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Published on September 24th, 2012 | by Admin | Views: 50001



Studying Quran with Latest Conference Technology

Muslims believe that the Quran is the actual word of God (Allah) verbatim. They believe that this is the final revelation sent to mankind through the final prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). This book contains instructions on how best to lead a life that will please Allah. It is not written in a narrative style like the Bible, but in rhyming themes akin to poetry. This makes it easy to memorise and as it was revealed to a man who did not read or write it shows great wisdom.

Muslims today learn to read quran online, and Learn Arabic Alphabet at home and madrasas all over the world. Those who are fluent in classical Arabic and in the sciences of the Quran are able to understand the meaning of this great source of knowledge; if they follow the advice therein sincerely, they can acquire great knowledge and wisdom as the Quran claims to have ‘clarification for all things’. Unfortunately, most people only recite the Quran without to understand what they are reciting. Sadly, some people do not recite the Quran daily, only picking it up during Ramadan.

Recent developments in Information and Communication Technology have facilitated a revival in the study of the sciences of the Quran. The causes of this revival include Internet services like Skype, Paltalk, the World Wide Web, the low cost of mobile telephony, and increases in international trade and globalisation. Globalisation has lead to increased studying of English and Arabic as well as Russian and Chinese. All the above changes has meant that Islamic scholars are no longer confined to the Middle East, waiting for a few students who can afford the expense, time and hardship to study Quranic Sciences.

Today, Muslim children, adults and new converts can all study Arabic Language, Learn Arabic Alphabet, Rules of Reciting the Quran, Translation of the Meaning of the Quran, Reasons for Revelation of Verses of the Quran, Exegesis of the Quran, Miracles of the Quran (including Scientific Miracles of the Quran), Places of Revelation of Verses and Chapters of the Quran and Abrogations of the Quranic Verses online.

Institutions like the Open Islamic University, Eaalim Institute and others bring together students and qualified teachers wherever they may be in the world in virtual classrooms for interactive live learning. They also have resources that students can use offline for further study, revision or practice.

This historic opportunity for learning reduces costs and saves time for students and the learning institutes’ staff alike. Add to this the services of Google Ads, community TV channels and clever marketing and it is no wonder that a great revival in the learning of the Quran is happening with this shift to online education.


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