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Published on December 29th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1014

reading quran with skype

reading quran with skype

Small But Powerful Word for opening the closed doors in lives, Mufti reading quran with skype

my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam

it is very important for us to be

conscious of allah subhanahu wata’ala we

need to be fearful of the wrath of allah

subhanahu wata’ala and hopeful regarding

the mercy of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

we have the forgiveness of allah subhana

allah tala that we should all be asking

for and when we ask allah subhana allah

allah’s forgiveness the heart should be

softened and at the same time we should

be leaning and inclining towards the

obedience of allah subhanahu wata’ala as

best as possible my brothers and sisters

in our lives Allah has created us in a

way that we have need and we have

various items we would like to fulfill

in our lives we are always in need of

allah subhanahu wata’ala he is the one

who will fulfill these needs and we call

out to him and sometimes we call out to

him for a very very long time we do not

see some of the results of the dua or

“reading quran with skype”

the supplications that we make

immediately but we need to know that

every time we call out to allah

subhanahu wa ala that supplication or

dua is registered it is recorded next to

our name and it is a very very great

activation if a person does not have any

of his dua

answered exactly as he wanted them but

he continued to make dua to allah in

spite of that by the will of allah he

will be granted entry into paradise

because of the suburb and the patience

that he under went or that he had to

endure throughout his life so we ask

Allah subhana WA Ta’ala to make us from

those who are not impatient Allah knows

when it is best for you

“reading quran with skype”

get what you want he knows in fit is

good at all to be given what you want he

knows if it is better for you not to

have what you want and he knows if it is

good for you to get it as you wish it

ultimately the knowledge is his some of

us wish for things that we think are

good for us but we don’t realize that

they are bad for us some of us wish for

things that we don’t realize would cause

more harm or cause more havoc in our

lives then had we not been given them so

it is always the mercy of allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala that we should be

requesting and asking and believing in

and we should know that whatever Allah

has done is always for the better that

having been said I want to address a

very very important matter this

afternoon and that is a key to the doors

that are usually closed when we walk in

the path of life we find many doors that

are sealed many doors that are closed

the open air or the one who opens those

doors is Allah from Hannah Owatonna for

example a person’s risk or a person

sustenance sometimes one is suffering in

terms of wealth they have debt they

don’t have a good job their salary is

not sufficient sometimes we have a

health matter sometimes we have matters

in our own homes a social matter with

our children with our spouses with our

own parents with our brothers and

sisters with our in-laws uncles and

aunts we are trying to resolve the

matter nothing is happening so the door

seems to be closed however there is a

way of opening the door and that way is

“reading quran with skype”

taught to us by allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala it is a very very simple way

but many of us take it for granted you

know Shaytan he works on us so hard that

the simplified things that Allah has


easy he comes to us and he tells us

meaning Shaitaan tells us this is too

easy it cannot be the solution you need

to do something more than this

yet Allah says that is the solution the

solution is very simple but it requires

continuty you do not just Vince Allah

because today you are sick and expect to

be cured tomorrow morning it doesn’t

happen you cannot call out to allah make

dua and supplicate to him now that you

have a financial problem and you expect

someone to drop down 2 million greengage

tomorrow morning

it cannot be so quick yes Allah can do

it but he won’t because the condition

that your heart is in when you are a

media are not in the desperate meet

subhanAllah when a person is sick and

ill or they have financial issues don’t

they go to the Masjid early don’t they

call out to Allah don’t they cry tears

to Allah don’t they say o Allah adultery

I committed forgive me for it I won’t

ever do it again

“reading quran with skype”

the alcohol I drank forgive me for it I

won’t ever do it again the gambling I

engaged in all I won’t do it again but

although I now have a big problem I want

you to help me please

Yama the heart is soft we forgiven we

have created peace between us and Allah

so Allah through his love and His mercy

sometimes holds us in that condition for

a long period of time because he knows

this worshipper of mine is so close to

me today because he is sick because he

has a problem if I were to give him back

what he is asking for maybe he might

forget us completely

so Allah keeps us in a certain condition

is mercy it is mercy however there is a

key to these doors to open them one by

one and that key is very simple it is

called a stout little law that’s all

that’s the key a stop fear Allah is a

key to a lot of the closed doors that we

have if not all

many doors are closed in our lives to

open the door

“reading quran with skype”

you need the key known as a stone fear

Allah what is the meaning of a thousand

it means oh Allah I seek your

forgiveness forgive me that’s the

meaning with us as muslimeen we have a

misunderstanding we think that only when

I know that I have committed a sin now I

need to say a sow fear Allah and I need

to repent no it is not only confined to

when you commit a sin even if you have

not committed any sin according to you

you need to still go through with a

strong little love it is the key to the

doors of the goodness of this world and

the next

this is why you and I we believe firmly

that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam was sinless and spotless and he

was perfect and he is the best creature

of allah the most noble of all prophets

we believe that yet if you go into his

“reading quran with skype”

life and his words and his statements

the hadith says he used to seek the

forgiveness of allah subhanahu wata’ala

more than seventy times a day and

sometimes 100 times a day according to

some of the narrations way why does

someone who is spotless sinless perfect

need to say I seek your forgiveness o

Allah when there is nothing to forgive

have you ever thought of that it is

because a stunt Allah is the key to the

doors of goodness of this world in the

next whatever you want in your life ask

Allah forgiveness and ask him in a way

that you mean it do not just sit in one

sitting and say our stuff with Allah a

hundred times or a thousand times

without knowing what it means without

concentrating even if you say it once

“reading quran with skype”

understanding it realizing it it’s more

powerful than having set and recited it

so many times without any form of

concentration this is why we say use

your own language whether it is English

whether it is malade whether it is

Chinese no matter what other language

it may be if you are finding difficulty

in understanding a stock viola in Arabic

  1. in your language

oh Allah forgive me you will feel the

power of it Allah forgive me repeat it

when you are walking into the Masjid

when you are walking out of the Masjid

after your Salah repeated when you are

in your car when you are in the public

transport when you are at home when you

are in the kitchen when you are about to

eat when you are dressing when you are

“reading quran with skype”

you know doing anything you are doing

when you are at work as you walk as you

talk oh Allah forgive me repeat this a

hundred times a day it will open the

doors of all the difficulties you are

facing all the difficulties you are

facing you have a financial problem

repeat oh Allah forgive me and ask Allah

forgiveness if you know you have

committed major sin you need to ask a

lot individual forgiveness for every

matter that you have committed a sin

that you know about and if you have

committed a thing that you might not

know about you say oh Allah forgive me

for the sins I don’t even know I’ve

committed estava Luka l’m Allah Allah

more I seek your forgiveness o Allah for

that which I don’t even know so it’s

important to do this my brothers and

sisters it is such a powerful statement

that one lie it can take you straight to


if you on the day of your death one day

we will all die if we get used to saying

all that forgive me every single day it

means the day I die also I will have

seen it and how many times will I have

said it and every time I say it is

“reading quran with skype”

recorded and when it is recorded and we

go back to allah subhanahu wata’ala and

your records are put in front of allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala

he knows and he will see that this

person before they died on that day they

said o Allah forgive me thirty times if

that’s the case do you think that there

are all for him right man I am before

him most merciful most beneficent most

forgiving is not going to forgive you do

you think is ready to cast you into

Hellfire this man said o Allah forgive

me so many times but no no no I don’t

want to forgive him I throw him out no

Allah will never reject your sincere

repentance never ever

so remember this now one might ask look

you have told us something so powerful

you have told that something so good

where did we get it from that’s a very

good question we got in from the quran

and the sunnah of muhammad sallallahu

Senna I’ve already told you the idea of

muhammad’s allah wa sallam and what he

did now we take a look at the quran in

surah mooing Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

speaks about the Prophet Noah may this

be upon him nor and Allah says he told

his people certain statements and he

told them the benefits of certain things

now that whole story is repeated in the

Quran when Allah repeats a story in the

Quran he does not say it for nothing do

you think that the Quran has fairytales

that you just read the story and say

okay I’ve got to the story of Noah it

was a very powerful story the people

died and then you know he survived

is that the story that is not that that

is not the moral of the story you need

to derive a lesson that is the main

thing not for the kind of ecosan him

neighbor truly only and that in sort of

useful Allah said indeed in the stories

of the previous messengers there are

lessons for those with intellect

if you have intellect going to the story

ask yourself why did Allah put it here

because he wants me to learn a lesson

what are the lessons go and start

expecting one by one if you don’t know

how to extract go to the scholars of

Islam they will help you to extract the

lessons from the stories of these

messengers so mahalia salatu wassalam he

says cool twist of 0 or bank-owned I

told my people say astaghfirullah turn

to allah ask allah forgiveness see the

same statement we are saying today what

is the moral of today’s message a spell

for Allah seek Allah’s forgiveness that

is the model so he told his people the

same thing and then he explained to them

why he is saying that why am I saying

say o Allah in whom can I love point

number one because Allah is very very

forgiving you see there is a difference

between the fool and how far what is the


who is one who is forgiving and how far

is one who continues to forgive all the

time you know if someone does something

wrong at work and they go to the boss

say I’m sorry and they go that bus there

is no problem go back to work they do it

again they come back say I’m sorry once

there’s no problem come back they do it

a third time come back to the boss I’m


the bosses hang on we better sign this

document to say I’ve given you final


right or wrong yes after you do it five

six times you get a letter to say that

from next month please don’t come to a

vision why did was you are making the

same mistake repeatedly I rather employ

someone else well lucky my brothers and

sisters with allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

he will continue to forgive you

repeatedly again and again until the day

you die no matter how many times the sin

is done your duty is to keep on asking

allah forgiveness when you ask allah

forgiveness you need to be genuine not

to go back but if Shaitaan has trapped

you again and you went back after having

planned not to go back still you will

find Allah most forgiving most merciful

that is the meaning of the farm so far

meaning one who just keeps on forgiving

he just carries on forgiving that’s the

name of Allah and it’s a quality of

Allah and Allah Tala

so no any incidences I told my people

keep on asking Allah forgiveness

establish a lot because he will keep on

forgiving you for as long as you keep on

asking him he will keep on giving you

subhanAllah so don’t lose hope ask a lot

forgiveness every day and ask him

forgiveness because asking forgiveness

will elevate your status even after your

sin is forgiven

then what will happen say for example I

keep on asking Allah forgiveness all ah

forgive me Allah forgive me he says

you’ll feel it some Lankan media ah he

will grant you beneficial rain from the

sky through what through estado de la la

because I say the sponsor Allah Allah

forgive me

give me beneficial rain what is the

meaning of rain what does rain depict

rain depicts the flourishing of the

“reading quran with skype”

earth and the beauty of the economy and

your entire nation begins to flourish

because of the beautiful rain the crop

is produced people are eating people are

happy the rivers are flowing and the

water is dead so everything is beautiful

that is rain how did we get it Estelle’s

Allah Allah I seek your forgiveness

now the young people of today they have

a problem if you tell them a story Allah

will give you rain they will tell you I

don’t want rain I want money

sure you know that it said you give me

you know Bruce I need the money

I need the cash I did ring gate and the

dollars what about rain rain comes along

comes I am not worried I need the money

and that is shallow and it is narrow

mindedness because obviously you will

only get money through hard work and

that will only happen if your economy is

flourishing and you have a job and so on

so Allah says we will grant you the rain

but because allah subhanahu wa ta’ala

wants to give us even more

guess what he says immediately after he

speaks about rain listen to what he says

well you need a goon we am world and he

will strengthen you with money which

means don’t worry we know what you want

you want the cash we will give you the

cash also through what espousal allah

allah says we will give you the well we

will give you saternus we will sustain

you we will provide for you we will make

sure you are provided for be happy and

content no need to steal and no need to

live a life higher than your means get

down to your means you earn a thousand

ringgit manage your month so that you

will not use more than a thousand that

month you earned a million manage your

month so that you will give away a lot

of that million inshallah to a good

cause well as in-hand allah tala help us

and open our doors so Allah is telling

us he’s going to give you I’m wrong well

and then you know what he says what he


you need a Goomba unwell you have any he

will grant you strength through

sustenance he will provide for you and

he will give you offspring children

what type of children number one those

who don’t have children will be blessed

with children do you know what that

means as how fear Allah will open the

doors of marriage for those who are not

married because – you can’t just have

children in order to have children you

need to be married

so if Allah says we’ll give you children

it means we’ll get you married someone

good and each other you’ll have children

by the will of Allah so number one you

want to get married start the last of it

Allah Allah forgive me o Allah forgive

me 100 times a day a million times a day

for 10 years 5 years whenever it is and

you find the doors opening one after the

other and after that may Allah bless

those who don’t have children with

children but some people don’t have kids

in a rush don’t lose hope Allah knows if

it’s better for you and when it’s better

for you but what will open the door it’s

a door that might be sealed for now you

can open it through a sponsor Allah o

Allah forgive me open the door and on

top of that let’s continue if a person

does have children sometimes they are

depressed because the biggest form of

hurt that a person can feel is the hurt

that comes from his or her own children

against him or her that’s the biggest

threat if you want to be hurt by your

neighbor it’s fine because you know what

I can choose my house if you merge by

someone else is one of them but when you

are hurt by your own child it hurts you

much more how what is the solution for

that a stock guru law

turn back to Allah you turn to Allah see

they will turn we disobey Allah and we

want our children to obey us who are we

may allah subhanahu wata’ala forgive us

that’s why we say a soldier Allah so so

he will grant us children and on top of

that the children will be the coolness

of our eyes

welcome general not voyage alaikum and

how ultimately we all want the gardens

the gardens of paradise we all want

rivers to flow a lot it that same

Istanbul la will take you there as well

the same a thousand Allah so this is my


you this afternoon one message simple

message to the points let us increase

seeking forgiveness of Allah and the

doors of goodness will open and the

doors of evil shall be sealed all

through continuing to ask Allah

Subhanahu WA Tallis forgiveness I hope

and I pray that I have motivated myself

to ask Allah forgiveness when the

Prophet Sawa’s Adam used to say assalamu

alaikum WA Rahmatullah in salah

immediately after that he used to say a

stone viola a stove little not a stone

little love minimum thrice three times

he’s recorded but he just needs a lot

yes that’s the time when you asked Allah

all of you need Allah I asked you your

forgiveness my brothers and sisters be

careful of the traffic shaper he makes

us say a self Allah without even

thinking what we are saying yet it is

one of the most powerful statements that

exists it is anybody of Allah its repeat

the statement office and let us earn the

pleasure of allah subhanahu wata’ala it

sort of pizza eternal so Jana

what’s another

I mean my attorney

Just if you need to know who is Mufti. Write his name in google. And you will find hundreds of videos, sounds, and Article for him, or talk to him. In spite of he is still youth, but he achieve a lot of things in his life and for Islam,

“reading quran with skype”

Ismail ibn Musa Menk was a young man who always believed that he was did no not care to be rich, money for him nothing, but caring by Islamic Knowledge, and Quran. He volunteered whenever he felt the need for others help. – His a good example for this is the prophet Mohammed “صلى الله عليه وسلم” – . Then he participated in the social awareness club, where the children of the college were helping those under the poverty line in any way possible.

Majority of Muslims youth in colleges, who knows him or dealt with him hope to be like him. He became a good example for them.

It is not hard for any Muslim to get Islamic information special nowadays. Because now there are tens of site that teach Quran Online, Arabic online, and Islamic studies online, As:


For teaching Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic language online.



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