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Published on November 26th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 402

quran online teacher

“quran online teacher”

Stand Up For The Truth!”quran online teacher”

from America 28 years old she went to

document the civilian deaths there and

the civilian suffering of this war so

she could take it back to America and

let her people know that there’s immense

suffering going on and she was killed on

the way to the airport this is Rachel

Corrie who sat in who stood in front of

an Israeli basically a tank without a

gun and was bulldozer Dover bulldozed

over protecting the house of a

pharmacist who had nothing to do with

terrorism this is Tom bird eldest man

who was shot trying to block the bullets

from Palestinian children that were

being shot at a young English man who we

will not know what his fate was to be

his parents had to bury him and he was

using his body to protect Palestinian

children not British children

Palestinian children that is mercy and

allah subhanallah daughter says that he

is our hammer rhyming and that is why we

have to reinstall the centrality of The

Messenger of Allah in our lives because

this is what is missing in the Ummah we

shout and we scream and yet he never

shouted and screamed my can also happen

but a swamp they say in the Shifa that

the only place it’s acceptable to scream

is in the souk when you’re telling

people bustle – lemon and acid you know

onions sweeter than honey

“quran online teacher”

the commandos are either Lebanese Syrian

and and once walked by a onion seller

who said muscle effeminate SL and he

said I am on Hannah and their kid appear

Jews famously had does he think you can

lie in things like that even there are

white lines because onions are not

sweeter than honey so this is the Rama

that the Prophet Ison came to infuse the

world with this mercy and this is why

the Muslims of all people should be the

people that remind others of their own

principles of their own truths the

Prophet sallallaahu Saddam reminded the

jolly Arabs he said dorito Allah – fil

“quran online teacher”

jamia notary – a day for the Saddam

Rajab – I wasn’t called to an alliance

in the Jannah if they invited me to it

in Islam I would have answered him for

football because it was an alliance to

defend the weak and the oppressed and

the Prophet stood by right where where

he saw it he stood by right where he saw

it and this is why should i Cal Poly

when the Jew opposed

Imam Ali who was Ameer al-mumineen in a

famous case and he came to him and the

Jew presented his argument and Adi

presented his sure ahead Bobby said ugly

lilia hoody and when he did that the

Jews said this is your ruler and you’re

saying that I’m right and he said

because this is what appears to me he

hasn’t brought me sufficient evidence

and he said if this is Islam I’m a


this is Allah lion remember commissioner

an omen and a letter i didn t know who


do not let the loathing of a people

cause you to be unjust Shanna and

according to a banana here is a specific

type of bull

it is a bullet that blinds people from

the goodness in their enemies it’s a

it’s a blindness that is does not allow

a person to see what is good in there

and when ricky matee burnaby jaha came

“quran online teacher”

in to become a muslim the Prophet said

alum – and them in a beaker yeah teal

hair I knew that good would come from

your father in other words he saw good

in abu jahal our messenger his enemy who

was Pharaoh no Hanna DOMA he saw good in

him and the good came in the form of his

son a crema and this is why you cannot

be blinded by hatred we are not people

of hatred we are people that look with

Ina shaaka

with the eye of compassion because when

we see people who are lost we want to

see them guided now you mean oh I have

to go after you hit Billy AHIMA your hip

“quran online teacher”

oddly enough see no one truly believes

until he loves for his brother what he

loves for himself and this is why mmm no

we said this love yes metal a yahoodi

one else Ronnie

it is a lot that encompasses Jews and

Christians why and everyone else why

because you should at least want for
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them guidance

“quran online teacher”


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