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Published on April 8th, 2020 | by Admin | Views:

Surah Yusuf & Surah Al Burooj: 2 Examples of Ring Structures in Quran: Linguistic Miracle

the story of Yusuf alayhi Salaam can be
broken up into twelve parts if you know
the story you can easily as it is in
Surat Yusuf you can break it up into
twelve parts I’ll tell you I am Telling
You this when I was in college before I
was even interested in Islam I took a
course called world literature and in
that course we studied some parts of
Plato’s Republic Aristotle we even
studied actually the Communist Manifesto
we read something from the Confucius we
read some things from the Bible he has
something from the Quran and at the time
I didn’t know any Arabic when we took
this course one of our homework
assignments was to compare the story of
Joseph in the Bible to the story of use
of penance and I’m in the Quran those a
homework assignment and the only thing I
had was the translation I’ll tell you
what happened at the end of that
homework assignment later but let’s go
back to this
how many parts did I say the story has
ah what Sudan number isn’t it anyone
know 12 slow number 12 has two parts
interestingly anyway here’s the first
part use of uh nahi Saddam sees a dream
the second part his brothers make a plan
against him the third part and by the
way the plan succeeds and he’s taken
away from his family you know what
happens the third major part the wife of
the minister tries to seduce Yusuf on a
saddam the test that he was put through
so the first part was the dream the
second was the brothers the third was
the wife of the minister the fourth one
was when she called the ladies she
called all of the ladies and they also
fell in and they you know did what they
did with the knife there weren’t very
good with knives and then the fifth part
Yusuf I mean he said I’m ended up in
jail you guys know that part and he was
falsely accused and he went in jail the
sixth part is when the King had a dream
and he couldn’t figure out what the
dream means what kind of animal did he
see in the dream call it out loud
hey a cow there you go that’s a very
loud cow over there okay now the seventh
part is that the dream that he had
interpreted by Yusuf alehissalaam he
doesn’t know what to do with the dream
they sent for you so far they said I’m
he interprets the dream the eighth part
is Yusuf alayhi Salaam is released from
prison he gets out of prison the ninth
part is the women remember those ladies
with the knives they confess they admit
that they did something wrong the tenth
part the wife of the minister also
confesses the 11th part the brothers
learned their lesson you know the
brothers who put him in the well in the
beginning now we’re in part 11 and they
learned their lesson final part part 12
the dream of Yusuf alehissalaam gets
interpreted finally he knows what that
that we love the ouya was the
interpretation of the dream was okay
how many parts did I say again well now
listen carefully
part 1 he sees a dream part 12 the dream
gets interpreted part 2 the brothers
make a scheme against him part 11
the brothers learned their lesson and
they asked for forgiveness part 3 the
life of the minister tries to scheme
against Yusuf part 10 going backwards
the wife confesses that she was wrong
part 4 the ladies tried to seduce or say
something about Yusuf on a tsunami part
nothing the ladies confess part 5 Yusuf
Hani Salaam goes to jail going backwards
part 8 Yusuf alayhi Salam is released
from prison part 6 the King sees a dream
part 7 the King’s dream is interpreted
this is not a book it was a speech there
was no editing there was no here are the
12 parts let’s put part 1 and part 12 r2
in part 11 part 3 in part 10 it wasn’t
like that it was given as a surah but
also sigh some recited it and just in
that recitation it has this perfect
symmetry somehow Imam Hassan Kadam
doing a lot of great work in the quran
on what’s called ring structures and
what ring structures are our entire
sodas that are actually symmetrical they
imagine that I said to you 20 sentences
and my 20th sentence is directly related
to my first and my 19th to my second and
my 18th to my third and my 17th to my
4th is that even possible for a human
subhanAllah you notice what sama Eva
tell baruj is the first ayah Allah
swears by the sky in the last ayah he
says below a Quran Majeed fie Lohan
laughs ooh that’s in low fat food
where’s the love muffled it’s in the sky
it began with the sky and ended with
what makes the sky so why is the sky
fortified why does he say it has forts
in it because it has the most protected
thing in it what’s the most protected
thing filo in matte food it began with
baruj which is a fort and it ended with
the word McCool’s which means protected
what is the purpose of afford protection
that’s the first ayah and the last ayah
he says well yeoman marude was a hidden
wall Masood the day that has been
promised what is the day that has been
promised the day of judgment the second
last ayah of the sunnah wa llahu me wala
in him repeat Allah is completely
encircling them he’s right behind them
is about to encircle them when he in
circles then what day is that the day of
judgment who Tina’s house look dude and
Nadi that’ll work would the people of
good were killed
that’s the third state third passage the
people of all food were killed and then
in the third last section he’ll attack a
hadith old you nude phenomenal absolute
what happened to fit all his armies they
were killed and then he says that in the
next section he says Lamonica women whom
in diamino bill allah aziz in Hamidah
lady Wilkinson allahi wa llahu allahu
allah shayyin qadir and aziz and Hameed
names of who Allah al aliy know who work
was somehow a fee without the one who
owns the kingdom of the skies in the
earth description of who allah allahu
ala kulli shay’in Shaheed Allah is
witness over all things another
description of Allah the fourth last
section in Naju who are you
oh well you’re a la huelga food when we
do the optional machine for our newly
married that is also a description of
who Allah you go on and Allah says in
melody nuff eternal MOOC Medina will be
not from Allah meeya tobu fella who as
abu Jahannam wallahu either will hurry
those whom those who put the believers
and on trial they will have the
punishment of hell and they will burn
and this is the fifth section and the
fifth last section is in both shall be
kadesha deed when your master grabs it
is intense and then there’s the middle
area of the entire surah in the novena
amanu aminu slightly hot l’homme Jenna –
Antonia main tactical and how radical
hosel Khedive the middle jewel in the
Solarize believers will be in general
hated that for the entire Quran download
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