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Published on January 28th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 382

Reading Quran with tajweed online

Reading Quran with tajweed online

Shame on you Father! – AbdulBary Yahya | Subtitled”Reading Quran with tajweed online”


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Shame on you Father! – AbdulBary Yahya

It was a night time, when everybody had gone to sleep.

A man gets up, he turns on the TV.

All of his family are deep asleep.

And he watches something that’s not appropriate.

All of a sudden, a door opens and his daughter comes out.

And she just barely learned how to talk.

She looked at her father.

Her father tried to rush to the TV and the remote to turn off.

She said, “Shame on you father, shame on you….”

And then she went back into her room.

And so that man after turning off the TV,

“Reading Quran with tajweed online”

those words resonated in his head, “Shame on you father, shame on you.”

And tears start to coming down his eyes,

and he stayed up until fajr, crying.

Then he went to the masjid, and he prayed,

with the congregation, and he was crying so profusely.

Some of the brothers who had not seen him that fajr prayer,

they said, “Are you okay brother?”

He says, “I’m okay.”

One of his close friends came to him, he says, “Are you okay?”

He is crying and he says, “For ever 20 years,

this was my first sujuud for Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.”

Because of his daughter, his daughter came out and said shame on you.

So he went to work that morning,

and of course he was very tired because he didn’t get much sleep at night.

His wife tried to call him, but she couldn’t reach him.

He came home and she said,

“Honey, our daughter just passed away.”

His daughter passed away.

And those words again came, the last words that he heard were, “Shame on you father, shame on you.”

The whole day those words, her last words…

“Shame on you.”

“Reading Quran with tajweed online”

He went to bury her, they put her in the grave.

When he put her in, he smiled, his friends look at him and said,

“Why are you smiling?”

When he’d been crying so much, now he puts his daughter in the grave, he smiles…

He says, “I buried my daughter but she left a noor that will remain in my heart, insha Allah until the day of judgment.”

But from that time on,

he came strong and he kept on going to the masjid.

And he changed, Allah took away something from him.

But because of those words from his daughter, he became good again.

For 20 years he didn’t even prostrate to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

“Shame on you.”

All of us, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has given us a lot of time

to change, to improve ourselves.It’s enough, we’ve been disobeying Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala for a very long time.

“Reading Quran with tajweed online”

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