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Published on November 25th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 326

Secrets to Purification

he what he says is don’t be content with

simply doing whoo there are Muslims now

when they go into the the bathroom it’s

just this quick thing and they see it is

something they have to do before they do

will do my own teacher maharaj in the

sahara I used to do will do next to him

and he on average would take about ten

minutes to do will do it was really

quite extraordinary to watch him do it

and I realized from his will do that for

him it was an act act of Nevada he was

not simply doing a ritual he was

actually experiencing because we know

that the prophet Elijah them said when

you rinse your mouth the sins of your

tongue flow out with the water in the

Chevy meth have the water of will do is

considered polluted you can’t actually

use it you have to dump it water plants

with it but you can’t drink it or use it

because it it’s it’s polluted by the

sins that have been washed away and so

imam al-ghazali is arguing that there

are secrets to purification and he says

that when the prophet said a whore

Shepherd will amen

purification is half of this religion he

said do not think that he is talking

about this water ritual that we do he is

talking about purifying the heart this

is this is what he’s talking about and

this is only symbolic of that

purification and and he talked about a

man the prophet’s eliza dam said what

you say about a man who lives beside a

river and bays in the river five times a

day will you see any filth on him and

they said certainly not yellow soda law

and he said this is like the man who

washes himself and then prays five times

a day this is what he is doing in other

words what the outward washing is to the

body the inward reality is to the soul

and and then he argues about prayer and

what the purpose of prayer is he says

prayer is entering into the presence and

the reason that you say Allahu Akbar is

you are pushing this world away from you

and putting

get behind you and you are entering into

a state of presence with your Lord and

then he says you begin at home to the

diorama Dada mean praise be to the Lord

of the world the merciful the

compassionate al-rahman al-rahim

Medici ami Dean the sovereign of the day

of judgment or the master of the Day of

Judgment and then you speak directly

this is in Arabic called MT fat where

you move from a third-person tense what

they call a field bobbing ha if to Bob

and how them where you move from

speaking to somebody who’s absent to

speaking to somebody whose present yokka

na’budu to you alone we worship the

yucca understanding to you alone we seek

help that this is he says this is what

the fatiha is it’s to enter into the

presence of your Lord it’s not just to

go through these motions this

perfunctory act that you have to do five

times a day that this is about coming to

intimate discourse with your Lord and

then you speak to your profit directly

assalamu alayka a you had Navy

peace be upon you that’s not saddam

alayhi assalam alayka because you

understand that there is a spiritual

presence there’s a spiritual presence

the prophet sala light is a time said to

RO de la hoya medical I see your actions

this is Asahi a hadith and Alba’s are I

see your actions in the grain by either

was it to Haran hamartoma were you the

widget to Sharan a stock for to the comb

if I see good I praise God that these

are my people that I taught them to do

good and they’re doing good and if I see

you doing wrong I asked forgiveness he

doesn’t curse us

he doesn’t say why aren’t they doing

good he asks forgiveness for us
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