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Published on January 20th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 461

read quran online with tajweed

read quran online with tajweed

The Best Companion | Subtitled”read quran online with tajweed “


The best thing you can do is to study carefully the words of Allah ( Quran Free)


keeping away from righteous companions
causes weakness of mm as the prophet

least Ram said be careful of who you
take is your companion because every man

has the Deen of his companion every man
has the Deen in its companion if you

tell me my best friend is a Christian
I’m gonna tell you have a problem I’m

not saying we can’t be friends we can’t
be companions but if you tell me the

person you spend the most time with is
someone who does not remember Allah Azza

WA JAL does not remember a lot of the
way you should remember Allah then guess

what your Imam is going to suffer
because of that whether it’s now or

later on down the road because one thing
I do know in this life either you’re

“read quran online with tajweed “

giving dower or you’re getting dour
one of the two so you need to be aware

because at one part time you’re gonna be
doing both you’ll be getting and you’ll

be giving it so you need to be aware of
what you’re giving and you need to be

aware of wow you’re getting the Dawa so
we need to try to ensure a lotta Ayana

keep righteous companionship look at
your friends check your friends we live

in a time today where just because this
guy says Leila muhammad rasool allah

doesn’t mean he might be the best
companion for me we live in a very

awkward time where people need to be
tried and tested even i earlier out

there law and used to say that you know
until you’ve actually spent certain

amount of time of the man you’ve
journeyed with him you’ve ate in his

home things that nature you know you
can’t really consider this man your your

dearest brother so people need to be
tested today we need to find companions

“read quran online with tajweed “

that are going to help us and benefit us
and if you see that slacking you should

either try to bring your companion
closer to you or if you feel that you’re

too weak to do so separate that company
separate that company for the sake of

allah azza wajal and let somebody else
come and try to nourish that

relationship because if not you’re both
gonna get dragged into the ditch their

prophet alayhi salat wa salam when he
was buried this is how much the the

companions benefited the companionship
of the prophet alayhi al-salam he was

their companion he was their best friend
he was their mentor he was their teacher

when when battles were fierce he was the
person they looked for when he died so

Lavanya seldom they said we looked at
our hearts and we felt deep change the

moment he died the moment we buried him
we looked at our hearts and we felt a

deep change and it is said about them
they were like they were like sheep on a

cold winter’s night with no Shepherd
seriously they were almost lost even

Omar lost it on that day because this
loss of companionship the prophet alayhi

salaatu wa salaam hurt them so much you
know these are the type of companions we

should try to to get we’re not gonna
find anyone like the prophet alayhi

al-salam but we should check our
companions check your friends check your

friends in sha Allah

“read quran online with tajweed “

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