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Published on December 27th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1362

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online tajweed classes by skype

Simple Ways To Brighter Days, Mufti Menk, Sri Lanka, 2018″online tajweed classes by skype”

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besmillahi Rahmani Raheemalhamdulillah wa

salatu wa salam o Allah Rasool allah

allah Allah he was happy as mine

we praise Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala we

send blessings and salutations upon

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam his

household his companions we ask Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala to bless them to

bless every one of us to grant us every

form of goodness to open our doors to

help us in the dunya and in the affero I

mean my brothers and sisters today we

are speaking of simple ways to happier

days you and I know that Allah subhanahu

wa ta’ala has created us and he asks us

to do things in order for us to be

happier people more content than what we

are he asks us to actually lead our

lives in a specific way so that we can

succeed in the dunya and the akhira and

if you check and you watch across the

globe you will find that those who do

not believe and those who do as they

please and lose themselves in the

worldly pleasures are more depressed

than those who believe and discipline

themselves and have enjoyment within

limits that are laid by the Almighty

Allah didn’t say don’t enjoy the world

Allah didn’t say don’t enjoy but Allah

says do it within limits and in a way

that will bring about happiness rather

than sadness when we talk of a happy day

when we talk of goodness when we talk of

happiness when we talk of a better day

better days rather than happy days we

used the term better days in the title

it starts not with the beginning of your

day but with the end of your previous

day the better day begins with the end

of the previous day

not with the beginning of that

particular day bye

what remember and I’m not joking with

you if the Prophet Muhammad peace be

upon him has said something it is

automatically that within which there

will be great wisdom and success of this

world and the next I’m speaking in the

house of Allah I’m speaking in this

beautiful Masjid if I’m not mistaken it

is called the Java Thomas JIT am i right

beautiful my brother’s my sister’s the

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says

if you have nothing constructive to do

after salat Elisha you should go to bed

if you adopt that in your lives your

life will change it’s not a cheap

statement it’s not something minor it’s

not a small thing

it is a major matter if the Prophet

Muhammad peace be upon him who we all

claim to love and to adore if we had to

value his statement we would say if he

has said go to bed after Isha unless you

have something constructive to do then

definitely I need to go to bed the

problem is are we ready to follow or do

we just pay lip service

I love the Prophet peace be upon him but

if he told me to go to bed I don’t want

I’m gonna play games until midnight

until 2:00 until 3:00 and then I’ll see

what happens I might stay awake all

night and sleep when it’s time for salat


you want to have a better day how will

you have a better day when it starts off

without you having prayed for the sake

of Allah you haven’t even prayed at the

beginning of the day so point number one

you want a better day you need to sleep

early are we ready to adopt that I see

the brothers looking at me maybe you

cannot see me because the microphone

comes halfway through my face right

maybe I should tiptoe a little bit are

we ready to go to bed early Subhan Allah

I will shorten my talk today so that we

can go back and go to bed see how your


tomorrow subhanAllah can I shorten my

talk in Sharla today keep it to 20

minutes Oh

the brothers are saying no don’t do that

but mind you when I see that we’re head

wobbling I don’t know whether it is a

yes or a No

so holla you know yeah you just see

someone do this and you wonder what are

they saying yes or no you know may Allah

make it easy it’s beautiful it’s

beautiful Allah I tell you my brothers

and sisters please value that statement

if you are really a true follower of the

Sunnah of Rasulullah he sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam you will go to bed

early that is the only way that you

would be able to ensure that you would

have a better day the following morning

it starts off in the morning so you read

salatullah sha with JAMA if you have a

few things that are constructive to do

you try and finish them as soon as you

can and you get to bed you go to sleep

subhanAllah a lot of the times when I

speak about this people just think ah

he’s just saying it it’s not easy but

you know it is very easy go to sleep

subhanAllah go to bed it’s the statement

of The Messenger Muhammad peace be upon

him so I’m sure we will do that I

promise you I swear by Allah it will

change your life practice upon it and

see what happens go to bed early

subhanAllah if I close my speech now and

I go away I promise you that one

practice is enough for you to change

your day it’s enough it’s a very serious

matter but we take it lightly we think

it’s okay I can play games I can waste

my time I can be on my phone for four

hours for five hours and so on that’s

not fair my beloved brothers my sisters

we need to realize it’s Allah who

teaches us through the Blessed lips of

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

before a needle how in who allow he does

not utter words from his own whims and

fancies it is revelation inspired by

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala so mohammed

salameh salam starts off by saying that

thereafter if you have gone to bed any

doctors will tell you it is healthier to

go to bed early there is an English

saying early to bed and early to rise I

don’t even need to end that saying but

what you need to know is it is

beneficial for you when mohammed salim

ala salam says that people start

doubting whether they should do it or

not but if the doctor were to tell you

listen you have a heart condition you

have a problem you have this you have

that you need to sleep early we will go

to sleep early we will go to bed okay

let’s move on to the next point if you

went to bed early you need to get up

early automatically your eye will open

either for salat al-fajr or before that

it’s a gift of Allah early to bed early

to rise there is a reason for you to

rise if your day does not start with

prayer you cannot expect to have a good

day your day should definitely start

with prayer because you were blessed to

be given the opportunity to open your

eyes by the Almighty to be granted that

life for one more day so start it off

with the prayer alhamdulillah Allah

dionneb Adama a matinee wa ilayhi no

sure all praise is due to the Almighty

who has given me life after it was taken

away temporarily for the night Subhan

Allah it’s a small type of a death

according to our teachings where you

have been into a semi death and now you

were given life some people pass away in

their death if they started off by

sleeping early after salat Elisha and

they were to pass away in their death

they would have a blessed death rather

than a person who stayed awake for three

quarters of the night committing sin and

if you take a careful look subhanAllah

you will realize that most sins are

committed at night

you don’t have a date club or an

afternoon club or a morning club they

call it a night club I realize that they

call it a night club where are you I’m

sleeping which is better to be snoring

or to be in the night club committing

sin people drink and they drink alcohol

and they intoxicate themselves and they

visit this and that and they have their

addiction what happens they begin to

maneuver like rodents at night they come

out when everyone else is going away

they join their type and their kind and

those who are with them in the bad habit

and they begin to engage in the bad

habits I promise you that is why the

prophet sallallaahu salam says whoever

reads Risha with Gemara and then


this morning prayer with Gemara they

will have a reward equivalent to a

person having engaged in worship all

night why because you saved yourself

from sin somehow Allah if you make a

shower with Gemara you went to bed you

got up and made Federal German you will

receive the reward of having engaged in

robada in worship all night because

allah protected you from sin that’s why

in the same way early morning we hear

the caller call a solid

– hon you mean and now you heard that

amazing call right Salah prayer is

better than sleep I promise you after

isha sleep is better than sin you follow

after isha sleep is better than

committing a sin completely there is no

comparison between the two but at the

time of the morning prayer we are being

called to success listen to this call


it means come to success who is calling

you to success is it not Allah is it not

your maker is that not the Sunnah of the

Prophet peace be upon him Allah your

maker is calling you to success that you

are searching so desperately for and you

are busy sleeping how can that happen

you want a better day you want a

successful day listen to the caller who

is calling you to success if I ask you

today who wants to succeed everyone will

put up their hands but when Allah says

ok come

we give you success you are not there

subhanAllah you see Allah is saying come

to success we are not there but if

someone asks you do you want success you

say yes I want to succeed in life and I

want to succeed in the year after in

Srilanka a lot of the people say ask dua

for me Allah give us Jenna oh good

mashallah may Allah give you and me and

all of us Jannah

I mean but are we going to try a little

bit Subhan Allah Subhan Allah so that’s

why we say a day that commences without

prayer is like a day that is chopped off

chopped may Allah bless you and grant

you goodness and open your doors and

mine – and that of every one of us I

mean it’s beautiful

these steps to better days are so simple

they are small they are little but in

actual fact they make a change your

entire life will change

you won’t success I promise you

discipline yourself learn to get up on

time to sleep on time have a timetable

for a believer a timetable is very

important that routine is absolutely

important for you to succeed without

that routine you are not going to

succeed that’s why Allah has divided and

spread out the prayers into five

different categories of time

you have early morning prayer so to

ensure that you woke up there has to be

benefit for it

if the doctors tell you that you need to

get up early morning to breathe the

fresh oxygenated air we would get up to

breathe to breathe how many of you get

up to go to the gym subhanAllah we will

go to the gym but Allah says you know

what get up earlier or at the same time

if you go to your Independence Square

here you will find people walking and

jogging they even take their dogs with

them for the job am i right for walk you

notice it but I cannot walk on my own to

rabbil alameen rabbul izza t well Jalal

Allahu Akbar my Maker your maker

the Lord of the Worlds was telling me

never mind we will give you something

far better far higher than the gym then

everything else come to success put your

head on the ground at the time of the

morning breathed the early morning air

see how you feel thank Allah engage in

the remembrance of Allah how many of us

participate or engage in that which is

required by allah subhanahu wata’ala

known as test be to praise allah to

remember allah the vicar of allah

ricky’ll means the remembrance of allah

subhanallah al hamdulillah

Allahu Akbar all praise is due to Allah

glory be to Allah

Allah is the greatest how many of us

repeat those statements and words they

bring about calmness contentment they

bring about goodness we want to be

protected from the devil the hadith

tells you if you want to be protected

from the devil there are so many things

that you can do many of us were affected

by the devil and we are harmed by the

devil by Shaytan by the jinkind

and the protection was in our hands but


didn’t use it when you go into the

wildlife and you go into the zoo and you

go to where the Lions are you will

either watch them from behind a fence or

you will be in your vehicle and they

will tell you do not lower your window

don’t open the windows because if you do

that you will be perhaps attacked so

when you see the Lions come out and

roaring at you in your face at the glass

at the window what happens you feel

secure because there’s a glass between

you and the monster there’s a glass and

you are told by the wardens be careful

do not temper with these wild animals

they might rip through your vehicle so

there is a point beyond which you also

start getting frightened right but you

are in the car

I tell you Allah tells us to be careful

of Shaitaan and the devil and the jinn

kind more than we are careful about wild

animals remain in your protection what

is your protection there are three

sewers at the end of the Quran pull ho

Allahu Ahad full arrow the bearable

fella will our uber ominous you repeat

them three times each you read and a

verse in Surat al-baqarah known as

ayatul kursi you know the surah it will

take you ten minutes or less how long 10

minutes or less every morning and every

evening no matter what condition you are

in you have will do or no will do you

are in the condition of ablution

or not you are praying or not in the

case of a woman you still will read

those sewers because you need protection

from Shaitan more desperately than you

would need from a wild animal in the zoo

how simple is it ayatul kursi three

times these three surahs thrice each

then there is a dua a prayer that i want

to share with you because we want to

better our day how am I going to have a

better day when I didn’t ask

a lot to protect me at the beginning of

the day and at the end of the day

although we can imagine logic

Marty min Shelly mihalick I seek refuge

I seek protection in Allah and in the

words of Allah from all the bad that he

has created you repeat that theis

bismillah in the name of Allah and let

me lay adoro mass mahisha one fill our

with whose name nothing can harm on


wellif is sama I know in the skies were

who was Samira alien and indeed he is

all-hearing all-knowing repeat that

thrice as well what you’ve done you’ve

put yourself into a metal armor nothing

can harm you in terms of jinn kind or

Shaitaan or the evil eye or black magic

it will not harm you because you have

protected yourself completely and

totally by the help of Allah you want

greater protection I can teach you

something else very quickly powerful

protection where Allah will elevate your

status forgive your sins and give you a

true protection against Shaitaan there

is a statement of praise of Allah that

you repeat 100 times during the day the

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says

if you say that 100 times a day it does

not have to be all at once it can be

spaced out no harm but you say the

following statement 100 times through

the day and Allah will protect you

completely and totally from Shaitaan

from the devil from jinkind from so much

of that which happens that is dirty from

the unseen and from that which is seen

what is this blessed prayer do you know

that nearly all of you know it off by

heart but you did not know that you need

to read repeat it 100 times during the

day maybe 20 times after every prayer

maybe 50 times in the morning 50 in the

afternoon you space it out how you want

but when the day ends you should have

read it 100 times what is it la ilaha


whoo-hoo la sharika lahu lahul mulku

lillah al hamd allahu wa ala kulli

shayin Qadir and you can add if you want

you here were you me too in the middle

of it there is none worthy of worship

besides Allah he is alone no partner

does he have to him belongs entire

kingdom to him belongs all praise

he gives death or he gives life and

death and indeed he is all able he is

able to do everything Subhan Allah that

is the prayer you repeat it 100 times

and you have to have a blessed day

if you say it slowly and you concentrate

you will feel the elevation and goodness

in the calmness in the contentment that

you have try it out and I guarantee you

your life will change the problem with

us we want a happy day it starts in the


may Allah forgive us we get up know do

our we get up we rush where I need to

visit the loo the bathroom in other

words no dua when entering the loo when

you’re entering the loo we are Muslims

we say may Allah protect us from the

evil am i right as you are entering the

loo you should try to enter with your

left foot that is the sunnah when you

are exiting if you exit with your right

foot and you say another prayer you

thank Allah for his mercy you thank

Allah for relieving you subhanAllah but

what do we do we just go in and out next

thing we are in the shower

no bismillah no name of Allah and you

want a better day come on come on you’re

a believer your day starts in the name

of Allah bismillah as soon as your eye

opens just say alhamdulillah or life

thank you all praise is due to you you

gave me life you actually gave me

another day I’m going to use this day in

the best possible way such that if it

was my last day I wouldn’t regret it so

hand Allah how beautiful is that

look at the teachings that Allah has

blessed us with

amazing amazing so will we definitely

take this seriously we want a happy day

we want a better day we want success but

we’re not prepared to follow what the

rasulullah saaw valera salam is saying

we watch another rich man we look at a

powerful person we say I want to be like

this but we don’t realize Subhan Allah

Allah is the one who gives contentment

and happiness how many people are

wealthy but they have no contentment how

many people are in authority but they

cannot sleep and we are busy wishing

that we were like them not realizing

that you know what perhaps Allah will

give you more than what He has given

them in terms of contentment and

happiness and so on in the short life of

yours so this is how you start your day

you started with prayer you started with

the remembrance of Allah and it’s not

something difficult it’s very easy are

you not prepared to spend ten minutes

with Allah praying early in the morning

when you are prepared to spend one hour

in the gym to show externally how strong

you look when internally you are the

weakest possible person if you want to

gym the inside if you want to strengthen

your bond with Allah and become

spiritually powerful you need to spend

some time with Allah just like you spend

some time with the gym in fact it is

more important to develop inside than

outside and I’m not belittling anyone of

those but there is definitely a

prioritization how many of you go to the

gym today if you want a successful

business they say you open a food place

or a gym because people will eat eat eat

they gain weight weight weight then they

go to the gym and they want to lose lose

lose what the same wait wait wait

subhanAllah so you either have a

restaurant for them to gain the weight

or you have a gym for them to lose the

weight where is the middle path

subhanAllah it’s a reality come to the

Masjid house of Allah learn the prophets

Allah the salams teachings you want a

better day control what

eat and control how much you eat Allahu

Akbar Allahu Akbar the prophet

sallallaahu salem says we are believers

we are believers definitely when we eat

we take the name of Allah we take the

name of Allah bismillah if you don’t

take the name of allah you’re just going

to match the food it’s going to go in

you don’t know where you’re going to use

the energy because you are not conscious

of what went in and after a while it

comes out subhanAllah and what happened

you enjoyed the meal that’s it you

enjoyed the meal you were happy you

spent the money and you were okay but

you don’t know whether it was healthy

you don’t know whether it was

spiritually beneficial if you were to

say the name of Allah bismillah in the

name of allah and then you were to put a

morsel in the food and you do not fill

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your belly to the degree that you are

full such that you cannot even get up

and walk sometimes we have a buffet you

know what’s a buffet where you pay a

certain amount of food at a restaurant

and thereafter

they tell you you can take as much as

you want from these places and they know

roughly what you’re going to eat people

say tonight we’re going to the buffet

don’t eat today okay now we are hungry

when you go there as you sit down they

give you water they give you drink they

give you juice why so that when your

belly is full now you can’t really eat

much that it was worth it so what the

intelligent people do they take the

water put it aside they take the juice

put it aside they take the drink put it

aside wait we want the food want to eat

then they take their plates and you

watch they will fill it and fill it and

fill it and fill it and they don’t even

think I paid so much so now I am

definitely going to make sure that every

cent that I paid is taken in more than

its value of the food but if you are a

movement you understand and you realize

don’t waste your time don’t waste your

time the hadith of the messenger peace

be upon him if you really love him and

you want to depict your love and you

want to show how much you love his words

his method and you truly believe that

whatever he said was divine guidance

from Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala you will

never eat to your fill never you have


1/3 of food another third approximately

of liquid and you leave 1/3 of air empty

that’s what the prophet sallallaahu

Salim says for in can Allah would defer

to loosen the parami or solute on

Bashara what solution mean NEFAs if you

really have to eat you must make sure

third for solids third for liquids and

1/3 empty when you get up you are

healthy you are energetic you energized

I promise you if you want a better day

eat less Allah this is not from my

pocket I am Telling You from what Allah

and his Rasul salallahu alayhi wasalam

have taught you and i if you want a

better day eat less even in Ramadan if

you get up for soup or the pre-dawn meal

which is known as for if you eat a lot

you will struggle through the day you

will be burping through the day you have

heartburn through the day 10 o’clock

already your stomach is making noise it

once more and more because the enzymes

were working throughout the morning and

now you are hungry but if you have a

light meal early in the morning made up

of dates and water and perhaps a little

bit more than that it will be almost

evening and you still will not be hungry

eat less if you want a better day eat

less if you want a better day

subhanAllah cut down on the amount of

food you eat and also look at the

quality of food that you have when the

Prophet peace be upon him speaks of

dates and water

aisha radi allahu and her she says we

were living in the prophetic home you

know what that means it means we were

with the most loved creature unto Allah

that’s what it means we were in the

household of the highest of all

messengers of Allah that’s what she is

saying we were living with the one whom

Allah has granted the highest rank but a

whole month passed we saw the moon

and in our house we only had water and

dates another month passed we saw the

second moon we only had water and dates

a third month passed we saw the third


our house was only water and dates in

Hua inlet um rural ma indeed what we ate

was only dates and what we drank was

just water there’s a lot love the

Prophet peace be upon him way beyond

anyone and everyone else absolutely I

believe that so why did Allah allow him

to go through this because Allah wanted

you and I to learn a lesson to say

having a better day having happiness

having contentment is not connected to

the how much food you have on the table

how much you’re going to eat no it’s

connected to the gratitude of Allah

thank Allah for whatever he has bestowed

upon you and remember the staple food is

perhaps healthier than eating junk you

cannot live on chocolates you enjoy the

chocolate now and again but you cannot

live on chocolates the same way you

cannot live on crisps and chips and fast

foods every single day day in day out

you are actually eating unhealthy you

want a better day you need to be

concerned about your health when you eat

less you will be much healthier you will

feel better you feel energetic when the

prayer time comes you are not lazy today

most of us are absolutely lazy you know

why we slept late we got up late when

you get up late and you have not read

salat al-fajr the hadith clearly says

Shaytan urinates in your ears

Shaytan urinates in your ears you got up

you didn’t read salat on fejoe go and

clean your ears subhanAllah yet they

cannot be good you need to you need to

read that salat al-fajr and fulfill it

as soon as you wake up if you have

missed it unintentionally Manama and

salat in Annecy aha

vamoose ilaha illa the kuraha whoever

has slept over a prayer by mistake or

has forgotten it by error as soon as

they remember it they should fulfil it

as Abba which means that which is mister

but I’m going to fill it with fulfill it

now may Allah forgive us so we start off

with the prayer we understood the

question of eating you don’t need to eat

three times a day five times a day six

times a day

there’s nothing hard and fast in Islam

to tell you how many times a day you

should eat you are allowed to have

breakfast lunch and supper you are

allowed to have that but it doesn’t mean

that you need to eat so many times a day

I know of people who eat once a day who

eat twice a day they might have a bit of

breakfast and then five o’clock in the

evening they have a good meal and that’s

it when you eat too late at night again

you’re going to have a bad next day

because you ate too late at night I mean

the time is 8 o’clock 9 o’clock and

you’re sitting there and you are not

eating you are munching subhanAllah

munching as though you’ve never seen

food before and you want to have a

better next day no no no let’s ask Allah

forgiveness we are not living in order

to eat but we are eating in order to

live that’s the way a movement should be

we didn’t come to this world to eat but

we are in this world so we will eat

allahu akbar a big difference between

the two some they live to eat and others

they eat to live masha’Allah we are a

balance between the two we are a balance

between the two we will enjoy our food

we will thank Allah I’m not saying don’t

have what is tasty but I want to let you

know something why is it that the

doctors will tell you that everything

that is very tasty to your tastebuds is

not healthy for you why did Allah do

that for us that which is sweet sugar

they say watch out chocolates they say

watch out fries they say watch out fast

foods they say watch out but tasty very

tasty lot of cheese and this and that

they will tell you watch out for this

watch out for that but when you start

having boiled vegetables they say very

healthy subhanAllah boiled vegetables

they say very healthy when you have

poached eggs they say oh wow that’s

extremely healthy and so on so look at

how Allah works when you have the fine

white bread they will tell you be

careful it’s not healthy you start

eating the brand

the brown bread and that which is

slightly raw they will tell you this is

much healthier how come how come because

what you like you need to know

discipline yourself if you would like to

have a better day let the discipline

come be disciplined in the same way I am

disciplined about my timing I need to

have a beautiful day I need to be

disciplined about my eating try to eat

at the same time every day

not one day you eat at two o’clock the

next day three o’clock the next day four

o’clock the next day five o’clock and so

on try to eat at a similar time your

bodies are more complicated than

computers they get used to things they

get used to a routine Allah wants you to

have the routine in a solid I can

eternal Meany Nikita indeed Salah is

prescribed to the believers prescribed

upon fixed timings that is what Allah is

telling you why he wants you definitely

to plan your day that’s why Federer is

at the beginning of the day the midday

prayer is a beautiful break the

afternoon prayer the late meaning the

early evening prayer and the late night

prayer that’s the timing you have five


it’s beautiful timing it’s given to you

as a gift from Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

if you want a better day be concerned

about the next prayer how will you make

it where will you do it how will you

fulfill it if you are concerned about

the next prayer you will have the best

day many of us are more concerned about

the job more concerned about worldly

items I’m not saying don’t be concerned

about worldly items but learn to start

reference to that which will please

Allah because that is when you will

truly have a better day if a if a man

was to tell you son come here I have a

job for you okay I want you to work for

me for 30 days oh I want you to work for

me okay

I’ll give you your salary at the end of

every month and I’m going to give you

five thousand US dollars mashallah

mashallah some of us will say where is

the job I don’t mind going starting


yes you start today when will you see

your first salary after how many days

after 30 days you are so happy because

the money is quite a lot who promised

you your boss your boss what did he tell

you even if he told you this is a flight

of stairs go up and down all day what

will you do you’d go up come down go up

come down it doesn’t make sense to you

but you know after 30 days I’m going to

get five thousand dollars you will go up

come down go up as soon as he comes you

go up come down go because you it might

be silly and it might be a good job who

knows you are working hard based on the

promise of a human being that he is

going to give you something after 30

days when twenty-five days pass you

start going up faster and down faster

because you know five more days right

and you are happy and and you are so

excited because a man a human being has

promised you that after 30 days you are

going to get 5000 and you are so when

the 29th day comes you can already start

planning what you’re going to do am i

right I’m going to go here I’m going to

do that I can get married first 5000 is

okay I can get married in July I’m going

to Wow I’m so excited I’m happy based on

what is that happiness the happiness is

based on the promise of a human being to

you that when you work for 30 whole days

how many hours we will give you

something we believe the promise of a

human being

we work hard to get something after we

have worked but we don’t believe the

promise of rabbu l-‘izzat evil Jalal

allahu subhanahu wa’ta’ala who says you

work hard I will give you Jenna

our Lucas Samoa to Al or if that limit a

team you work hard I will give you

paradise that is prepared for the true

believers and subhanAllah it is more

spacious than the earth and the heavens

put together so for the promise of a

human we get excited for the promise of

Allah no excitement look at where we

want a better day right we need to be so

excited about this better day Allah did

not tell us to go up and down the stairs

no a las promised us way more than five

thousand dollars and Allah promised can

al arabica wha them us who Allah says

when I promise you can hold me to that

promise you can ask me about it that’s

what Allah says in the Quran when I

promise you you can ask me o Allah you

promised you won’t even need to ask he’s

going to give it to you before you ask

you have Iman work hard we work hard for

money we don’t work hard for Eman this

example I’ve given you is a powerful

example that of how we get excited

because a person promised us when your

boss doesn’t give your salary and delays

it we get said sir I have hand up and

down the stairs for one month so you are

delaying so one week has passed what to

do sir says don’t worry it’s coming

after one week sir another week is


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don’t worry it’s coming Allah will never

do that to you

impossible Allah promised you you know

what you work hard you read your Salah

you try your best to fulfill your liquor

go to bed early get up early watch how

you eat watch how you talk to people be

a good person try your best to cut out

the sins that you are committing and you

will have the best days in this world

and I promise you that at the end I’m

going to give you genital where dos the

paradise you are so waiting for

your conviction with the promise of

Allah as a believer should be way beyond

your conviction with the promise of a

human being to give you a salary at the

end of the month

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

may Allah forgive us may Allah protect

us you want a happy day learn to become

a better person how do you treat your

folks those who live with you do you

smile at them do you make life easy for

them do you talk to them do you address

them with respect every single action of

yours is written down by the Angels you

will pay a price for it or you will earn

a reward for it be careful

your days are numbered your days are

numbered if you want a better day make

the lives of those living with you

better Allah will make sure that your

day is better smile at them speak to

them help them help around the house the

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

helped around the house he helped

sometimes with the chores in the home

he helped sometimes with so many other

things the food he assisted with the

milking of the sheep and the goats etc

he brought the milk he assisted he

helped he served the food he looked

after he helped clean sometimes he

didn’t just sit there and say I’m a man

he didn’t look at those he lives with

and swear them and laugh at them and

mock at them not at all watch your words

if you want a happy life a better day

you need to respect people even if it’s

your wife your husband your father your

mother-in-law your daughter-in-law your

son-in-law respect them and Allah will

create people who respect you you want a

better day learn to respect yourself

learn to greet you want to be given

importance by Allah there is a way to do

it if you want to be an important person

in this dunya and in the akhirah take a

moment to give other people lots of

importance look at someone look at

anyone the rich the poor the dark the

light and give them importance lot of

importance greet them as though they are


vips but the man is just a cleaner on

the street you look at him good morning

sir how are you if he’s a Muslim

assalamu alaikum my brother how is your


you know what whole day he will just

smile it’s a shame I met a man he

actually agreed he actually asked me how

is my day oh wow hey he’s going to smile

what happened Allah will give you reason

to smile your day – because Allah is

watching he is also a creature of Allah

you are a creature of Allah he might not

have been a Muslim but what did you do

you made this day you brightened up the

day of others Allah will brighten your

whole life and your Hereafter the

problem with us we make the lives of

others gloomy gloomy depressed we swear

we shout we scream we yell and we think

that Allah is not watching and we think

we can get away with it we might get

away with it for a short time you don’t

know what the future holds for you a day

might come when you will cry more tears

than you made others cry why do that you

want a better day wipe off the tears of

those who are crying because of you why

should I make someone cry because of me

my son my daughter my mother my father

my brother my sister whoever it may be

my husband my wife why should I make

them cry for what learn to respect each

other learn to say the best of words you

will have not just a better day but a

better life cut outs in the vulgar words

the bad habits look when you want a

better day and you have sat with

pornography during that day your day

will not be better you might have had

temporary pleasure but the dopamine

that’s affecting your head your mind and

everything else the addiction that comes

thereafter is such you become angry you

become frustrated you become hurt you

start taking that anger out on someone

in the home you start venting on those

who work for you the Prophet sallallahu

Salam those who worked for him they bear

witness one example is Ana’s bin Malik

Rafi Allah who and he says Adam

rasoolallah he sallallahu

Salameh Rossini mahakaal Illya F in

cotton Walmart aloysha in sauna – whoo

Lima sonata he says I served the

messenger peace be upon him for 10 years

never did he make a noise or a sound to

rebuke me never ever and no did he ever

say why did you do this for anything

that I did

that’s the messenger you love that’s the

messenger you follow but when people

work for you you treat them like slaves

abuse them some men sexually abuse their

female staff and they think they can get

away with it

and it’s a topic that nobody discusses

because they brush it under the carpet

Allah is watching the price will be paid

justice will be served by Allah if you

want a better day stop the bad stop the

habits you will never get pleasure

through Haram through sin you will never

ever get pleasure it is very short-lived

it is a fraud and it is fake it’s like

someone’s selling you fake diamonds and

you think that they are genuine a big

robber comes to you you know he’s a

thief and he tells you I sell you the

best time and don’t tell anyone you look

at it you say how much he tells you

twenty million dollars and you are a

wealthy man you pay him twenty you take

the diamond you are a fool you are a

fool wife all you need it to bring

people to check the diamond to see the

diamond to make sure to any Shore to

whatever so much money and time and

effort and energy you are investing in a

stone in a stone while llahi my brothers

and sisters don’t be cheated the same

way the same shape and deceives us by

trying to tell us that pornography and

sin is going to bring you happiness

adultery gambling drugs is going to

bring you happiness you will be a strong

powerful man it’s not going to do any

good for you it is temporary it will

take the brightness of your day totally

away it is going to spoil your day your

day will be dark your life will be dark

you may spend time in prison thereafter

you will be an embarrassment for

yourself let alone your family members

why cut it out

the purity of your life is what will

make your day much better you have a

pure day your values your morals Allah

is watching many of us have a split

personality in the whole we are Lions

we are roaring everyone is frightened of

us people are walking on eggshells

subhanAllah because of our presence in

the home and as soon as we go out we

have a broad smile and we just look at

people as though we are so calm and we

try to help this one and help that one

not at all

this is hypocrisy charity begins at home

the best of the people are those who are

best in their houses that is a

declaration of the Prophet Muhammad

peace be upon Allah

mashallah mashallah these are beautiful

gems of how to better your days how to

have a better day I tell you my brothers

my sisters physical exercise is

absolutely important did you hear what I

just said no matter how old you are male

or female make sure that you are

physically fit

get yourself a treadmill don’t be lazy

run walk swim play sport within the

boundaries of Islam but you must do that

you know how good you feel when you have

perhaps run for 45 minutes and sweated

you feel so energized you feel healthy

you feel good because you have taken

care of the Amana that Allah gave you

which is known as the body this body

doesn’t belong to you you must be

worried about your weight that is normal

you must be worried about your belly if

it is starting to pop out you must be

worried you must do something about it

those sit-ups those press ups that

exercise that running it is definitely

part of the contribution of protecting

the Amana and the trust that Allah has

entrusted you with which is known as the

body you cannot waste your body you

cannot be a lazy person because a Muslim

is never lazy laziness imagine the belly

there was a woman

who told her husband you know you better

watch out your belly is popping out you

are looking almost three months pregnant

so the man looks at his wife and he says

you know what look at your belly talk

about your own belly why are you talking

about mine so the woman says well hang

on I’m about to be a mother

so that’s why my belly is popping out so

the man says well what if you’re going

to be a mother

automatically it means I’m going to be a

father those are excuses cheap excuses

my son my brother my beloved uncle my

father be concerned about your weight

don’t let it waste sometimes you are

naturally a big person no problem we are

not saying it’s bad naturally but if you

are gaining weight because you are

eating too much or because you’re not

exercising due to laziness

well llahi you are unsuitable to Allah

Allah is going to question you don’t

think he’s going to leave you don’t

think that he’s going to question you

because then a time will come you cannot

make Salah a time will come you cannot

do anything a time will come when there

is nothing happening a time will come

when you cannot satisfy your spouse

which is also a great act of worship

that we don’t even speak about a lot of

the times a time will come when you’re

so unhealthy who wasted the body that

Allah gave as an Amana you if it

happened due to hereditary reasons

hormonal reasons some other reasons etc

the sisters sometimes they give birth

once twice we keep them pregnant and

keep them delivering like popcorn Subhan

Allah and then we complain you’re

gaining weight well I’ve given birth to

seven of your children come on come on

come on

masha’Allah may Allah grant and goodness

but having said that even my sisters we

need to make sure that we engage in

physical exercise where we sweat and we

shed the fact that might be there it is

part and parcel of your duty as a Muslim

to take care of your body it doesn’t

mean that because I’m a Muslim because

I’m in a job because I’m in niqab that I

cannot exercise and burn what

I have to burn in terms of calories

etcetera etcetera no you must take pride

in your health what you eat and in the

rest of what you are as a human being

because it’s part of your duty may Allah

grant us goodness you want a better day

learn to forgive people you have a

spouse you have family members don’t be

too hard don’t be too harsh do not want

it your way that is very dangerous you

see we are seated here perhaps how many

people one thousand two thousand Allah

knows I can tell you something my

beloved brothers and sisters every one

of us thinks differently some of us

might come close in our thinking but we

think differently if we all had to be

stubborn on what we like we would have

world war ten by now you cannot be

stubborn you have to learn to give and


one day it’s according to you one day

it’s according to them be happy give it

to others let them be happy

you have children you have a wife you

have a husband if you are a woman

subhanAllah and you know what let them

have it their way sometimes let it be

their way it doesn’t have to be your way

all the time the Prophet Muhammad

sallallaahu Salaam he used to make sure

that his wives were happy look at Sofia

binti oye I love the Allahu and her and

the other compared the other wives of

the Prophet saravana Salaam Omaha to

mock me mean love the Hunan Hunan Hunan

Jamie on the Prophet SAW Allah Salaam he

has actually put his hand at one stage

and his knee at another stage in order

to help them get on to the back of an

animal and he has changed the horse

because one of his wives complained that

I don’t want to sit on this voice it’s a

little bit slow I want to sit on the

fast one he mentioned on a Sunday you’re

going for a drive with your Corolla and

your wife says no take out the Mercedes

today what will you do

will you really roll it out mashallah

what is the Mercedes there for just to

leave in the garage and to say I have a

Mercedes you know when we were young the

poor people we used to put stickers at

the back of our cars my other car is a


mashallah sticker so when you’re driving

a little you know Corolla that’s shaking

on the road

and you go to school and people are

looking at you at the back this and my

other guys of course don’t worry it’s in

the garage

subhanAllah just to feel good what’s the

point use it may Allah bless you bless

all of us it should not bring about

arrogance if you want a better day when

Allah blesses you tend to sujood he two

units or 2 rakaat of Prayer more to

thank Allah Oh al I had a good day how

many of us do that oh Allah I had a very

good day I thank you give out charity

you want a better day give charity reach

out to people to smile is a charity but

give some money to someone quietly give

it to someone few rupees few dollars

here and there it’s not going to take

you off the mark of goodness in fact it

is a sign of goodness it will make you

well fear monica’s amin min sadaqa Oh

Monica Sam alone min sadaqa wealth has

never depleted because of charity Allah

says we have never ever allowed someone

to become bankrupt if they are

charitable did you hear that

so make people’s lives good reach out to

people be a be a person who sees that

others are happy and you will have a

happy day you will have a better day

spend time with your family with your

children look at your children smile

tell them I love you I care for you and

take him out do something with them

spend a bit of time with them play a

game with them kiss them the profits of

our solemn crystal has an evening

earlier of the allahu and his grandsons

and a locker ibn Abbas was sitting near

him he says how can you kiss these

children how can you kiss them your


I have ten I didn’t kiss even one of

them the Prophet says Malaya Amla your

ham whoever doesn’t show mercy will not

be shown mercy you want mercy show mercy

amazing a kiss for your children is

mercy if a kiss for your child is mercy

imagine the kiss for your wife Allahu


mashallah may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

grant us goodness may Allah bless us may

Allah open our doors my beloved brothers

and sisters we all want to better days


I promise you what I said today was very

simple but we don’t want to practice

upon it we will say goodbye on goodbye

on it was a good lecture masha’Allah

lovely but will we change will we really

change do you really think that these

messages will keep coming to us and we

just hear them in from one ear out from

the other ear in from one ear out from

the other ear no no no no it needs to go

in the ear get jammed in the middle go

up to the brain and do something about

it masha’Allah do something about we

need to lead happier lives

your better life is when you cut your

sins and you increase your connection

with Allah as you increase your

connection with Allah you increase your

connection with your family members

a person who is pious the sign of piety

shows in their character and conduct

remember that those of you who read

Salah five times a day who read lots of

Quran in the day who make a lot of

liquor in the day if your character your

attitude is not upon a high level there

is something wrong with your acts of

worship something major that is wrong if

you say five Salah and you swear

something’s wrong with your salon

because Salah itself should stop you

from immorality and evil in salat and in


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even come indeed prayer prohibits from

it automatically stops you from

immorality and evil so if you are

praying and you are not stopped from

immorality and evil what is wrong

something is wrong with your prayer go

back humble yourself make you do

correctly bring yourself to the ground

for Allah read Quran control your temper

and that’s the last point that I’m going

to speak about today anger anger

management anger is definitely from the

devil one day a young man came to the

prophet peace be upon him and says o

messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

please give me some good advice I was

singing rasul allah o messenger give me

good advice imagine if you were given

the opportunity to go to a very pious

person and you have a time to talk to

this person and you say to them you’re

looking at them you are excited you want

something very good from them because

you’ve heard they’re a pious person and

you say please give me some good advice

that i can take from you what do you

think they will say imagine if you had a

chance to visit rasool allah saw rolana

salam and to ask him please give me some

good advice for my life what is the best

advice you can give me what do you think

he will tell you well I can tell you

someone already did that and what what

the Prophet peace be upon him told him

has come to us I’m sharing it with you

today he will be very surprised those of

you who don’t know so the young man is

looking he says oh messenger peace be

upon it please give me some good advice

he said laptop that’s it how long did it

take to say that latter dub if I had to

do that to you you would think who’s

this guy you know what it means latter

what does it mean don’t get angry

control your temper don’t get angry he

looked he says okay give me

some more advice because now he’s

excited because now he said okay I heard

what he said don’t get angry okay don’t

get angry

I heard that let me ask for more he says

give me more advice the profits of our I

looked at him and told him latter of

them don’t get angry

imagine twice twice just that much two


less than one second so he said okay

I’ve heard this meaning in his mind is

thinking so Malala let me ask for more

so he he developed the courage to say

one third time o messenger give me more

advice he’s expecting to have a long

paragraph by an of one hour no not at

all no by an I told you at the beginning

if we only said one thing it was enough

go to sleep early it’s enough we can go

away we’ve learnt a lot the Prophet says

don’t get angry he says give me more

advice don’t get angry

okay give me even more advice he says do

not get angry

finished repeated it again repeated it

again repeated it again

subhanAllah what does that mean it means

your temper will destroy you it will

finish you up it will break your day and

it will destroy your life watch your

temper and temper is there in order for

us to earn the pleasure of Allah by

controlling it Allah speaks about the

people of Jannah and Allah says while

Carly mean alwah allah 1fe nanny


those who suppress their anger and those

who forgive people they are the

mezzanine they are the ones who do good

for them shall be paradise what did you

do suppress control your anger

my beloved teenagers who are here today

I know you are strong I know you have

muscle mashaallah I know that you feel

you are the biggest and the hottest and

I know you want everyone to look at you

like you are very important because at

this age of adolescence you are bubbling

and bursting with energies and you think

you are it i t it that’s what you think

you are watch out control your temper

the most beloved and to allah when he

was asked by a young man just like you

please give me advice he said don’t get


what’s your temper don’t get angry don’t

get angry are you prepared to better

your day and your week and your month

and your year and your decade and your

lifetime by controlling your temper if

you love the messenger peace be upon him

truly you will make sure that you calm

down completely for the sake of Allah

and for the sake of your own and this

advice is not just for the teenagers but

even for the adults nowadays little

babies are developing a temper have you

noticed that young two three years they

are so angry where did they get it from

either the TV or the others in the home

and you know what it’s not for the men

alone young girls are developing a

temper that is so bad it’s unbelievable

it doesn’t suit you as a person it

doesn’t suit me all the women are doing

the same thing we’re getting angry we’re

venting we are shouting we are scolding

we are punching we are getting angry let

anger will destroy you you will regret

and regret and regret you will regret so

many things that have happened in your

life due to that anger so that’s my last

piece of advice my beloved brothers and

sisters do you realize one whole hour

has come to an end one whole hour has

come to an end

so therefore the little that we have

spoken about today may Allah help me to

practice upon what I have said please

take what I have said very seriously

because if you really want to change the


it starts with changing yourself if you

want to change yourself for the better

Allah promises you that you will have a

better day and like I said earlier it

goes on to the week and the month and

the year and the decade and before you

know it you have had such a good life

when people see you they are proud of

you when your children look at you they

want to be like you when others witness

you that you are their role model and

that is how it should be if we were all

role models for one another I promise

you we would be achieving great success

may Allah grant that to us may Allah

bless every one of us may Allah bless

the volunteers who are volunteering here

you see they are all coming through at

the moment subhanAllah these are people

who have spent their time their energy

their effort so much in order to

volunteer to ensure that programs of

this nature are a great success I want

to extend my thanks to everyone of you

for attending because that’s what makes

this whole gathering meaningful and I

want to thank not only the trustees and

the committee members and those who are

associated with this beautiful job at

the Masjid but even the other masajid

that we have visited during our stay and

at the same time I want to thank those

of my brothers and sisters who have been

praying for me without me knowing and I

pray for you that Allah bless you and

grant you goodness and those who are

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praying for Humanity at large and we

should be from amongst them we are

bleeding we are bleeding because of

what’s happening to our Muslim brothers

and sisters across the globe be it in

Iraq be it in Libya be it in Afghanistan

be it in Pakistan be it in Yemen be it

in Syria be it in Somalia be it

in Nigeria wherever it is there are so

many places we can’t even name them we

bleed for what

is going on but I promise you the change

begins with you and I the change begins

with you and I if you change and you

become the best person in your home you

will definitely contribute to a better

globe a cooler kolyada vassal allahu wa

sallim wa barik ala nabi’ina muhammad

subhan allahi wa bihamdihi subhanak

ilaha mohammed ik a shadow a la ilaha

illa anta mustafa Luke I wanna to wake

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