil

who was one of the worst of Mecca what

did he do he did not just spit on his

face no he never did that he actually

reached out to him so much so that in

the quran and the sunnah there is

mention made of how much importance the

Prophet peace be upon him gave the

leaders of Mecca who were not Muslim

when it came to reaching out to them

with the noble message of Islam that

some of the Companions actually felt

neglected as a result and the Quran

makes mention of this and Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala speaks about

prioritization but never did he say

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala that you should

ignore people simply because they are

sinful not at all in fact I leave no

idea Talia but Allah and who was told

that if you are if Allah uses you to

guide a single person towards goodness

it’s better for you than whatever man

then the most expensive conveyance that

there is at the time subhanAllah at that

time the red camel allah subhanahu wa

ta’ala grant us goodness so the reason

why benefiting others is so important is

because the minute you have done that

and you realize its importance you have

now realized your link with the rest of

those seated with you those who are not

seated with you those who are outside

who think similar to you and those who

don’t think like you subhanAllah those

who disagree with you as well reach out

to them benefit them and that’s why the

Prophet SAW selim says and for whom

Lindner see those who are the best from

the people are those who are the most in

terms of benefit to the rest of the


he didn’t say muslims he said the people

it’s amazing subhanahu wa’ta’ala allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala has indeed blessed

us and this is why another narration in

soon and at t remedy and I told you I’m

going to mention hadith after hadith


we need to know it the Prophet peace be

upon him says hey look um when you’re

Jack hi you know who were you a minutia


another one also connected to character

and conduct also connected to benefiting

people the Prophet says the best of


the best of you is the one whom goodness

is hoped from him and people feel secure

from his harm they know they won’t be

harmed subhanAllah when you walk past do

people really believe that you’re a

person who can only benefit them you

wouldn’t harm them if that’s the case

you’re one of the best of people

subhanAllah your expression says a lot

even if you have a beard that extends to

the ground but you have a lovely smile

subhanAllah it will melt even the

hardest heart that may look at you and

think for a moment what’s those Muslim

ik person doing here may Allah Subhanahu

wa ta ala grant us ease the minute you

break into a smile you reach out to help

you try to communicate you greet you

reply a greeting subhanAllah it changes

the perception of people because that’s

who you’re supposed to be an ambassador

of the Deen an ambassador of Allah and

his rasul salallahu salam are we not a

Haditha on earth meaning are we not a

vicegerent on earth have we not come

here in order to do what Allah wills

what Allah wants well

Allah put with us a whole lot of people

and our interaction with them determines

how good we are our interaction with

them definitely determines how good we

are so that’s why the Prophet Muhammad

sallallaahu Salim says the best of the

people meaning the best of you are those

whom only goodness is expected from them

and we feel very safe from their harm in

another narration the prophets are Allah

the Salam speaks about the Muslims now

you know what happens today if you look

at social media if you look at and I

have to say social media because it’s

become the means of communication right

your forms the messages the whatsapp

messages whatever else it may be a lot

of it has much falsehood deception

hurtful words

abusive words insult refutations that

haven’t even given an opportunity to the

one we’ve refuted the chance to explain

subhanAllah you know if you did

something wrong and I want to refute you

the minimum is I need to have an

audience with you to explain to me what

exactly you said and why you said it or

did what you did and they will probably

be an explanation if there isn’t step

number one is to help to guide to be

able to communicate to benefit people

are willing to accept their mistakes if

we correct them in a beautiful way and

like I said earlier we should be from

among those who consider it an honor to

be corrected but somehow Allah when we

interact with others sometimes we find

people have the worst of words online so

the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Allah

says do you know who is the best do you

know who is the best from among you the

best of the Muslims are those whom the

rest are safe from the evil of their

tongues and their hands if you’re a good

Muslim your tongue will never be used to

abuse someone never your tongue will

never be used to deceive if you’re a

good Muslim your hand will never be used

to harm and when we say hand you know

don’t come to me and say I just use the

gun that’s not vanilla no way

don’t say that not at all it means to

harm someone in any way you’re harming

them so your physical abuse as well as

verbal abuse this is what is meant by it

imagine the prophet mohammed salah salem

more than 1400 years back is speaking

about physical abuse and verbal abuse

these words we hear about them only now

in the last so many decades subhanAllah

people speak about emotional abuse

physical abuse verbal abuse so much

abuse abuse abuse abuse of her Allah and

the Prophet Muhammad SAW salaam has

already said it and mostly movements

element Muslim unum in listening he

ready another narration says which is

more interesting and Muslim oh man

Suleiman a soo-min listen he ready a

Muslim is a person whom the others are

safe from the evil

the harm of his or her tongue or actions

words or actions so this makes us the

best of people asked yourself for a

moments of Hannah love are you part of

the package subhanAllah you know when I

look like a Muslim you expect things

from me if you’re a good Muslim to be

exactly as Islam has taught with a

minute you see me you expect a truthful

person a person who’s of high standards

high morals high values a person who

helps others a person who’s not

judgmental of others are we really that

way are we really that way it is

supposed to be a part of the package the

minute you speak to someone even if it’s

over the phone and the name happens to

be Mohammed for example a common name

the name happens to be Mohammed who are

you you’re an ambassador not just of

Islam but even your name is Muhammad

peace be upon him named after the

Prophet peace be upon him right

Muhammad imagine if you were a person

who did not work on your bad habits if

you harmed people if you never help to

others if you never reached out to those

who harmed you and what was the point of

giving yourself that name or why did

your parents give you that name

subhanAllah no wonder we call each other

more and more because we are embarrassed

may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us

ease when I speak of the package and

always be I’ve mentioned the word

package four or five times the reason is

we’re supposed to be Muslim the minute

I’m a Muslim you know you need to know

what’s inside I give you one little

example in the form of a light statement

okay so they say there was a teacher

English teacher the English teachers

asking the students to make sentences

with words okay so the teacher says make

a sentence with sugar in it so someone

says I had sugar in the morning another

one says you’re as sweet as sugar

someone else has something else and one

boy puts up his hand he says I drank tea

in the morning so the teacher says

where’s the sugar you know what he says

it’s in the tea

it’s in the tea that’s a package

subhanAllah I had my tea in the morning

where’s the sugar the sugar is inside

didn’t you say make a sentence with

sugar in it

well the sugar was in it subhanAllah

there are lots of Hannah Hart Allah

grant us goodness the reason I say it’s

a packages because with us you’re a

Muslim well where’s the sugar it’s

supposed to be in you the problem with

us is we’re on artificial flavoring

mashallah sweetness may Allah Subhanahu

WA Ta’ala make a sweet wallahi to be

sweet is a good quality to be sweet

especially to the right people here we

are speaking about muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam his words his actions

are all there to prove his words that’s

why he says the best from among you are

those who are best to your family

members and i and the best to mine from

among you I’m the best Subhan Allah

which means he lived up to what he said

many of us preached one thing and we

live another and this is where we falter

and this is where we actually go wrong

then the Prophet SAW Allah Allah speaks

of another hadith also in soon and even

imagine he speaks about the best of


he says little bill Mumy little bill mum

a person who has a heart that is maximum

I’ll explain the word must boom in a

moment right and the person who has a

tongue that is Sadiq when listen a

sudden a truthful tongue and the heart

that is my moon so the Sahaba the

Companions of the Allahu Alem they asked

what is the meaning of a double maximum

because listen Sadiq we’ve understood it

truthful tongue you don’t say abuse you

don’t say wrong words false words no

deception no false witness etc etc we

understood that but what about a little

bald man whom you know what he said he

said it is a Tatyana P it is that heart

which is conscious of the Almighty that

heart which which is pure and clean the

heart which is free from sin

transgression and jealousy if you are

free from jealousy you have already

arrived at a level that is very very


how many of us can say we’re free from

jealousy free from jealousy work on

yourself my brother

my sister’s work on it hard you see

someone with something better than you

thank Allah for what you have you are

supposed to be looking at those who

don’t even have what you have the

problem with us were quick to look at

what others have that we don’t have and

we said oh wow but we didn’t look at

those who are looking at us and saying

oh wow

they are wowing themselves at you and

you’re wowing yourself at someone else

and you don’t realize two or three

letters and you get to yeah

subhanAllah you know my jokes are quite

dry they actually take a little bit of

thinking to to catch but may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala grant us all ease

may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala open our

doors and make us from those who

appreciate his favours upon us and then

we have a problem of greeting people

don’t greet have you noticed that we’re

in the Masjid here right now right now

do you know people will attend the


they wouldn’t have greeted each other

even the person next to you they

wouldn’t be greeting each other I think

we can spend a minute shaking hands with

the person next to you in sha allah and

saying Salam and saying your name in

shadow we give you 30 seconds to do that

each Allah wave nila it’s for the sake

of Allah it will increase the love

between us I’m sure the sisters are

doing that as well as the brothers


okay mashallah bollocky loving wait wait

wait wait wait wait wait put it put it

down put it down put yeah mashallah I

shake his hand what we’ve done we’ve

come up with something so good people

might have drunk water we offered each

other water the reward comes with a

share here and everyone gets it Muhammad

Allah and it needs to be an environment

of love when people come to the Masjid

my brother’s my sister’s there was a

time when I was young I used to look at

some people who were a little bit older

nowadays maybe insha’Allah I hope it’s

not there I need to say that ok so we

used to look at some of them they used

to give us dirty looks at times just

because of you know perhaps they might

we might not have been dressed how they

wanted us to be dressed rather I’ve come

to the Masjid come on man you need to

smile at me make me feel at home

tomorrow I’ll come in Jannah in a better

position in a better way but if you

chased me away fray what are you doing

here you lost here today

where do you wanna go the pub is that

side brother stop it Allah Allah forgive


these are the type of words that chase

people away from goodness this is the

house of Allah anyone who makes others

comfortable here and creates space for

them is actually from among the best of

people do you know there is a narration

I came across today when I was actually

going through the hadith for this topic

that the Prophet SAW selim says the best

from among you in Salah is the one who

has the softest shoulders and you know

what that means

what’s the soft shoulder you know when

I’m standing comfortable in Ramadan and

then you have the guy who wants to cross

the red traffic light he budges in and

what happens what do we do by default we

just push him push him further push him

further right that’s what a lot of

people do and they do and they make sure

they make his life a misery when he goes

to salute there there before him and

there’s no space for him to go in


the reason why you’re laughing is

because you know what I’m talking about

yes so you want to be the best of people

the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

speaks about the same thing in the

hadith he says the best of you are those

whose shoulders are soft in Salah in the

soft what that means someone comes you

create space for them so what make space

for someone perhaps Allah will make

space for you in Jannah

I mean I mean I mean the next time

someone barges in make space for them

subhanAllah like I say and say to

yourself and say to Allah that oh Allah

you know I might just have been

disturbed a little bit but you made

space for me in paradise I mean and then

when you’re done with your Salah you

tell the brother brother do you do this

every day or is it just today you know

because we need correction as well say

today you’re welcome my brother

hamdulillah but try to be here early

tomorrow we can both stand in the first

stuff and the next day you come early

and guess what will happen a third guy

will come and do that you know why

because you’re being tested by Allah are

you ready to give others a space are you

ready to give a lift to someone are you

ready to reach out to someone if you

cannot reach out to someone in your

prayer do you really think you’re going

to reach

two people in anything else it’s not

possible yeah you you need to love for

others what you love for yourself I want

to be in the first stuff you know the

hadith speaks about the importance of

the first of love ya lamanna’s muffin

leader he was soft feel overly to

Melanie edgy do Allah is taking morality

last mm oh if people knew the value of

that first stuff you know they would do

a few things in order to make sure that

they were there they would draw lots

put everyone’s name in a hat because

we’re all here first we all want to be

in the first stuff

let’s see whose name comes up to stand

there subhanAllah but with us

masha’Allah we are taught to come early

and you make it if you haven’t you stand

in the next stuff by the will of Allah

so remember that hadith you know it did

something to me when I read it today

because after a long time I was reminded

of this it had already slipped my mind

the soft shoulders the hadith says the

best from among you in Salah those with

soft shoulders masha’Allah a lot of us

the hard shoulders I’ve been to the gym

today my shovel so you’re standing there

the guy must feel that you know I’m

tough somehow I soften up a little bit

humble yourself

it’s Allah may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

grant us ease so the other narration

says hey you come money up debits Allah

you know when you’re when you’re passing

someone there is an explanation of who

should greet first the one who’s passing

should greet the one who that those who

are seated those in small numbers should

greet those in a bigger number and so on

the young should greet the old but

sometimes people don’t read they just

walk past so what happens we look at

them say they didn’t greet look how

arrogant stop saying that what about you

you could have greeted but I didn’t need

to greet because I was older than this

guy the hadith says the young supposed

to greet the old that whole discussion

is irrelevant because the Adid says the

best from you the one who starts with

the Salam you say assalamu alaikum

whether they reply you or not is

irrelevant you did it for Allah so your

reward is written when I say to you

assalamu alaikum you say where they come

with Salam oh you don’t say where they

come Sarah my reward is written

is now up to you to get a reward so why

must I be bothered whether you replied

me or not you may not have heard me

and this is why the best from amongst us

are those who think good and would

develop good excuses for others who

might be doing something we haven’t

understood it’s called a hostile one you

see someone do something you see someone

hasn’t replied you think to yourself

maybe they haven’t heard me

maybe they perhaps have a bit of wax in

their ears okay even that’s a little bit

derogatory but anyway maybe they haven’t

heard me maybe I didn’t say it loud

enough perhaps I didn’t greet properly

maybe they thought I was greeting

someone else all those maybes will take

you to paradise why because they are

good maybes but the minute you see no he

heard me loud and clear he didn’t want

to greet arrogant there uncle I’ve known

him for the last so many years he’s

always like that look at his face oh

that will lead to more and more and more

the next time you see him you would just

look at him and you wouldn’t even want

to greet it happens with the sisters as

well I’m talking about

uncle uncle what about the auntie’s may

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us ease

allah grant us goodness sometimes it

becomes tough you know we attend

religious functions and we’re like

strangers to each other we make people

feel so unwanted we make people feel

like they’re in the wrong place why

you’re welcome mashallah it’s your place

we’re all part of of one huge family

just like if calamity were to strike we

would reach out to everyone whether they

were Muslim non-muslim tall short this

race that race wherever we would reach

out to them just like that in goodness

we should reach out to the same crowds

same this in the same way which means no

matter what race no matter what

ethnicity no matter where they come from

what language they speak how wealthy or

poor they may be no matter what religion

they belong to etc etc all that becomes

irrelevant make sure you are the best

when you do things do it for the

pleasure of Allah you know why if it is

acknowledged by mankind that’s a bonus

but if it is not acknowledged by man you

need to know it was always acknowledged

by Allah you did it for Allah I greeted

you for Allah I helped you for Allah I

don’t want in no point anymore come

Nadja gila gila nori to me come Jessa

well a show cooler when we feed we feed

for the pleasure of Allah we don’t even

want a reward recompense from you nor do

we want you to say thank you to us no

acknowledgement I don’t need an

acknowledgement today when we finished

our talks we deliver what’s known as a

vote of thanks

if one name is missed by error the

brother becomes so upset he’s depressed

for three days and after a week he

writes a letter to say guys I gave you X

you didn’t even say my name but you

mentioned the other guy’s name because

he’s a top shot it was a mistake yes I

do know to thank people is gratitude

gratitude is a sign that is taught to us

by Allah it is in fact an attribute that

is taught to us by Allah to show

gratitude if you’re not going to be

grateful to mankind you will not be able

to show gratefulness to Allah that’s

what the hadith says the reason is the

people who did good to you you can

actually see them and you haven’t even

acknowledged them how are you going to

acknowledge the unseen subhanAllah so

while we are taught to be grateful we’re

also taught not to expect that gratitude

from people but rather from Allah so two

sides of the coin we should thank people

but we shouldn’t expect people to thank

us if they didn’t have the life they

didn’t Allah already knows it and this

is why you keep on going I see people

and you know development takes years it

takes a long time and it takes many

reminders and it takes working hard on

yourself to develop yourself you will

not be able to develop yourself if you

don’t work hard on your character your

conduct I remember back in the day I

used to feel so offended if one person

said one negative sentence about me

now they can write a whole book it

doesn’t bother me

doesn’t he can write a whole book I know

what I stand for those who are close to

me know what I stand for those whom I

interact with they know what we stand

for and the same applies to every one of

you I’m sure your brilliant people those

who know no and those who don’t know


the problem is when those who know know

otherwise then you have a lot of

correction to do masha’Allah reading it

so carefully notice mashallah Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala grant us all the

ability to

develop ourselves and to grant us

goodness and II so the Prophet Muhammad

SAW seldom speaks about greeting he says

the best from among you those who start

off with the Salam I already mentioned

that hadith then he says the best from

among you are those who feed others feed

others food amazing feed others those

who feed others so it means you reach

out to those who don’t have as well as

sometimes to those who do have but you

sit together sometimes you eat let’s go

for a meal once in a while not that we

are gonna waste but sometimes a group of

friends come together good buddies those

who take care of the type of company

they interact with and mix with and

associate with are also the best of

people the best of people are also those

who are careful about the type of people

they mix with and careful about the type

of people they are so that others who

are mixing with them would consider

themselves mixing with good people

that’s a very powerful point one is for

me to be in good company but what am i

doing for others to consider me good

company many times people say did you

know what yeah the best of people like

when I started I said the same thing we

look at others and say they’re not the

best they’re not the best how many of us

could easily say well I lead my life in

a way that I hope those around me do

believe that I’m making an effort to be

from among the best of people do you

lead your life in that way if not you

need correction and if you are it’s a

constant improvement constant

improvement we require so feeding food

which means reaching out to those who

are poor looking for them searching for

them hunting for them making sure we

give them and don’t just give throw

aways to them sometimes we give things

that we wouldn’t eat ourselves and we

say well they’re hungry they’ll have it

know something reasonable something

decent something packed in a good way

they would take it from you and smile

Wow I remember a beggar in makka al


I saw one of the hood judge one of the

the pilgrims in Mecca purchased a large

number of and bakes you know what

they’ll bake is sorry not let Baek and

Baek there’s a difference between the

two although they sound similar

mashallah and Baek is a restaurant there

in Makkah and in that part of the world

so he must have liked the food there he

purchased so many and he decided to

distribute it among those who are

considered you know the cleaners and the

others and you should see the smile on

their faces somehow Allah giving a hot

meal full clothes sealed in a packet

mashallah that’s for you that’s we and

I’m thinking to myself you know we’re

used to just giving leftovers here is

someone giving a proper meal may Allah

strengthen us may Allah strengthen us

how many people there are out there who

would dream of going into a restaurant

and having a meal perhaps down the road

as we were coming here today I was

telling one of my colleagues I said you

know what there are enough restaurants

here to feed the whole world he told me

you’d be surprised people from the whole

world come here to eat is that true is

that quite true yes it is there goes

subhanAllah so now I’m thinking to

myself I’m sure they’re people who

cannot afford it and I’m sure there are

people who can afford 20 meals so have

you ever considered take two people who

can’t afford it or a little family take

him out for the meal and tell them here

it is if I’m up I’ll do it for the sake

of Allah you don’t want to talk brownie

points with them but with Allah you’ve

read and you can say to yourself that oh

Allah I heard the hadith that the

Prophet SAW Selim said that those who

are the best they feed people Here I am

I’m just making them happy one day one

might argue well you know that amount of

money could be spent better elsewhere it

could be but once in a while this is

also not a bad thing

subhanAllah this is also not a bad thing

and the second part of that hadith is

even more important for me moments ago

we said the best form amongst you that

the one who greets first write this

narration says the one who feeds and the

one who replies the greeting Wow

subhanAllah the one who replied look at

how comprehensive the Sunnah is talking

of the best of people you reply the

greeting you are the best of people

reply why reply

Allah says whatever hurry to be Tahiti

for you for how you be I said I mean I

would do her when you are greeted with a

greeting respond with a better greeting

which means oh people when someone does

good to you do more good to them and if

you cannot do more good to them then at

least equate it

someone said assalamu alaikum which

means may peace be upon you masha’Allah

what a great dua you need to reply to

them or alaykum Salam minimum try and

add to it what I meant to learn you

about a cat – may peace be upon you as

well the blessings of allah the mercy of

allah you were better to them than they

were to you do you know today we look at

people and we see how people harm each

other and we start saying you know what

friends used to be those who helped you

and benefited you today friends are

those who at least do not harm you if

someone doesn’t harm me he’s my buddy I

promise you he’s a good guy I don’t need

anyone to benefit me anymore that’s the

the age we’re living in is if you are

saved from the harm of someone else he’s

a good man Subhan Allah so ask yourself

are you from among those the hadith and

the Quran speaks about doing better to

someone else than what they did to you

but I want to tell you we’ve become so

low that even if you just equated it or

even if you didn’t harm them as a result

you would still be considered in today’s

world as a reasonable chap Subhan Allah

a good person

may Allah make it easy for us so this

was to do with the responding of the

Salam then we have a very beautiful

hadith narrated in Sunan in in muslim a

muhammad and soon an attorney be the

professor salam says the best companions

in the eyes of Allah are those who are

best to their own companions that

wording is superb superb high rule as

happy in the lehayim

Sahiba he how amazing is that wording

those of you who know the Arabic

language the best of companions in the

eyes of Allah is he who is best to his

own companions your buddies your friends

your circle your companions if you are

the best to them in the eyes of Allah

you’re the best companion and the hadith

continues to say well Harold irani in

the logical homely Jerry he the best

neighbor in the eyes of Allah is the one

who is best to his neighbors this hadith

goes to show that Islam doesn’t teach

you to look at others and worry about

how good they are but Islam says your

value is based on how good you are not

how bad they are you get that your value

is determined by how good you are even

in the face of harshness in the face of

bad in the face of evil don’t know your

values someone swore you don’t swear

them back because that was not you they

showed their true colors it’s your

opportunity to show yours you don’t

stand for those values you don’t believe

in that derogatory way of life you

believe in something much loftier so if

they were to swear you if they were to

laugh at you if they were to mock at you

if they were to try and abuse you

verbally etc you don’t have to be the

gangsta type of person to say what did

you just say here you know I’ve avoided

the salt and pepper in the statement but

you know what it is right but that’s

what they do

hey bro what do you say say it again

no you heard it you did you did you just

got to look at them in love especially

if you’re a big guy big guy and they

look at you they’re probably you know

when you turn around to look at them

they’ll turn around to look at the air

behind them subhanAllah because they

know if this guy just blows off you’re

gone man we’re lost some Hannah Hart

Allah grant us ease but this is what it

is learn to calm down learn to calm down

look at the life of the Prophet Muhammad

peace be upon him Salalah Salam look at

what he did here’s the Prophet SAW said

I’m telling us that in the eyes of Allah

the best neighbor is he who

is personally best to his own neighbors

forget about what they’re doing are you

good to them if you’re good to them

you’re the best of the lot so that’s

also a beautiful beautiful narration

another narration the best of people

those whom when they owe others money

they pay on time Allahu Akbar

mashallah when you owe someone when you

owe someone you pay on time you become

the best of people and when you pay you

pay properly you might want to give them

a bonus that was not pre conditioned if

it was preconditioned it becomes usually

interests if it was not preconditioned

it’s acceptable it’s okay

give them a gift no harm why they helped

you but it was not a condition the

minute it’s a condition it’s a problem

so that’s a hadith the Prophet SAW

seldom says that the best of people are

those sano whom Allah and the best of

those who when who give back on time

there is another narration that the

process assalam speaks about it’s the

other side of the coin remember Islam is

comprehensive it says if you have given

time to a person who owes you money

extended the time because you know that

they cannot manage to pay you back and

you do not desperately need that money

in that case Allah will create time for

you on the day of judgment

subhanAllah if you made it easy for

someone you’re a wealthy man the guy

owes you a thousand pounds and you’re a

multi-millionaire and you know he owes

it to you and he told you I’ll pay you

next month and you know he’s struggling

and you say don’t worry my brother you

pay me as soon as you get that money and

don’t make him feel cheap you goat he

won’t even come to the Masjid at some

point why he owes money the minute he

enters and he sees you in the first

stuff and you’re just looking back he’s

already looking the other way you know

why all him as a grand man I owe him a

cake what did they call it here yeah

okay so subhanAllah but they supposed to

look and greet you know you’re a wealthy

person yes he owes you you know what the

hadith speaks about a man who was given

Jannah and he was asked what is

that made you get into gentlemen into

paradise he says I can’t really think of

things but I do know I had a messenger I

used to send him to all the debtors and

tell them if you cannot pay it’s okay

you pay me when you can

so Allah looked at that quality loved it

so much and chose to give me paradise

it’s a hadith sorry

it’s a narration of the prophets of

Salaam and that narration is not there

just for us to look at and say wow it’s

there for us to look at and ask

ourselves do we give people time do we

actually excuse people sometimes someone

might tell you I’ll do this on this day

yes sometimes they have a bad habit

what’s the bad habit a lot of us have it

maybe I may have it at times where we

become a little bit complacent we become

a little bit you know not so regular or

punctual with certain things but we need

to improve don’t make it a habit become

punctual when you say six o’clock it’s

six o’clock when you say eight o’clock

it’s eight o’clock

you know subhanAllah when we say

Greenwich Mean Time it’s supposed to be

Greenwich Mean Time subhanAllah don’t

change it to mean something else that

just allows you to to take a little bit

longer may Allah Subhanahu wa ta ala

grant us goodness and ease now let’s

move on to something very important when

it comes to spirituality when it comes

to closeness with Allah do you want to

know who is the best from amongst you

the best of people who are they they are

the ones who learn the poor on and teach

it to others hey Yocum mental amel

karana wa allama

no doubt the best of people are those

who learn the quran and conveyed to

others now like i said at the beginning

there is no contradiction between any of

these narrations the reason is all of

this is connected to character and

conduct when the Prophet peace be upon

him his wife aisha radi allahu anhu was

asked about the character of the Prophet

Muhammad peace be upon him what was he


she said kanafeh local Quran his

character was the Quran he was an

embodiment of the entire Quran he lived

by it he lived with it he lived exactly

like it was he was moving for

subhanallah his character his conduct

everything was meticulous proper

subhanAllah so if you learn the Quran

and you practice it and you convey it to

others you become the best of people

from every aspect because it will

correct your link with Allah which is of

prime importance and it will improve you

as a person and your character and

conduct which is a sign of the link with

Allah the link with Allah important it’s

the most important thing but a sign of

that link is your character and conduct

that’s why when the Prophet SAW Salam

was asked about the characteristics of

the people of Jannah you’ve heard this

hadith I’m quite sure before if you

haven’t well he said the characteristics

are taku allahi wa honolulu the people

of paradise will enter paradise

predominantly with two qualities one is

the consciousness of their maker and two

is their character and conduct the

greatness of their character and their

conduct so this is something important

let’s make an effort to learn the Quran

let’s make an effort to learn how to

read it recite it understand it put it

into practice conveyed to others have

you ever sat with anyone your buddies

your children your family members your

anyone else and spoken about one verse

of the Quran have you have you a lot of

the young boys and girls will say no

some would say yes I’d like to see that

number grow who say yes I have we have

we spoke about one ayah and the next

week we spoke about another ayah and

then my friend came up with a third ayah

what are you doing you learned the Quran

and you’re teaching it you’re talking

about it to others

you are becoming from among the best of

people if you don’t understand the verse

go and learn go and ask go and seek

knowledge and don’t get trapped by those

who have a warped understanding of the

words of Allah they don’t have that

knowledge where they would be able to

explain to you the meanings of the

verses that may not be understood so

easily there is a context to the

revelation of the verses the

understanding of some of the verses

would require a person of knowledge

otherwise you may just go astray so if

you have a question and if you really

I do not understand something please ask

those of knowledge as allah subhanahu


teaches us then we have another

narration and i have a few more minutes

i’ve spoken for a whole hour but i still

have a few minutes insha’Allah and we

will call Serato and then for salat

elisha as soon as I’m done inshallah

I’ll try not to delay the hadith the

Prophet SAW Allah the Salam says to

moderations I’ve mentioned soon in the

t-midi he says hi honest man Palmore oh

ho raha Sunnah Hama woohoo the best of

people are those whom Allah gave a long

life and they did lots of good deeds in

that long life and the worst of people

are those whom Allah gave a long life

and they did very bad deeds in that long

life what that means is if Allah gave

you a long life and you used it to do

good deeds or you’re one of the best of


but if Allah gave you a long life and

you did not do good deeds that I deeds

as well then you’re a bad person but

it’s not late

you can always seek forgiveness at least

you will be forgiven by Allah and the

one who has achieved the forgiveness of

Allah has won the race they’ve won the

race what that means is last minute you

turn to Allah the problem is we don’t

know in his last minute right if we knew

when last minute was if you and I knew

that we’re going to live for 50 years 49

years and 350 days later we say Allah

forgive me for what’s happened five days

boom when we done just before the

whistle blows five goals mashallah we

won 5-1

but we were losing one nil all along

subhanAllah so that is a very important

narration to say as Allah gives you life

do some good do good with it so you know

you’ve actually banked a lot of good

deeds in the bank with allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala and the last narration speaks

about the worst of people why am i

ending with this because when we want to

talk about the best of people we must

give a comparison and we must look at

who is the worst if you want to see

who’s the worst you’ve got to understand

what the Prophet SAW Salaam has said and

that will make you realize the value of

the best so here goes the Prophet SAW

solemn says in nashua Nassim and zlatin

in the

he meant Erica who nests it iike a for

she the worst person in the eyes of

Allah is the one whom the people have

left the people have gone away from they

stay away from because they want to save

themselves from the harm of that person

which means the person has so much evil

so much harm that no one wants to even

interact with them no one wants to mix

with them no one wants to be with them

people want to go away for life here my

brothers and sisters we’re doing this in

our own houses we’re doing it with our

children we’re doing it with our

grandchildren our daughters-in-law son

in sons-in-law and vice versa we’re

doing it all over it’s at home where I

know of children who don’t want to go

home why you know what’s gonna happen at

home they just gonna do this and they’re

gonna say that and you don’t even want

to go home

that means someone at home is bad

there’s something oh we are bad

something’s wrong we should be such the

best of people are those whom when they

walk past everyone wants to associate

with them everyone is brought into a

good mood there’s a positive vibe that

comes out those are the best of people

they are helpful they have a good

expression they talk well they don’t

deceive but if we’re bad the hadith says

that the worst of the people are those

whom everyone wants to stay away from in

order to be protected from bahar that

comes from that person may Allah not

make us from those men allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala bless every one of us it was

quite a tough topic it was a very good

topic it was more of learning and I

really pray that Allah helped me to

become a better person and Allah helped

every one of us to become a better
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