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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 775

Special steps to achieve the highest wisdom

salamualikum’ Oliver car – spinner a

camera he knows a lot was said oh i see

the muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

said him to Stephen Kajiura

but I holdover out for what a nebula had

a lien our team at hamdulillah we lost

one with talent Allah bless this

gathering and give us the angelic

presence in Shaolin keep our hearts


I shall talk about a few things the one

of them is a about a hadith that is

related from Cigna Omar and there are

many versions of this hadith this is one

particular one but the meaning of this

hadith is articulated in several

different ways the prophets Allah said

I’m said say you see Wilma TV after the

salmon balanced Shadid lion do min-ho

Allah Roger on Arafah de novo Raja halay

he kept Alby he wahby Dasani he dadada

Candace Ibaka Sarah who so Abba wore our

children our Ovid inna llaha sadaqa be

he so the the gist of this hadith is

that there would be towards the latter

time as the difficulties of the end of

time begin to manifest and we’re seeing

these and so we have to be aware of them

because we tend to forget sometimes that

one-fourth of our religion according to

the hadith of gibreel at a cm are the

signs of the latter days

this is one-fourth because the gibreel

Adi said I’m asked the Prophet Allah I

am about a man about Islam Eman and a

son and then he asked him about the

signs of the latter days and at the end

of the hadith he asked Omar a tentative

– al do you know who the questioner is

and he said Allah or a pseudo are animal

on his message no better

and he said

in the Hat Gabriel at how come you’re a

limo come Dino come this is gibreel

who’s come to teach you your religion

and so the anima took from that that

there are these four dimensions to Islam

it’s it’s and each of these dimensions

is is important and traditionally the

signs of the end of time or part of the

religion to understand now we’re living

in a particularly difficult time in many

areas of the Muslim world and if people

aren’t aware of the difficulties and the

tribulations that come with being in the

world sometimes this can affect their

Eman so it’s very important that we keep

in our understanding we keep this in

mind and not forget this the Prophet

Allah is that I’m said that there would

be great difficulties one of the things

that he said he said in a Hadiya ma ro

meteo Metamora Homa myoma is a oma it’s

a community that has the mercy of God on

it it’s a mahoma

and then he said your Allah Odawa Hoffy

duniya ha the the difficulties of this

Ummah the chastisement of this Ummah is

in this world and fittin well balaiah

was zealous in social strife

tribulations calamities and earthquakes

I mean it’s very interesting that when

you when you hear about earthquakes

generally in the Muslim world our

earthquakes are huge earthquakes and

they they caught a lot of people died in

Muslim earthquake if you look at like

here they have an earthquake and two

people died seriously we have

earthquakes here two people died you

have a earthquake in the Muslim world

and you’re looking at literally

unbelievable numbers sometimes this

there’s a divine aspect to this that

these are Shahada Allah is taking them

as shuhada because the the one who dies

having his house fall on him according

to the hadith is Shaheed so we have a

different worldview and we have to

incorporate this worldview constantly in

how we

two things that we believe that we live

in a benevolent universe we believe in a

rahmanir rahim’ all of the quranic’

surahs’ begin with bismillahi r-rahmani


and so we believe that Allah is Rama and

that he sent His Prophet as a Rama Rama

arsalnaka illa rahmatan lil Anna mean we

sent you as a mercy to all the world we

believe he was a mercy to the Christians

he was a mercy to the Jews he was a

mercy to the trees and the forest and

the animals there is a story of Aqaba

Bonavia when he arrived to play rwan and

this is Sabbath in our tradition is

considered a sound story in fact while

we actually ascertain the truth of this

by gathering several witnesses it’s

considered a Kurama Mutola era it is

considered a miracle that’s agreed upon

and we tend to forget that we believe in

miracles there’s a lot of Muslims now

that don’t want to believe in miracles

they say yeah the miracle of Islam is

the Quran that’s one miracle of Islam

but don’t forget there are many miracles

and miracles continue on they continue

on at Karamat what pretended only at

Kurama woman FFM be that humble and

khaddama this is what Imam and lakhani

says in the yo Hara that we assert

miracles and anyone that rejects them we

reject him the miracles of the olia the

people that are close to Allah subhana

WA Ta’ala Bonavia they needed a forest

to build Parowan the city of Parowan in

the great state of tunis

he called out as loud as he could I you

Hal hey Lynette

Netaji Villalba when Athena come he said

oh you animals we need this forest for

our needs here and we’re asking your

permission the people that were in his

army said for three days they saw the

animals migrating from that for us

people don’t believe these things

anymore what lie I believe them I have

no problem with them at all because

these people were amazing people and

don’t think don’t think Christian

he’s spread without miracles Judiasm

spread without miracles all religions in

their formative period have a lot of

miracle that’s how they get people to

follow them and then once it gets

established it’s established but people

believe in these things so the prophet

sallallahu saw them when he said this

that there would be tribulations and he

mentioned these earthquakes we have

major earthquakes we have major

calamities in Syria right now you look

at what’s happening in Syria now I want

to remind the series because every

Syrian I meet now they say to me why

aren’t any why isn’t anybody doing

anything this is fault Muslims have to

do something the end they’re 100% right

but I want to say to my Syrian brothers

and sisters welcome to a

well-established Club you have

membership in a club that has other

members and they have made the same

claims and the same observances you’re

in the club of the Darfurians you’re in

the club of the Palestinians you’re in

the club of the Kashmiris you’re in the

club of the chaise nians

you’re in the club of the Iraqis really

we have tribulations in many of these

places and people have been ignoring

these things this is why we get more and

more tribulations because we ignore

these existing things and more come we

live in a world that Allah subhana WA

Ta’ala has promised us that unless we

are directed towards allah subhanho wa

taala he will do everything to redirect

us if we’re not directed towards allah

subhanallah dhana

he will redirect us towards himself

because this is why we were created we

were not created from 401k plans you

were not created for 56-inch television

sets with Netflix to watch movies until

you drop dead you were not Korea I’m

serious you were not created to play

solitaire on your computer that’s not

the purpose of all of this technology

were created to know your Lord you were

created to study you were created to

delve deeply into the meaning of your

very existence in whatever capacity you

have because different peoples have

different capacities so the prophet

sallallaahu said I’m told us that there

will be tribulations and we should be

aware of this he told us that towards

the end of time you will see the people

die Allah reassure yet Allah knoweth

through Bunyan he said there will be

poor people who were that the desert

people and they were poor and they were

taking care of goats and and animals and

then they’ll begin to build huge

buildings these are signs before your

very eyes you were seeing signs of our

prophets allies to them he told us that

you will see the the buildings of Mecca

reached the mountain tops the buildings

of Mecca will reach the mountain tops

and this is happening in our lifetime

when I first went to Mecca there were no

buildings even close to the tops of the

mountains of Mecca and now it’s filled

with buildings that are beginning to

reach the mountain tops I was on one of

the tallest mountains in Mecca and you

can see the clock tower now surpasses

the mountains the prophet sallallaahu

said I’m said in in a hadith he said

either I am Mecca Bridget cava EEMA if

you see Mecca if you see its mountains

with holes pierce through them this is

what it means

Bridget Kivar EEMA what way a Tazawa

booyah no haru sagiv re ha and you see

the buildings reached thee or in a riot

a new they will actually surpass the

mountain tops and then he said favela

‘this a – it means that the surah has

cast its shadow imam uzuki says in this

here I borrow tuna and the newest it

means that the the hour is near it’s

coming close but if you took that

literally and in hadith tradition in

zuly tradition also did kilometer Hapuku

that if the prophet says something you

should always interpret it literally

unless there’s a reason to go to a met

forkel interpretation now we have the

Clocktower casting a shadow over the

Kaaba so the clock tower what do they

call it in Saudi Arabia Assad Allah not

aside to you could take it literally the

clock has cast its shadow over the Kaaba

literally or metaphorically dr. Roberta

sata2 and shackle Ahmad the hour is

drawing near

all of our lives are dissipating there’s

three sides according to our own AMA

when we speak about the end of time

there are three ends of time the first

one is the end of your life the first

one is the end of you’ve got five

minutes left I just started it’s too

depressing for people he’s like man we

don’t need to hear this

this is minna this isn’t it’s not we’re

the young people we need some hope keep

hope alive I’m gonna get to the hopeful

part five minutes really really six

thank you okay so where was I you guys

interrupted me thus I allow like about

what time is it

come side the Arabs they come sign what

time is it it’s 732 they used to ask

Yogi Berra you know Yogi Bear is a

baseball players say what time does you

mean you mean now because you can never

ask what time it is because it’s always

moving along right so you say what time

is it well when you asked it was this

time but now it’s you can’t as a nature

of time you can’t you can’t grab it

there’s three sad the first one is your

life your life will come to an end we

all have terminal lives they come to an

end the second one is a generation right

now we’re having a generation disappear

for instance Holocaust survivors this is

a generation of people that experience

something they have tattoos on their

arms many of them and and their living

testimonies to a historical event that

happened that most of us weren’t alive

when it happened that generation is

dying out they’ll be gone in a very

short time so there are no more

eyewitnesses to that event

the world war ii generation is dying out

there gone just like now there’s no

confederate war veterans anymore there’s

probably I think the last World War one

veteran died in in England recently so a

generation will die and then finally you

have the ultimate end which is when all

of this is closed down but we have a

ways to go and I want to emphasize this

and that’s why young people don’t be

bothered but even if we didn’t the

profits alight is that I’m said if the

end of cut time comes and you find

yourself planting a seedling if you’re

able to before the actual end comes

finish planting so we never give up

because you would rather meet your Lord

having planted something and done

something positive then meet him without

having done that deed

we’re always looking towards our Lord we

don’t look necessarily at the fruits in

this world like the the Khalifa the

Calif that passed by the old man who was

planting Zaytuna trees and everybody

knows the olive tree takes a long time

to mature till you get olives and he

said lima otezla is a tune that’s out

kudamon ha why are you doing this is a

tune you’re not going to eat from it he

said Sarah over a Kadena finesse errata

yaku knew they planted those before us

and we ate from what they planted so we

must plant for those who come after us

this is a vision of what we’re supposed

to be doing our lives are temporal but

we have to see that we’re torchbearers

that was a topic yesterday of passing on

the torch just like you have a there’s a

certain type of marathon race if you if

people who know track there’s a baton

and you hand the baton to the next

runner these relay races right I ran

that in high school and you have to

learn how to get the baton and and and

take the baton and move and you’re the

next person because you have energy that

person he’s worn out take it I can’t

take any more so you grab it you carry

it as far as you can you expend all your

energy and then you hand it on to the

next group this is the nature of our

lives on earth we’re carrying the baton

for a short time but we have to

handing it to the next group of people

and we have all these young people and I

like him on my possum said something

beautiful one day in Toronto it had an

effect on me he said to the young people

if anybody tells you you’re the future

say no I’m the present

I’m the present you have things to do

right now you have things to do right

now and you should do them to the best

of your ability but I want you to be

aware all of these tribulations and all

of these calamities that are happening

don’t worry we have to struggle to make

it better to do whatever we can in our

power but don’t worry

and I’ll keep a pseudonym athene the end

affairs for the people of takwa allah

super Hanna with anna says what a took

vo by Amina I am current don’t get

constricted about their plots don’t get

constricted about all of the things that

they’re doing against you and then he

says if you have taqwa and if you’re

patient allies with you if you don’t

have taqwa and you don’t have patience

then he leaves you to yourself so we

need to practice piety we need to

practice patience allah subhanaw taala

gave you a complete min hedge in the

Quran in non-muslim inna when Muslim

adds well me Nina will move me not well

pani Tina well Connie Todd was sly

Depina was Sadiq art was sabrina wasabi

rock were haji anul were Hajji ad when

Mutasa de pinna when Mutasa dekat was

saw Amina was saw image well Harvey

Deena Fallujah Holman Harvey that what

daiquiri no logic a theorem with

accurate at the La Jolla home Margaret

Ann Warren edema Allah subhana WA Ta’ala

says those who are people in a state of

submission to allah subhanho wa taala

muslim moon they’re in a state of

submission to allah subhanho wa taala

but then he says they are also in a

state of toss Deak their mock meanie

it’s more than just the outward forms of

submission there’s an inward asset as

says there’s an inward assent to that

submission that they believe in allah

subhana wa tada because you can be a

Muslim and be a munafa but the movement

no this is deeper and then the people of

knut some of them of a pseudo and they

say at muda we moon at a party let the

people that continue to be in a state of

Para with Allah subhana WA Ta’ala

they’re continuous in their state

welcome o Allah hit pani team stand

before God in a state of obedience this

is how we want to meet our Lord in a

state of obedience and then he says the

people of sin truthfulness Yahya led

nominal a topological mouths are dipping

be with truthful people we’re a nation

of sit Allah subhana WA Ta’ala tells us

to be Shahada kuno kawaman abiertas

shuhada allyl a while oh Allah on who

cecum Alan where today well uh carribine

Allah says be people who establish

justice and then he says be witnesses

for the sake of your Lord for the sake

of Allah subhana WA Ta’ala even if it

means witnessing against yourselves when

you do wrong things have the courage

have the honesty and have the fortitude

to say that this is wrong what I did was

wrong what we did was wrong what these

Muslims did was wrong we have to have

the ability to be truthful even

witnesses against ourselves our parents

our own relatives this is Islam it’s a

high thing it’s calling you to rise

above your nafs rise above your egos

rise above your Caprice rise above these

things really elevate yourself

tadow Atsuto muhammad abu come attic the

allah says to a know which means come

but it also means elevate yourselves

it’s from Alou come elevate yourselves

and listen to what your Lord has

prohibited you to do because these

things will elevate you if you avoid

them you will be elevated in the world

you will be elevated Allah will raise

you up he will raise you up as a

community but you have to be virtuous

people you have to be people of virtue

and then he says the people of Sabharwal

Sabrina wasabi rot we have to be people

of patience there are two fundamental

types of patience you have to a

sovereign out of fire while sub Lohan

and Marcia patience in doing what is

right and then patience and avoiding

what is wrong because your nuts will be

tempted your lower self will be tempted

so you have to avoid those and then

allah subhanho wa taala says that there

are people of joshua this is a very

important attribute who sure is to Allah

it is humility we have to be a humble

people we have to be humble before a lot

now I want to focus on this for one

second for more than a second I know I’m

almost out of time but I want to focus

on this we must stop all of this

arrogance and sectarianism among some of

the community members that we have who

only have one way of doing things one

way there’s only one way my way or the

highway and that’s it my way or the

highway no we have a religion that is

deeply nuanced

it has a broad rule there are multiple

interpretations for many of the rulings

of Islam and beware of arrogating to

yourself the role that Allah subhana WA

Ta’ala has given to his self alone Allah

knows his religion most of the issue had

that of our great scholars were done by

signing their photos with while lahu am

allahu wa rasuluhu Adam Allah knows best

in other words this is the best I can do

but Allah knows best we have we have to

stop all of this madness where somebody

says yeah Haram you can’t that’s Haram

is that much money is it agreed upon

do you have you studied these books have

you studied the O soul because there are

some things that the anima say there’s a

difference of opinion some of the ummah

differ on certain things and you will

have this you will have opinions of

anima that say in al hilal a beginning

why in not haram Abed you know Bobby no

Huma Omar almost every hat

dynamo muneca thielemann and nests that

the Halal is clear the Haram is clear

and between them are gray areas many

people don’t know them only the ulama

our expertise in these and we’re talking

about the giant Aruna MA not people who

have studied and done their Nizami

course or done their graduate from four

years at a Islamic University nope

some of the teachers I studied with

studied for thirty years at the hands of

their teachers thirty years and they

have lifelong learners shaykh abdullah

bin VII one of the greatest living

scholars today he studied until he was

he studied from the time he was about

four years old until the time he was 21

every day five to six days a week

1015 hours a day pure study with his

father and the other teachers he

memorized 10 qira’at of Quran he

memorized all of the the dela wean of

the pre-islamic Arab he learned the all

of these texts in Arabic grammar and in


Elvia the eggnog another thousand lines

after the Elvia he studied the cavea

he studied the moccasin Halil memorized

the whole measure of the men Heba vemma

Maddock wallahi when you see him with

his piety and the way he addresses these

issues Aloha Adam I’ve heard him many

times say Allah knows best this is the

best I can do and I’ve asked him about a

hadith he said it’s not in the six

collections this is a level and then we

have people saying who is Jenna dollar

bin Bella who is he who are these these

Dwarfs really who I with no offense to

physical Dwarfs I’m talking about

intellectual Dwarfs physical dwarves

that’s not a problem

you know that’s the way Allah created

them but an intellectual dwarf you

created yourself Allah gave you the

ability to expand your mind if your mind

is not expanded you are to blame but

knowledge comes with patience comes with

learning they’re pushing me off quick so

I’m going to be getting out of here but

really Allah subhana WA Ta’ala says in

what in the Hadean ahead a magical more

mature wahida

what an Arabic comfortable

Tata Tata Amuro Humvee no homes Oubre

culo his Bhum Bhum alla day him very own

Allah says your OMA is one OMA and I am

your Lord so be have taqwa of me have

taqwa of me and then he says but despite

that they divided they split there and

follow different books they split no our

book is the Book of Allah and the Sunnah

of the messenger of allah but it is in

accordance with valid understandings not

always in agreement but in agreement

that each one is valid and this is the

beauty of our religion it’s the power of

our religion so my advice to myself and

all of you we have to be humble towards

this faith may Allah bless all of you

take you back to your homes safe and

sound may Allah forgive me for anything

I might have said I want to add also

just in in conclusion I think the the

MSA is one of the most important

organizations because we have many young

people in college who come and this is a

this is the life boat because college

today in the United States of America is

like going to Sodom and Gomorrah in many

places it’s like going to Sodom and


you have you have co-ed dorms now you

have co-ed bathrooms in some of the

college campuses now for pure equality

usually because now there’s a whole

argument they want to have argument to

let women go topless because it’s not

right the men can walk around topless

and a lot of them are so obese now that

they have very large breasts so why

should the women not be able to go out

these are arguments that they’re making

why should they go around not topless

pretty soon we’re going to have people

walking around in g-strings

we had naked man in Berkeley walking

around naked bare naked birthday suit on

and he walked around the city naked

until finally somebody worked out an

ordinance that there’s actually a health

issue for him sitting down in pub

places and they got in forced him to

wear some kind of loincloth Tarzan in

Berkeley this is the this is the great

American civilization man a long way

from Victoria on Queen Victoria member

Victorian England Charles Dickens huh

really Jane Austen what would they think

they pull out their hair pass out on

street have a heart attack I’m serious

if they walk down in Georgetown today or

down here in Washington DC and saw

people first of all I mean people have

tattoos you know of like they have

tattoos of demons on their shoulders I

mean I was behind somebody who had a

tattoo of a 1966 Mustang on their back

like I was you know I worked out it was

a 66 Mustang because the license plate

said 1966 on their back I know this is

tragic for people this is tragic that

this has happened to our society our

civilization really and we’re getting

Muslims putting on tattoo we’ve got

young Muslims now putting on KATUSAs

true we have now these these in the Arab

world there are entertainers that are

starting to wear tattoos listen we have

tattoos in Islam all right seriously but

they’re temporary is called henna if you

want to put a tattoo I’ll just put a

temporary one on there if you’re 17 or

18 years old I want to tattoo just put a

temporary one on there it’ll wear off by

the time your intellect comes back to

you all right settle my
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