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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 655

Suppress Anger

wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t

discuss how do we earn the abilities to

forgive others right or wrong how do we

end this ability and I was thinking

about this and on my way here to this

particular talk I judge it a few points

on paper and shall I still have them in

my mind islam teaches us how to develop

qualities of a novel and i suffer these

qualities that allah commanded abu bakr

radiallahu and towards and the qualities

of muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

and the qualities of use of alehissalaam

the scholars say that we should become

people that don’t allow ourselves to

drown in the heat of moments when we

become angry in the Arabic language this

is known as allosteric feel a little

harder and it still hurt Phil avital

Hara drowning in the heat of the moment

we become angry and with it the moment

get the better of us so bang you divorce

your wife this is this is a result of

not forgiving and some people think they

meant right like one of our Masha is

said to us that once a person was

troubling his wife and his wife told him

you know it’s a man you know a man in a

controlled jail if you know man divorced


he says you saying I’m not a man I’m a

man you divorced then he went into

regret and he went to the chef the chef

said you know the man you divorced are

you not a man

you are a man if you didn’t we drowned

in the heat of the moments and we’ve

seen how Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says

that the people of Jannah are those who

suppress their anger when they become

angry don’t allow yourself to drown in

the heat of the moment let your iman

guide you when somebody upsets you

sometimes will become emotional right

and we always have this discussion

should we think with our mind or should

we think with our heart and the answer

to that question is

let your mind govern your heart and let

the Sharia govern your mind

some people think with their mind and

the mind takes them astray our mind has

intellect but we should use our mind

behind the screen of my Sharia the

Sharia governs and ties this mind and

that’s why the mind is called Allah

Allah Allah in Arabic language refers to

something tight the mind is tied it

doesn’t do anything and everything the

mind doesn’t do everything and anything

rather the mind does that which is right

Allah says for a Yamaha hujoor áhowá

taka ha allah has inspired this Neffs

right the nufs

the body and the soul allah has inspired

it to know good from bad

so our bind is tied and when we become

emotional we should let our mind come in

and understand right from wrong

and understand that we are believers and

we were people from Iman and we should

suppress anger suppressing
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