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Published on December 27th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 588

The Abuse of MakeUp, Very Funny, Mufti Menk

haha shallow fun Vanetta

a lady so high level things apart

my mother’s and sisters look I’m going

to address an issue that there is a

crisis regarding in today’s world what

is it it is makeup you know main kind

you see no one said yes because they

know did you hear that

I tell you something makeup I don’t want

to talk about the use of makeup I want

to talk about the abuse of makeup

abusing it today people are abusing this

in such a way then their hearts become

so attached trail that their own

identity is an insult to themselves

that’s the problem

stop it don’t go to that level within

limits okay fine let it pass but it

becomes beyond the limit every day you

paste two inches of icing on your cake

that’s not good one day it looks like a

strawberry cake the other day orange

cake the next day banana cake every day

okay what is this that’s what I’m saying

your husband will kiss someone else

because you say anyway to do my lipstick

payment don’t have to tell how can you

keep on doing that

may Allah forgive us so this is why I

say there needs to be some form of a

limit be happy content with what Allah

has given you that’s my face that’s my


Allah is giving me I tried my best to

maintaining it doesn’t mean go I’m a

Muslim I must lose my body no you

maintain it you can also participate in

the exercise packs in the gym meaning

within limits I’m not just I’m not

promoting jimang in a Haram way where

you know it’s free for all and suddenly

a jab and whatever else is all

disregarded no but there are permissible

ways you can do it at home or with a

group of your own sisters and so on but

you look after the body and then you say

hamdulillah gave this to me someone

somehow someway will love it this is why

I strongly encourage between spouses

between children and parents to praise

one another’s physique come on me just

look at your spouse and look at them and

look at them again and look at them and

start smiling Subhan Allah and to say

mashallah tabara camera can’t believe

your mind can’t believe it but you need

to look and you need to look really like

this you know

but I promise you when you learn from

each other

when you appreciate each other you help

each other you help clean the heart

because then your spouse knows you

appreciate me for who I am you don’t

appreciate Mac instead of new I

understand what that means sometimes a

man will come and say wow looking

selling it’s not be looking stunning

it’s the Mac on me that’s looking

stunning be honest la rocca by Allah

forgive us

my brothers and sisters I’ve overshot my

time but then again it’s Zamboanga you

know it starts with a Z so we’re from a

all the way into Zen they put me the

last finger because I also come from
zomboapp way Allah forgive us

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