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Published on February 5th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 267

Teaching Quran with tajweed Online

Teaching Quran with tajweed Online

Stop being Reactionary | Subtitled”Teaching Quran with tajweed Online “


Learn Quran obn line with Tajweed for Adults and kids classes courses.log on to “Free Quran Education on Youtube.


we are living in a time where there’s an industry that makes fun of everything

and their purpose is to actually decrease our sensitivity

to the subject

you want to make us less and less sensitive

to the honor we’re supposed to show to the Messengerﷺ

so eventually it’s not a big deal

you guys know what’s happening in Hollywood

there was Noah

movie about Nuh ؑ

then recently a movie about Musa ؑ

and this is just.. I’m testing the waters

you’re understand what I’m saying to you?

you’re just testing the waters

and these movies are horrible

I don’t…

“Teaching Quran with tajweed Online “

if you’ve seen it make istighfar (repentance)

boycott these films

do not watch these films

we should have nothing to do with these films

you shouldn’t even learn them to know what the Kuffar (disbelievers) are saying

there’s no point in you learning what the Kuffar are saying

they have nothing good to say

don’t worry about it

and as a matter of fact, their account..
the hollywood version

is a

a deviation from the Biblical version

which is twisted already

the Bible’s version is bad enough

and then they add their own chat masala (spice) on top

and then they make these movies

and you know, movies can have a very lasting effect on people

when you watch an image one time in your head

then you know…
those of you who saw “Prince of Egypt”

When you think of Musa ؑ, the picture comes in your head.. that’s messed up

that’s not supposed to be there

so don’t watch this stuff

and if a new controversy comes out about some cartoon

or something else

don’t go look at it

don’t go look at it

if you go look at it, you’re part of the problem

no, no, I was just looking at it to see what they do..
so I can say Astaghfirullah (I seek refuge from Allah)

no, you are part of the head count

“Teaching Quran with tajweed Online “

they’re counting how many hits that video got

or how many clicks this image got

and you are now counted among them

you made it popular

you know when a video becomes popular

when a video has a million hits

then the next person clicks it because it has a million hits

when it has ten million hits

you look at it “hey! 10 million hits.. it must be good”

must be something

if you are part of that headcount

then you are partly responsible for making it popular

we have to ignore this nonsense altogether

a dog barking cannot harm the sun

it’s too high up

let these people spit whatever they want

that cannot take anything away

from the nobility of our Messenger ﷺ

Allah says:
رَفَعْنَا لَكَ ذِكْرَكَ
(Quran 94:4)

“We raised your mention”

when Allah raises something, no creation can bring it down people

no creation can bring it down

they can say whatever they want

whatever they want

it will change nothing

it will change nothing

it will take nothing away

from the nobility of our Messenger ﷺ

and we have to adopt the Prophetic model

in responding to these insults

when the messenger would be insulted

and a poet would come in and instead of calling him Muhammad, call him Muthamman

he would say “he’s not talking about me, it’s someone else”

“it’s someone else”

“Teaching Quran with tajweed Online “

this isn’t our Messenger ﷺ, this is some twisted version of whatever they have in their heads

we cannot get so reactionary

Muslims have to show a higher level

a more sophisticated level of response

to these people

to this craziness

and by the way

when we act crazy

then they turn around and say: “see we told you these people are crazy”

“proved it”


this religion

the religion of sophistication

the religion of Sabr (patience)

the religion of thought

the religion that keeps asking people: أَفَلَا تَعْقِلُونَ

“why don’t you use your minds?”




now, it’s associated with the most thoughtless people

we’re supposed to be a model for humanity
let’s rise to that occasion

our Messenger ﷺ deserves it
we have to show that loyalty to him ﷺ

“Teaching Quran with tajweed Online “

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