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Published on March 7th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 942

Surah Al Feel read

“Surah Al Feel read”


”So HE made them Like.”Surah Al Feel read”

”So HE made them Like..” | Nouman Ali Khan | Surah Al Feel illustrated


The Quran explained everything .Free Quran Education“on Youtube


then we find these two words a stream

for either home then he made them he

transformed them Jaya in Arabic is used

when you have something and you turn it

into something else like you can take

wood and turn it into a table Jaya

now Holika Holika means you created of

nothing but Jala you took something and

you made it something else okay so for

example in a larger says Wacha dolly ki

now come on mutton what’s up I he took

you he made you into a nation a balanced

Nations you’re already there but he

transformed you so Allah saying these

people Allah transformed them so that

and by the way when Jonna is used some

someone was something else before and

there’s something else after so they

were a powerful army before and now what

about transformed them what did they

become now we’ll find out Raja WE

whom he didn’t say Raja ask”Surah Al Feel read”

for Mac well he said cut a swimmer cool

cat is used for – B is used to give

likeness he made them like he made them

like so Allah wants us to compare what

they look like to something you can see

this is also important we’re not there

we’re not in front of these armies we

didn’t see what happened it’s not on

video so Allah is presenting this video

by means of his words

he’s presenting us the imagery by means

of his words you want to know what they

look like

because you’re out I asked you to wonder

how did I deal with them you want to

know how they look like let me tell you

they looked like

kheh and then a swim that cool so let’s

look at both of these words one at a

time ask in Arabic and analysis”Surah Al Feel read”

especially is used for winds winds that

blow you know cut off leaves that are

you know this this crumpled up leaves

especially in the fall they’re all over

the ground and when wind is blowing you

see them in the air that kind of wind is

called Al Shifa or reanalysis al safe

literally that which is blowing the

leaves and the pebbles in the air ask is

the OspA actually is the the leaf of a

tree that has been cut off and withered

and broken up that’s what that is

aasif is also used for straws because

when the wind blows what else grows but

these tiny straws in the ground that are

weak they get plucked out and they’re

flying all over in the air right so

that’s what the word us is

but he says he made them like us but he

added ma-kun chewed up eaten mccool

means that which is eaten and aspen

mccool was used by the arabs you know

these these camels or these other these

other cattle they’re going around the

ground they’re chewing on stuff and the

animal picks up a large chunk to chew on

in its mouth but some of it falls out

some of it some of it it falls out and

the remains on the floor is called Aspen

McCune so Allah says you want to know

what they look like they look like those

leftovers that the animal has chewed on

and it just slipped out of its mouth and

fell that’s what they look like if you

want to know how badly they were crushed

and destroyed the idea being when an

animal uses the full strength of its jaw

to chew on it and really crush it grind

it and then it comes out in this goop on

the ground

this is how Allah crushed these armies

and how he made them this is one meaning

of it then mad cool also means that

which is not just that which is eaten

that which is supposed to be eaten in

other words something that is you know

mad cool is something that is there and

it can’t help itself you’re going to go

eat it like you know an animal that is

about to be eaten can at least run away

but straw or hay or whatever sitting in

front of an animal that food is

defenseless”Surah Al Feel read”

it’s destinies to get destroyed Allah

compares them to a helpless piece of

food that has no option but to get eaten

up by its enemy it’s like they had no

escape so a swimming pool is used then

the commentary by Ashoka Yamaha ice and

lotta love Maya him da darada him fire

on that Allah imposed upon them these

words tell me him bhai charlatan that

would pebble that would stone them with

sharp precise targeting with stones been

cleanly motor Hodja

from clay that had been turned into

stones Fusaro be suburban annex or ah

honey panicky and because of that they

became completely crushed chewed up

completely destroyed and Allah describes

the state of them feet the muscle to him

what an athlete him the highly or

achilles job Allah uses this language to

describe them to poke fun at them these

people thought they were so powerful and

Allah compares them to the weakest thing

not even a leaf that is connected to a

tree but a leaf that is plucked off

a tree completely we I mean it’s the

symbol of greatest weakness it doesn’t

even take a force to move it winds can

move it so low compared the strongest

army to the weakest imagery possible so

may Allah give us a clear and a deep

understanding of this book and the

ability to practice upon it may lousy

we’ll take the good things that are said

and entered into our hearts anything

that is incorrect me he removed from our

memories in our hearts

Morocco La Jolla confit of Hakim wanna

fatten Eva iya Kumble yachty well decay

Hakim assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh aloo billahi min

ash-shaitani rajim bismillah al rahman

al rahim elemental became favored ala

revocable haben fin la mia J&K de un fin

table vamos a la la employ on a baby

tell me human ingenuity min sigil vagina

hung – cool

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