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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1338

Surah Al Furqan Ayat 63 to 77 | Quran Recitation

bubala him in a shiny borneo rajim

bismillah al rahman allah theme why I

don’t why mine in Laveen I am Sean ll

only how now

either fall Papa homologa he knew Nakano

Salama one Lavinia be tuna niobium

Sujata Akiyama why Lavinia pool una

bomba no stiffener the Virgin in

no economic in NASA at most Apollo MoMA

while Edina Yaffa Coulomb you sifu alum

me auto one can abenader nakama Lavina

later una memoria and follow Alejo OH –

Luna nerves while I go to Noonan f-cell

lady I wanna law who in level healthy

wale as known wanna EF and leks Emma you

bore flu-like the boy am I looking Amity

I upload a theme Werner in lamentable

milla milla Oh sunny ha ha hola Inca you

Badillo say our team has an ax

but what can a lava for FEMA one-man

army loss only hammer in know who we are

– boo elohim a dabber one let in la asha

Dunas ooh either move in love we

Milwaukee ama one Lavina either DoCoMo

bi attila be him lam yasha lam yakun

while a house one

Jana one Lavinia Pulu Nibbana habil an

amine assuage enojado deity Nakata our

own vagina enroute Athena in


Inca you gizelle water feta b-mail Sabo

why you love gonna be hunter here

once Allah

uh Hornady na’vi haha suna – moose taco

Palmer Palmer Yarborough become mumble


bucum falcon caliber to move sao

00:03:50,940 –> 00:00:00,000

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