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Published on February 10th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 373

quran online for free

quran online for free

Sweetness of iman | illustrated Reminder | Bilal Assad | Subtitled” quran online for free”


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Listen to what the prophet (s.a.w) said;

here is just an example

of how a person knows who they are. He says:

who ever, for example,

abandons looking at something, which is forbidden,

Allah will expiate that or will

compensate that with a sweetness of the feeling of Iman

which they find it inside their heart.

The point of that Hadith which i want to allude is not the fact that a person

stop looking at Haram.This is only one thing.

what I’m trying to say is,

when a person stops any act which Allah (s.w.t) hates,

it means that that person is only wanting the pleasure of Allah (s.w.t) in how they use thier eyes for example,

or how they use their body, how they use their time,

and as a result, the genuine

the genuine, the sign, of you being genuine in that, meaning that Allah is your objective

quran online for free”

by abstaining from this, by controlling yourself,

the sign for this genuine love for Allah making him your priority,

is that you will find a feeling of sweetness inside of your heart.

the sweetness, if you give this person everything in the world,

if you give them, everything that any human desire would want,

it will not make a difference,

in the sweetness that they feel inside their hearts,

Are you like me? When was the last time you felt the sweetness of Iman?

Was it last night?

Is it now?

Or was it a year ago?

Ten years ago?

When you were a child?

When was the last time, I felt this deep sweetness of Iman?

where in the night I felt like waking up, when everybody else was asleep,

and I just felt this drive, to make me stand alone,

in the dark, with a tiny candle or a tiny light,

I don’t want anyone to see me. I don’t care if anyone sees me, or knows what I’m doing

I just have this sweetness, this love, to get up and pray to Allah (swt) to speak to him, because I love him,

I feel the sweetness that doesn’t leave my heart.

It makes me give up my sleep,

Because the sweetness of what I’m doing is more beloved to me than my sleep.

When was the last time, you and I felt this particular sweetness?

Then not only that, as I was praying in the night, I don’t know why,

but i felt that my heart began to pound in such a way I’ve never felt before.

It’s not the pounding of a person with a heart attack.

It’s not the pounding of a person who has been exercising for so long.

It’s not the pounding of a person with a sickness, but a pounding of something called a sweetness,

that has effected my eyes to water, and now I’m crying.

and I don’t know why.

quran online for free”

The only thing I can say is there is a sweetness inside me that makes my tears flow,

out of consciousness and love and communication with Allah (swt)

When was the last time you felt like that?

I’ll tell you when,

It was the time,

when you felt,
that Allah (swt), is truly, your only objective, in your whole entire life.

quran online for free”

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