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Published on December 9th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 457

quran urdu online

parents” quran urdu online”

Small Steps Towards A Big Change” quran urdu online”

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SMIL r-rahmani r-rahim al-hamdu lillahi

rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa

barik alaa muhammad ali al-amin Vienna

muhammadin wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi

ajma’in our bad

we always commence by praising Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala sending blessings

and salutations upon muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam all his family members

in his entire household as well as his

companions in may allah subhanahu wa

ta’ala bless every single one of us and

grant us goodness and may he bless our

offspring those two come up to the day

of teamö may we all be blessed brothers

and sisters in Islam I really do not

normally commence by thanking the people

who have organized this but today I need

to start with that saying that every

time it’s not like we are not thankful

but the gratitude comes from the heart

and as much as we know that those who

always arrange and organize any form of

community event are normally the ones

who go away with the greatest reward

it’s important for us to make note of

this short notice

change of venue and I think it was a

huge huge blessing in the sense that

we’ve now got an overwhelming response

by the will of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

and thank you for convincing me to speak

Baraka laughing that would mean I didn’t

really want to say words but masha’Allah

you know I probably would have had 700

signatures tell me you let us down so

alhamdulillah I’m here for the sake of

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala on a private

visit but just sharing a few words with

you because I’ve been asked to do that

at this event and I want to stick to my

topic it’s a very broad topic that I’ve

chosen to speak on but inshallah at

least I will start it and leave the rest

with you

every one of us needs to admit one thing

one thing amongst so many other things

the one thing we need to admit is we are

trying hard to achieve the pleasure of

Allah aren’t we

every one of us no matter what level

were on today wouldn’t you like tomorrow

to be a better day if the answer is yes

my brother my sister you’re heading in

the right direction if the answer is no

we have much more to improve on

insha’Allah let’s hope the day comes

sooner rather than later so we all would

like to improve every one of us wants to

improve ourselves we want to change for

the better don’t we there are two main

ways of changing one is to change

instantly take a look at riad al khabiri

al rahim of allah it’s reported that he

used to engage he himself says he used

to engage in little stealing and

pinching and robbery and one day he

decided let me go and pray so as he

entered the masjid he heard the verses

Allah meeya

kneel in Laveen monopoly the green hue

amana’s al-amin al helpful

well I a cool who can Lavina

– Nikita Kabul Vitaly him on a module

opposite school ooh boom what Cathy room

Memphis beautiful verse where Allah is

explaining how important it is for

people to change has the time not come

for those who are believers for their

hearts to be softened towards the

remembrance of allah subhanahu wata’ala

has that time not come question and then

allah continues to say don’t be like

those who forgot Allah who left it for a

while until their hearts became hard

when I want to change and I tell myself

tomorrow I will change that’s already

giving shape and so many hours to play

on our minds by the time tomorrow comes

we’ll say one more day when that one day

passes we say okay next week then we’ll

say I’m only 16 it’s called sweet 16

when I get a bit sour or stale then I

might turn may Allah protect us brothers

and sisters you’re as sweet as you are

even if you’re 40 Subhan Allah so we

need to know this and we need to

remember Shaitaan makes us wait just

hang on

we’ll change just now this man says as

soon as he heard the verse he began to

cry and he promised Allah never again

will I go back to my ways never again

not at all imagine this was such a

beautiful turning point and I’m sure

from amongst us there are those who’ve

turned by one verse one lecture one

reminder one thing that happened in our

lives we became better people sometimes

it’s the death of someone sometimes it’s

sickness sometimes it’s an accident

sometimes it’s failure and sometimes it

is success that makes us turn to allah

subhanahu wata’ala

so al hamdulillah we ask Allah to make

us from those who can turn to him but

there is another way of turning gently

change one by one things in your life

and improve yourself as the days pass

and this is how I started the talk as

the days go by your chain

one after the other and everyday you’re

so happy you look back and you say I

moved one inch mashallah

wallahi before you know it you’ll have

moved a mile and before you know it

you’ll cross the continents and before

you know it you get into the akhira in a

way that your bridge to paradise is made

and built

subhanAllah may Allah grant that to us

so I want to today concentrate on the

second type of change the first one is

there I hope it has happened to us and I

hope even if the major change has come

we all believe that we still need to

improve none of us not a single one of

us can say not a single one of us can

say that now I’m okay I’m enough

whatever I’ve got to is okay I’m a big

Boozer OOP you know I’m a big pious

Saint and that’s it now I can just look

at everyone else and instruct them and

dish out

no if that’s the case shaytan’s got hold

of us we need to understand every one of

us every one of us needs to improve from

the level you’re on and this is why I’ve

given the example in the past and I want

to say it again some people have a

spiritual BMW sorry you know when I said

Merc the last time people thought that

that was the Kyle it–so I need to say

BMW not to say I like the car Wow

it’s just a vehicle some of them are

nice mind you

so what happens is some people are on a

spiritual BMW motoring down the highway

spiritual highway masha’Allah be focused

make dua you get to your destination as

quickly some people know they’re in this

little vehicle nineteen sixty now it’s

become quite fancy this little Mini

Cooper I think BMW owns it to be honest

with you yes they bought it over well we

know quite a bit mashallah so they’re in

this little car and they tagging along

slowly slowly the one who wins is the

one who’s dedicated and focused because

if you’re in a BMW cruising at a hundred

miles an hour for example and you lose

focus for a split moment because of your

mobile phone or anything else you may

spin the vehicle and that’s the end of

your journey you’ll have to have a huge

change before you can actually get back

on the path whereas if you’re moving

slowly but surely with a vehicle that

might be slower but you’re dedicated no

distractions and you focused every day

covering so many miles you will finish

your journey certainly by the will of

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala it requires

focus and dedication may Allah grant it

to us so now I’d like to remind myself I

need a reminder I’m a human being and

yourselves if I want to change what’s a

good way of starting obviously we say

here and now yes that’s right the

intention needs to come here and now bad

habits need to be flicked off the very

bad habits completely eradicated no

space for them but sometimes people do

not provide us with practical solutions

I live a life I’ve got to go to work I

quran urdu online”

see this I this happens to me that

happens to me so how do I go about it do

you know how to start off

one of the most important things sleep

on time did you know that

one of the most important things when

you want to change your life is to sleep

on time Wow everyone is quiet because

we’re in the UK and the Sun only sets

after nine o’clock Wow

see sleep on time if you sleep on time

you will get up fresh early morning in

time for what you are supposed to get up

for and what is that what is that what

is that some are saying work some are

saying fecha some are saying – had – wow

I didn’t hear anyone say breakfast when

the eye opens what’s the first thing you

should do you want to change your life

relate the opening of your eye to the

giver of that life and hamdu lillahi

Nadia Gianna first words came out of my

mouth this is a change the change starts

with this consciousness of Allah that’s

how it starts so one might say okay you

know what I’m changing from today I’m

growing my beard I’m changing from today

I’m covering myself fully top to bottom

good change but if you’re not conscious

of the maker with that beard you will

still insult with the good dressing you

will still insult but when you’re

conscious of the maker it’s a holistic

approach to the correction this is why

we say as soon as your eye opens first

thing tomorrow morning remember this you

set your clock as soon as it rings I

hope you set a clock that rings Subhan

Allah at the right time

neither the breakfast nor the work

inshallah at least for the fetcher soon

as the eye opens what are you going to

say all praise is due to he who gave me

this life and hamdulillah Olevia he ana

all praise is due to he to Allah who has

given us this life after he had taken it

away you know the description of sleep

if you start your day with that do I

good news to you what is to follow will

be far more spiritual it will be far

more rightly guided your day has started

on the right side mashallah and then you

get up I’m sure you’ve seen the clip

where I spoke about lifting that blanket

up you know makes you strong when I was

coming here one of my relatives was

telling me about a six-pack you know

boasting I said look brother

normally the airlines that I travel on

they allow one big pack so I don’t waste

my time

acaba 6-pack how you can have a six-pack

it won’t help you if you have that

laziness in you it’s not going to let

your blanket be lifted off with your


it requires the inner strength even if

you have one big pack mashallah and I’m

not promoting that because it’s very

unhealthy so brothers and sisters are we

ready inshaallah we start off we get to

bed early get up in the morning these

are practical lessons you know one might

think I came all the way to listen to

how to get up in the morning what a lie

it’s a fact yes you did you did and if

you practice upon it you will see the

benefit of it believe me

the problem with us it’s very easy to

tell please don’t do it to me you know

my mobile phone number do not do what

I’m about to say to me okay you can

check when last they were online


oh this guy tells us to sleep ready look

at him 2:00 in the morning it’s not me

it’s automatic Allah make it easy why do

we get caught with our mobile phones at

night such that we sleep late we get up

groggy we’ve missed our Salah you know

what happens when you’ve missed your

fagio then one narration says shape and

pees in your ears so what comes out that

yellow piece that comes out is not

apricot jam nor is it wax it’s actually

pee Allah Allah protect us it’s a

narration you didn’t get up for your

Salah he paid a cleaner is it’s a fact

of life may Allah protect us all really

so it’s important we get up for Salah to

avoid the ER being used as we see it’s a

fact it’s a fact

so if we’ve missed it we’re groggy

because we slept late we couldn’t put

our phone on flight mode put it on

flight mode go to bed believe me why you

fly out into dreamland beautiful dreams

mashallah the minute you leave it on

every little while baby put it back a

little while did it put it back what

sleep what dreams what are you going to

have Subhan Allah may Allah protect us

so it’s a practical solution you need to

be disciplined and so do I may Allah

protect us may he grant us the

discipline put it block it close it off

someone needs you you’ve got a land line

subhanAllah they’ll phone you on that

land line

and then you’ve had a good sleep instead

of getting up all groggy you upset with

these people just because you haven’t

slept well now that you’ve slept well

the way you said alhamdulillah him levy

are here and a bad Dhamma a Madonna and

the way you’ve read your prayers in your

duis applications of early morning so

blessed that you feel like a nice good

spiritual person who’s ready to spend

that day in the best way possible then

you start with your early morning prayer

you declare praise of Allah he’s got you

up in the morning beautiful cold air

you’ve breathed a little bit

allahu akbar subhan allah you’ve started

your prayer declaring the greatness of

allah putting your head on the ground

for your maker early in the morning

you’ve washed up and this is how

spiritual your day is get up on time so

you do not need to rush your prayer

because once you’ve completed your

prayer sit on the spot for a little

while and say a few words of praise of

your maker just be try that out believe

me I am Telling You if you try this you

will see the difference in your life

contentment happiness goodness you

praising your maker the giver of your

life Wow subhanAllah

this is why the Prophet sallallaahu

sallam taught one of his wives may allow

peace and blessings be upon all of them

he says were you seated here from the

time I left for Fujio and now that I’ve

come back after the Sun has risen

continuingly continuously praising allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala she said yes he said

let me teach you four words if you were

to repeat them thrice the reward of the

repetition of those four words thrice

will be far greater than anything that

you’ve said in this entire time what are

those four words do you know them

so bahan allahi wa bihamdihi that is the

word x for different statements what are

the statements added italki he worried

enough see he was in at an orgy he were

my dad a calamity he your homework is to

go and find out what that means Subhan

Allah I hope I don’t get 700 emails this

evening so behin allahi wa bihamdihi

praising allah i did the helpee he the

number of his creatures Wow he’s got

countless creatures I multiply the

praise of Allah that I am declaring by

the number of his creatures worried man

of City and multiplied until he is

pleased with that multiplication until

he’s happy Subhan Allah was in etosha he

and the weight of his throne Wow how

that must be he alone knows when we died

a calamity he and stretched as long as

all his words or his science amazing

amazing how many of us have uttered

those words even once when the prophet

sallallaahu Salim says you say those

words just before sunrise see what

happens you’ve praised Allah you’ve

praised your maker and then we need to

learn something else when we praise

Allah try and think of what you say

don’t just utter words that you don’t

know the meaning of although they will

have an effect but the effect is not

maximized unless and until you’re

concentrating and you know the meaning

of these words at least you understand

roughly what you are saying subhanAllah

so this is why you will find if you

start your day in that beautiful way now

your up your families up people are up

everyone is happy you know you make it a

routine we need to force ourselves off

our beds

yes we would if we were to go to school

or to work what is work for to earn a

living to buy a house to buy a bit of

food to be able to live for another few

years until we leave thereafter where’s

your house after that you can build that

by getting up a few minutes earlier

that’s how you build it so you want to

end 60,000 pounds for example going out

to work every morning getting up at a

specific time because you know I need

60,000 pounds and Allah tells you had

you got up thirty minutes before that

you could have earned your paradise and

had you got up two hours before that you

could have almost guaranteed or should I

say you could have built a far better

bigger place with a higher rank in

paradise that’s now – had you one step

higher then we see our family first

thing in the morning when we see them

what should we say do you know you’re

supposed to greet them with assalamu

alaikum do you know that and someone

says but I just saw you you live with me

why should I greet you well you don’t

know what spirituality is all about your

child got up in the morning first thing

they look at you assalamu alaikum or you

can add where I’m at allahi wa

barakatuhu may peace be upon you that’s

the way to greet them even early in the

morning to start off with that

subhanAllah do we do it in our homes

let’s change that insha’Allah let’s

start let’s start it will help so much

so that even in the evening when you’re

reclining you greet everyone assalamu

alaikum people look at you are you going

because we don’t even know our parents

I’m sure in a lot of cases used to have

that but we flicked it off why because

now it’s whatsapp

that’s why BB did you hear something

about BB did you hear can I tell you the

latest news Subhan Allah

imagine you hearing it from me BB was

feeling left out from Apple and Android

so they’ve actually applied to create an

app did you hear that check the news

it’s on there today so good news to all

the users of Android and Apple you’ll be

having BB soon day and the reason is

those with BB don’t need to divorce

their babies love acaba Allah make it

easy for us really but the worry I have

is now that that’s going to happen it’s

going to make it more difficult to do

what I told you sleep on time much more

difficult so we’ve got one more

challenge why because BB is keeping you

up both ways mashallah if you understood

what I said Allah make it easy my

brothers and sisters yes you greet your

child you get up early you say good

words you acknowledge the breakfast that

is there whether it is a mug of tea or

whether it is a little bit more than

that or less than that you acknowledge

it you appreciate it

try your best to have that little meal

at least collectively not one not

singular in today’s world everyone’s

working different hours everyone

sleeping different hours so we hardly

get any family time and that especially

up north should not be the case Subhan

Allah look at me saying up north I come

from a real village compared to up north

as well where we can have all three

meals with all our children Masha Allah

may Allah keep it that way but when

you’re living in a fast world that’s not

possible so any opportunity we gets easy

if not all four of you at least three of

you two of you it helps

well I collectively you thank Allah when

you start your meal your your mug of tea

you don’t just slurp it whilst you busy

with your hair or something else you

know mashallah sieved nowadays multitask

people they’ve got their phone under the

scarf you know click on they busy doing

something and they chewing at the same

time I don’t know how it works but it’s

reality subhanAllah hands-free Wow new

type of hands-free only for Muslim women

Allahu Akbar Allah bless us grant us

ease so my brothers and sisters if we

are to start the meal with bismillah the

blessedness of that meal is changed


positively completely a lot of us eat we

manage our food without even thinking

we support E and yes I’m talking to

myself and yourselves

well laa this is what happens we eat and

we have the best of meals people are

suffering across the globe and we are

busy concerning ourselves and we should

be worried about how best to be able to

help them humanitarian and so on hence

we have a Lim dad and the others trying

to do a lot of good work Subhan Allah

but with us we couldn’t even relate the

food to the giver of the food bismillah

in the name of allah that’s the minimum

you should say and I should say let’s

change that come on why I say this is

all these things I’m saying make you

conscious of your maker hence you become

a better person so people start thinking

ok I’m becoming a better person

here goes the bid mashallah good change

but that’s not the only change in fact

you need consciousness with the change

and that starts the time you sleep the

time you get up when you get up what’s

the first words you say what are the

first deeds you do and how do you treat

the others and when you’re putting

anything food or drink to your mouth

what’s the first thing you think of it

should be your maker

and the giver of that meal and the drink

this is practical ways of changing now

your day started and then say for

example you get into the shower the

bathroom for example how long do you

take a are you conscious of the other

people who live

you how much water do you use are you

conscious of the fact that people don’t

have water there’s going to be a water

shortage across the globe they say the

next war will be not about oil but water

this is what we reading do you know that

so if you don’t waste water you’re

actually engaging in a spiritual deed if

you’re conscious of people to use the

bathroom after you and clean it up a

little bit you’re conscious of who you

are it’s a spiritual deed you know we’ve

spoken about it in the past leaving the

bathroom in a good state so that others

who come after you you know don’t need

to walk in Allah protect us it’s a fact

you need to be conscious of it like you

wouldn’t like that why do you not mind

it for others you need to mind it as

well may Allah protect us really these

are good deeds that we take for granted

so simple so easy to engage in and this

is what the consciousness of Allah

starts with when you are conscious of

him from the moment you’ve got up you

know you you had a bath subhanAllah you

put on your clothes what type of

clothing have you put on improve it

tomorrow improve it if you have had

clothing that is not all covering or

perhaps it is a little bit tight improve

on it come on you can do that if your

mind is not set on changing it towards

the better then you have a lot more to

improve on may Allah grant it to us may

allah subhanahu wata’ala bless us

because if we are going backwards on

that we will be going backwards on many

other things as well we need to know as

the days pass we’re becoming older we’re

getting closer to Allah we’re not

getting further away so subhanAllah here

we are

whilst we were dressing we praised Allah

we tried to make sure that whatever

we’ve put on will not displease our

maker first in the morning mashallah you

put on your clothing and you looked in

the mirror what came to your mind that

dudes gonna look at me and say wow is

that what came in your mind if that’s

the case

” quran urdu online”


we have much more to improve on we have

to think to ourselves if I were to die

today I pray Allah grants me Jenna

that’s a wall Allah if I were to die

today if this was the last time I was

leaving my home and who knows there are

so many people who have had it such

they’ve left the home and that’s the

last time they left if this was the last

time I left my home what would become of


that’s the question so now I’ve dressed

thank Allah when we leaving the home

bismillah heat our call to Allah Allah

in the name of Allah I lay my full trust

in Allah this is a dua it’s a sunnah

it’s taught by muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam and it has so much

blessedness in it so good it enhances

the spirituality we are praying that

allah looks after our property whilst

we’re away looks after us and looks

after the rest of our family as well

whilst everyone is gone in their

different directions when we come back

alhamdulillah subhanAllah anyway we’ve

taken our lunch we’ve gone to work when

we are going to work how do we go you

will either you know going by car or by

train in this particular country a lot

of people or perhaps walking even in

some cases maybe biking it and so on

learn to be courteous on the road that’s

the consciousness of Allah it’s a

teaching of Mohammad saw a lot of Salaam

to be courteous on the road did you know

that look at how we’ve started with the

sleep and we’ve moved combed through

what should be happening this is called

the change in your life if you’re a

person who’s not at all courteous very

impolite on the road you have to become

a better Muslim you have to become a

better Muslim a better person so you

need to give way you need to understand

you need to smile you need to greet you

need to realize and understand whom you

are speaking to whom you are interacting

with these are human beings they have a

right just like yours

you know if someone comes in or they

want to come in and you don’t allow them

there may be a time that you want to

come in somewhere and they won’t allow

you but if you’ve allowed you’ve created

a trend they will allow so

ha I know some of the youngsters have

cash answers and they say well I’ve

allowed and they haven’t allowed well

there are different people but it will

catch don’t worry keep on doing it by

the will of allah subhanahu wata’ala

what time do you get to work that’s

another question if you want to change

your life make sure you get there 5

minutes before time 5 minutes before

time you know what you must be thinking

you told us five o’clock you came at six

quarter past six and you telling us five

minutes before time brothers and sisters

I was told quarter past six that’s what

I was told

Wow and I was here on the dot wasn’t I

brothers hamdulillah you must be saying

why didn’t you tell us color past six

well there you are at least you all here

masha’Allah it’s quarter past six let’s

get back to the five minutes five

minutes before time clock in work school

wherever you are minimum of five minutes

come on may Allah make us not people who

rush all the time once in a while you

may have to but not every single time

we’re supposed to be disciplined and

then we get to work we haven’t stolen

the time from work because if you

arrived at half eight for example and

you were supposed to start at eight

o’clock that 30 minute salary is

prohibited upon you do you know that

prohibited upon you buy right you should

be reimbursing it returning it or

benefit the company according to that

amount of wealth somehow unless you go

to your boss and you say I’m sorry and

he says it’s okay I don’t think they’d

say it’s okay for too long

and then we have a tea time a tea break

but before I get there let me say

something important this will relate to

every one of us you get to work you get

to school you get to wherever you’re

supposed to get to you’re supposed to be

doing what you’re supposed to be doing

do you know what that means we busy with

the newspaper and you’re supposed to be


were you busy on the net doing what

surfing checking the price of vehicles

eBay so on what’s going on you your

workplace you’re using facilities of

your work you’re wasting the time of

your workplace you’re doing something

you’re not supposed to be doing you’re

wasting time on chats and Skype and

Facebook and Twitter whatever else it is

it’s the wrong time it is the wrong time

that is your stuff that you are doing

during company time Wow imagine if your

boss had to hear me they might be

thinking this guy we need him here man

Allah make it easy now I haven’t been

paid to say that but it’s a fact we need

to be dedicated to think of ways

improving solutions and so on work hard

you have your break mashallah you go out

for your break again you remember Allah

praise Allah during your day talk to him

a few times during the morning by

praising him declaring a few words

Subhan Allah alhamdulillah Allah ask his

forgiveness Ya Allah forgive me things I

know things I don’t know scatter all

these words scatter them through your

morning through your afternoon mashallah

lunch break if you can come home you

come if you cannot come home

alhamdulillah one of those things you

make sure that whatever you’ve done is

within the pleasure of Allah your Lord

your midday just post midday prayer

don’t miss it and try not to delay it

like a plan somehow somehow make a plan

that’s the word we use make a plan I’m

sure we can read your Salah you know

people say I cannot read my Salah work

my brother if you really want to you can

i really cannot no it’s very difficult

as difficult as it is you can where

there is a will they say there is a way

there is a will there is a way but the

minute we feel apologetic no I can’t you

know so on really it’s tough you know

then automatically the solutions don’t

come that quick so we need to understand

the horse Allah how can we miss it it’s

Allah he’s given us the time and

subhanAllah that day continues let’s

jump the time we come home yes perhaps

you might be tired you know different

people come home at different timings

the brothers come home the sisters come

home sometimes some some may not be

going to work and so on but typically a

person who comes back from work you

might be tired you might be you know

having had different experiences through

your days on a different temperament and

mood leave that outside the door you

come in with a smile that’s a song if it

is a Sunnah to smile outside to your

fellow brothers and sisters what about

back at home it’s even a bigger sunder

because now it’s a double act of worship

one is a relation we’re so close to you

and two is a fellow believer subhanAllah

the smile and it’s there imagine you

come home you’ve had a tough day

I bet people have let you down and your

face doesn’t show it you come home with

a smile nobody knows what happened

you’ve got the sparkle in your eyes when

you smile your eyes sparkle on their own

on their own try it amazing so you come

home with a smile you greet with Salam

you embrace your children your family

and so on your spouse do we do that

question I think a lot of us are guilty

and then we say I’m a good Muslim good

Muslim these are basics that we need to

change these are practical steps that we

need to take to change our lives this is

how your life will change be dedicated

when you’re at work when you’re out of

the house or even when you in the house

and you on the social applications and

so on do not be unfaithful no it comes

back to won’t you say what you want if

you’re unfaithful it’s a seed of cactus

that you’ve sown the thorns of which

shall prick you to start with Allah

protect us

it doesn’t help at all immorality

promiscuity and faithfulness these are

things that mess your day be conscious

be dedicated think of whom you’ve left

behind back at home focus on them make

duaa for them pray for them appreciate

the sacrifice made for you by those

appreciated realize it think of the gift

of Allah upon you you know sometimes

people want everything for themselves

not realizing brother you cannot have

everything for yourself No you’ve got to

have some things and leave some things

because you cannot have everything you

want to have the way you want to have it

and we’ve said it millions of times I’m

sure you know the quotation that

paradise would lose its value if we had

to have everything we wanted in this


so this is why we say you come back home

the bare minimum is to set a time limit

for your phone in today’s world believe

me I’d like to think more than half of

the marriages and the homes that are

suffering for different reasons

connected to the mobile phone and the

way it’s used do you know that more than

half and I’m telling you this from

experience because we don’t have a time

limit we don’t sit limits for ourselves

as to where is the line where do I draw

it we would ignore our spouse and it

happens both ways men ignoring their

wives and women ignoring their husbands

it happens both ways and we ignore our

children and what example do we set for

them you’ve got to set it aside believe

me we’ve got to fight ourselves to put

it aside unless you’ve struck a deal to

communicate for hire the phone even

inside the house which is not healthy

but believe me I’ve said a lot

quran urdu online”

I’ve spoken for 37 minutes and I’d like

to tell you that what I’ve given you is

just a tip the reason why I spoke this

way is whatever I’ve said is relevant

not just to Muslims

but even to non-muslims you get up early

you pray you thank Allah Thank You

Almighty thank the giver of life set

yourself some limits see how you treat

other people you know we have gratitude

that is never shown in the home for a

plate of food that’s just been put in

front of you we can never say thank you

just a Kamal ahead why because we’re

weak we have to become better people

when you start thanking people for the

meal they’ve made for you you will

definitely become a better person when

you thank people for the little goodness

they’ve done for you look into their

eyes EMA appreciating your wife whatever

name you call her I hope it’s a good

name I appreciate it Wow look at that

she says are you sure say yes I am I am

then she say well why did you leave half

of it there

and then you got to say for the romantic

reason subhanAllah for you to finish it

up you gotta know how to talk brothers

and sisters it’s a beautiful life that

Allah has given us if we’d like to make

it beautiful but if we want to mess it

up it’s also quite easy in fact it’s

easier to mess it up people ask why is

it that I can’t do what I want do what

you want you can but you pay for it

which means when you do something the

reaction of that action you are enslaved

by you might have been free to do

something but when it comes back to you

sometimes there’s nothing you can do

about it at that time

may Allah protect us so this is why we

say let’s try our best to become better

people and like I said two ways of

changing one is to change dramatically

drastically overnight Wow subhanAllah

everything seems to have focused and we

now then remember change is not just an

outward physical change it’s got to do

with your life changing you need to

become an asset in your home a better

person a young man or woman whom in the

home when you’re not there they really

miss you they really miss you that is

when you’re a good Muslim you’ve changed

your life you are an asset when people

look at you they really smile at you

abroad smile you can feel the warmth the

smile is coming from the heart why

because you’ve been a genuine person

you’re not a bad mouth you know people

at home do so much for us we live

together make life easy for people give

them their space as well

we don’t need everyone to do everything

according to what I want them to do or

we want them to do no give them their

space within the limits of allah

subhanahu wata’ala let them also make

their choices and decisions so I hope

these few words I’ve shared with you

this afternoon or this evening I don’t

even know what to say because the light

is too bright according to my time I

flew in this morning and it’s supposed

to be dark by now

so we were battling Stu whether to say

tonight or this evening so we said

today’s talk subhanAllah

we ask Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala to

bless us all and to grant us Jannah to

open our doors and really to help us in

such a way that we can improve ourselves

and understand what we’ve learned today

and that is that when change comes it

should be holistic change even if it is

quran urdu online”

step by step even if it is these little

things of character and conduct you know

coupled with the praise of Allah the

consciousness of him by taking his name

everything we do inshallah the more we

increase these good things the better

people we will be any shala we will be

an asset to the Omaha large as well as

to ourselves may Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala grant us Jannah or sallallahu

wasallam Allah Baraka ala nabina

muhammad subhanallahi handy subhanak

ilaha mohammed Aikido la-la-land esta
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