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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 774

Spread Goodness

balla balla metal in latina cafe amo

atomo atomo cannot attack a bad enemy

named birdie now sunny le fathanah

Tahoma salim union humor minam la la

pila foolin our amantha Haneen Allah

gives the examples of the wives of MU

and loot both of them had karna Tahoma

they deceived their husbands

so not alehissalaam his wife deceived

him she collaborated with the criminals

by sending message out a his three very

good-looking men who have come to our

house the message went out so Allah says

that woman will deserve the punishment

for collaboration from this we also

learned Allah says there are one or an

unbeliever at Toccoa wallet r1 o Allah

give me another one

always assist one another in

righteousness when it comes to evil

don’t help one another each one is on

his own don’t help a person engaging you

need someone wants a lift

where you going to the pub you live in

vain let him in the rain whatever it is

living there the minute you carry him

every bottle he has you share the equal

sin and this is why when someone going

to the Masjid you stop every rakah of

Salah he leads you get an equal reward

help people to come to salah help people

to fulfill so the same way we get a good

reward when we help someone to do good

we share the evil when we assist them to

do evil may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

make us from those who can remind people
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not to engage me


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