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Published on December 2nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 355

Salah is The Key to Success


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salmon done enough Sami laulima battle

mouth well our geez woman at Veronica

who ha ha ha what a man had a lot my

brothers and sisters it is indeed

important for us to remind one another

to be conscious of allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala so i advise you and myself to

be conscious of allah subhanahu


to be always conscious of the fact that

everything we do everything we say we

are answerable to allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala we will definitely be

returning to allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

just like those before us who wealthier

and healthier more powerful more

recognized have already returned to

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala in a similar

way we too have to return to allah so

prepare for that day you and I know that

five times a day we are called in a

certain direction and the caller

reminds us because it is that

prescription from allah subhanahu


for the caller to call out five times a

day even though

we know our duty towards allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala there is no place on earth

where by your duty is known what is

required of you is known and every

single time you have to do it you are

reminded again in a loud way it doesn’t

happen for anything besides Salah the

five daily prayers it is the only action

the only work if I can call it although

it’s not actually work but it is the

only action let’s say or active worship

where every single day every single day

so many times a day you are cold towards

it have you ever thought why why I

repeat it so many times it’s enough to

tell me once twice in my life that

listen you need to pray five times a day

and that’s it and I am supposed to be

human enough we would get irritated if

someone kept telling us every day you’ve

got to go to school at seven o’clock

you’ve got to go to school at seven

o’clock and repeat it not once two three

four five times repeat it for example

the event twice you hear come to the

prayer and twice you hear it again in

what is known as the Akama just before

the prayer come to the prayer wasn’t it

enough for a lot to just put it in the

Quran rocky Mosul Ottawa at Osaka wasn’t

it enough for Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wa sallam to just inform us that allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala has prescribed upon

you five salah as is in the hadith for

example of Mahad imageable when he was

sent to Yemen in the catacomb an unlucky

tub and the long hadith at the end or

somewhere in the middle the prophet

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says for a

limb who mandala Haftarah by allah him

comes a Salawat and he could be home in

wa lillah let them know that allah has

prescribed upon them five prayers every

day and night there are five in that

cycle but Allah says no we want you to

call out for this prayer every single

time in the Arabic language one of the

reasons a common Hodja

like for there to be evidence against

you on the day of judgment did you hear

the call yes I did well if you did why

didn’t you read the Salah

why didn’t you fulfill that prayer we

told you not only did we say come to

prayer but we told you what you would

achieve through that prayer hi Alice

that means come to the prayer but you

will hear immediately after that hiya ll


come to success every one of us male and

female young and old we are looking for

success there is no success beyond that

which Allah has promised you you can

never be truly successful if you have

disconnected from your five daily

prayers and evidence of it is manifest

in the Adhan in the call itself you want

success when we are going to show you

step one step one and this is why the

hadith says the first thing that a

person will be reckoned in the hereafter

is their Salah if the Salah is in order

everything else will be easy if the

Salah is not in order

the rest of it what do you expect it’s

going to be difficult and tough may

Allah have mercy on earth on Ana’s on

that day may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

make it easy for everyone of us so if

you look at the call it is bearing

witness for us or against us I called

you did you come the answer sometimes is

no and this is why when a blind man once

asked nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

he asked the messenger he said o prophet

of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I

am a blind man and I find it difficult

to come to the Masjid should I am i

given an excuse etc the end of the

hadith the Prophet sallallaahu Salam

asked him a test moneda do you hear the

call do you hear the Adhan he said yes

he says for a G in that case you need to

answer it Subhan Allah I know one might

argue okay nowadays we don’t have all at

that time they didn’t have these loud

hailer x’ and microphones while at that

time they didn’t have vehicles as well

they didn’t have cars and other

facilities so if you have heard it and

it’s very close to your home then you

would definitely fall under the same

category the the issue I want to raise

today my brothers and sisters many of us

many of us do not fulfil our five Salah

and we expect success we want happiness

we want goodness we want contentment we

want everything to flow my brothers and

sisters really do you think it’s fair we

did a survey online recently a

about how many people read Quran on a

daily basis and you won’t believe it

the majority of Muslims say we don’t

subhanAllah the majority of Muslims say

we don’t and someone told me when I

forwarded him the results of this he

said some time back he did a little

survey of how many people fulfill five

Salah a day and those who participated

perhaps maybe it’s wrong for me to say

the majority but those who the majority

of those who participated in the survey

they said we don’t fulfill five Salah a

day some say for some say three and some

say Gemara and Abe Subhan Allah may

Allah not make us from among those who

are oblivious of this great gift of his

wallah he it is an honor it is an honor

something we should be proud of to be

invited by Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala to

put our head on the ground for him who

made us for he who has absolute control

of every aspect of our living and he

whom we shall return to put your head on

the ground

take your time you say o you who created

me are ABI you are the highest so behind

Arab be Allah you are glorifying

praising Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala and

saying you are the highest amazing it is

an honor take your time in sujood look

you want to be close to the owner of the

solutions of your problems you need to

start off by fulfilling your five daily

prayers it might be a simple football

but I promise you we have a problem

the problem is many of us feel lazy to

fulfill our Salah and this is not one

gender both the males and the females

subhanAllah we get lazy and sometimes we

read it when it’s convenient for us let

me tell you the joy you will achieve the

greatest joy you will achieve is when

you fulfill that Salah when it is

difficult for you then it becomes really

any bada that is worthwhile within your

heart you know sometimes it’s very easy

you are in a group of people everyone is

fulfilling Allah you feel bad to leave


out so you are fulfilling it yes

mashallah it’s good that you have good

company at least you fulfilled Salah

with them but a winner is he or she whom

when everything is against you and you

say no no no my Salah this is my Salah

there is no excuse for a movement for a

person who believes in Allah and the

last day Subhan Allah to quit or to

leave that Salah even if it is one

recently there was someone discussing

the topic of Salah and one of the

youngsters said no I’m a Muslim but I

don’t pray I’m a Muslim but I don’t pray

so the question was posed to the young

man well why don’t you pray well I don’t

think it’s that important Allah is

forgiving I do pray on a Friday and I do

pray sometimes when I can my brothers

and sisters that is such a dangerous

answer it’s like saying I’m a vegetarian

but I eat beef you are a vegetarian but

you eat beef it means you cannot call

yourself a vegetarian may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us goodness so

one is to say I’m a Muslim and I’m

trying my best to fulfill all my Salah

by the will of Allah you still recognize

that your duty is to fulfill the five

Salah but you might not be that strong

there is hope for you in Charla I’m not

saying it’s good what you’re doing but

inshallah you can get to what you’re

supposed to be doing but what I’m

talking about is something worse than

that it is when a person says that I’m a

Muslim but I don’t have to read Salah

that’s what I’m talking about how can

you say that one of the pillars of Islam

is the five daily prayer you know that

booney al-islam or Allah hums

Islam is based on five principles five

pillars Shahada the allah allah and

allah one near a salah what if karma

salawa it is zakah was all me remove a

no-huddle bait many stata alayhi Sibylla

you know the five pillars of islam in

such a beautiful manner that i don’t

need to translate what i just said now

in the arabic language so my brothers

and sisters if you want success short

term long term in this world in the next

you want contentment you want Allah to

be pleased with you you have to start

off the stepping stone is Salah

according to one narration Salah is the

pillar of the Dean if you are to uplift


uplift everything else and if you drop

it you’ve dropped your whole beam and

according to another narration the

difference between a believer and he who

doesn’t is actually Salah you want to

know the difference it is Salah so I

want to inform you today and it’s a

simple message like I said but wallahi

we are struggling as an Ummah we have so

many issues so many disputes so much

happening across the globe you perhaps

know maybe more than I do

regarding some of the matters affecting

not only us but an entire Ummah

subhanAllah Humanity is struggling let’s

get closer to Allah

don’t you agree he’s the owner of the

solution don’t you agree he’s the owner

he’s the sustainer you want wealth well

you need to first start off with your

Salah Allah will provide for you Allah

will provide for you he will give you he

has said that he will provide for

everyone so develop a relationship with

him he’ll give you contentment I’d like

to really encourage myself and

yourselves to fulfill this beautiful

pillar of Islam not considering it a

chore but an honor do it with a smile

people say I read Salah but my child or

my children don’t and sometimes when you

ask them further you find out that when

they are fulfilling their Salah the

expression on their face is that of

sadness the expression on their face is

that of fulfilling a job or a chore that

is very difficult so they are looking

very sleepy and they get up last minute

and they they really get over with it as

though they are in a gym engaging in

some gymnastics and thereafter they are

completed and they are back into bed or

they have disappeared when the children

watch this they would not be interested

in fulfilling Salah even though you are

fulfilling it the reason is your

expression the reason is your attitude

towards the Salah when you come for

Salah when you come on a Friday you are

always late you’re always the last

person your children they won’t even

come but if you come early and you come

into the first stuff or you try to sit

at the beginning in in the front section

etc your children if they were to follow

you perhaps if they were a little bit

lazier they’d make it to the second

section but if you made it to the second

all the time they would make it to the

third and if you

to the third they might not even be

pitching up to that Masjid may allah

subhanahu wata’ala

forgive us so when you get up early for

salat al-fajr enthusiastic you are

smiling your expression is good you make

the woo you feel so good you’ve dressed

in nice clothing you stand in front your

children are watching you they see mom

and dad and the others the older

siblings perhaps are engaging in an act

of worship that they are enjoying you

you smile when you are completing your

Salah and you are so delighted and happy

wallahi they will see the contentment

that there is in your face and they will

want to be like that when they fulfill

it they will do it with a smile Subhan

Allah this is an amazing piece of advice

we’ve seen it working and we need to

make ourselves understand that it’s our

duty to pass the baton to our children

if you don’t have the baton yourself how

are you going to pass it to your

children may allah subhanahu wa ta’ala

grant us ease may we be from among those

who love fulfilling the five daily

prayers come what may

don’t let the day pass don’t let the day

pass without fulfilling your basic

obligations unto allah rabbul izza tal

Jalan so this is something my brothers

and sisters we need to keep talking

about we need to keep reminding each

other some people say no do you know

what I have makeup on I have makeup on

and for that reason I read somewhere

that I’m allowed to delay my Salah my

sister my sister that is not true

so hon Allah may Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala forgive us you need to consider

that Allah will grant you a moon and the

beauty way beyond any makeup would be

able to offer when you put your head on

the ground for Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

Subhan Allah

may Allah grant us ease man has oh not

Salah to hoof in lane Hassan Awad

whoo-hoo Finn now do you know what that


whoever’s Salah is beautified in the

night in the darkest hours of the night

perhaps their face will be beautified

during the day Subhan Allah Subhan Allah

with us the basic duty we’re lazy to

fulfill it we feel that you know we

wouldn’t oh we can’t we cannot because


my makeup for example that’s just one

example the men are even worse sometimes

because they that they don’t have that

makeup but still they haven’t fulfilled

the Salah what excuse do you have not to

say that the previous one was a valid

excuse but it’s saying that’s even worse

there’s nothing stopping you if you

cannot read standing you read sitting if

you cannot read sitting you read on your

side that’s the beauty of this deen of

islam where allah has made it easy for

us my brothers and sisters we can do

better when it comes to this prayer

remember one thing what is your duty is

the farm what is your duty is the farm

if you have done that you have fulfilled

your duty but if you were to expand and

extend it is to your favour because then

you become closer and closer to Allah we

sometimes dilly-dally even with our own

farm and you know what you hear the

Adhan the Adhan is so powerful that

Shaitaan runs away when he hears that

call being called he runs away do you

know what that means if you think for a

moment if you have run away as well

after hearing the call what does that

make you may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

not make us from among those who may be

affected by the whispers of the devil

when it comes to Adam as he rushes we

rush with him no that shouldn’t be the

case we should be the opposite you call

the athan Satan moves but a movement a

true believer comes in he comes in we

should be ashamed you know when your

loved one here I’m talking of a Haram

relationship for example someone someone

you’re in love with Haram relationship

when they call you how excited are you

you’re excited when they tell you come

here you will be there even if they’re

just playing a prank you would be there

not once twice ten times you would be


wallahi my brothers and sisters consider

this if that is the case where we try to

impress those whom we love even if the

relationship might not be permissible

what about the most powerful

relationship that can ever exist

you and your maker lockable and

he is calling you he is calling you and

he doesn’t need you and he is saying

come come to prayer come to prayer it’s

repeated twice in the Adhan and you know

you might be thinking well what’s there

for me in that prayer before you can

even ask that question there is an

answer the answer is come to success

success twice come to success both in

this world as well as in the next

subhanAllah come and in the morning

prayer because every one of us loves to

sleep you hear something you hear

something beyond that what do you hear a

Salah to Hiram min and now indeed prayer

is better than sleeping subhanAllah

may Allah grant us success truly we

dream of that success but stop dreaming

get up and do something about it

may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala open our

doors so remember my words and obviously

this is a reminder for myself

there is another very interesting point

that I’d like to encourage you regarding

remember the best prayer is that prayer

that is read at the beginning time of

that particular prayer so if a person

was to delay the prayer what will happen

is they’ll come a time when Shaitaan

tells you you know what there’s still 10

minutes remaining and I’m sure it’s

happened to all of us it has happened to

me too there are a few minutes remaining

don’t worry I’m fulfilling it just now

that just now delays you to the degree

that there is a minute left and

sometimes it’s gone astaghfirullah and

you’re thinking to yourself you know

what I have no excuse what just happened

it was actually Shaytan who made you say

just now I’m fulfilling it just now that

just now actually came straight from


you heard the advance fulfill your Salah

you know nowadays we have applications

on our phones that call out the event or

the first few words of the event those

applications every Muslim loves to

install them just like we love to

install the Quran I’m sure a lot of us

if not almost all of us would be having

one application of the Quran in your

phone or one of these Islamic

applications the dangerous part is

as sweet as it sounds it is going to

bear witness against you when you

haven’t taken heed that’s the dangerous

part your phone calls

subhanAllah there was an add-on that you

could hear you you switch it off or you

heard the first part of it and that’s

how the sitting sometimes is but you did

not fulfill the Salah in that case why

did you insult Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

by installing something you were never

going to listen to never is it just an

alarm to remind you what time of the day

it is no it is supposed to be something

that boosts you to be able to fulfill

your obligation unto Allah we watch

people passing away nowadays with

technology we’ve seen it happen a lot

people pass away in the condition of

Salah while their Institute or just in

the Masjid before the Salah after the

Salah they’ve been many video clips of

people from the CCTV of various masajid

that we’ve seen lately what are the

chances of you and I going in such a

beautiful condition well if you want to

increase the chances you need to fulfill

Salah what’s the point of saying I’d

like to die in soon but you don’t

fulfill so dude you don’t read the Salah

then how are you going to die in so

Jordan so we ask Allah to make it easy

for us do not delay the Salah as soon as

the time sets in try your best to make

haste or at least start doing things

that will be leading towards the Salah

like you start finding a place to make

wudu you find a good place to read your

Salah and thereafter you fulfill it and

then you are set and this is why one of

the seven of the categories of people

who shall be granted a special shade on

the day of judgment is a person whose

heart is hanging or stuck in the Masjid

a Masjid refers to a place of worship or

the place of sujood is also known as a

Masjid if you are concerned about the

next prayer immediately after fulfilling

the current one then you are heading in

the right direction

there is something amazing that’s a very

high level soon as I finished a lot of

Lahore for example I’m concerned about

salat on Assad and I’m already planning

way am I going to read the Salah I’ve

met many people sometimes I’m impressed

by people in the poorest countries in

the poorest countries but they masajid

are so full they are masajid are so full

I’ve visited West Africa and trust me

salat al-fajr as I was entering trying

to enter the Masjid it was packed packed

full completely and I’m thinking to

myself salat al-fajr is there something

happening there was no talk or lecture

nothing no one even knew that I was

going to be there or anyone else was

going to be there for that matter but

the brother with me told me no my

brother if you want to come into the

Masjid for salat al-fajr you will have

to come here 20 minutes before the Adhan

and i looked at myself and I said our

countries where our life is slightly

easier in salat al-fajr there three guys

four guys and our life is so easy we

don’t want it that we lose the affero

and those who didn’t have the dunya

actually get it don’t let that happen

don’t be from among those who you had

that luxurious life here everything was

very good you know you had the beautiful

houses beautiful cars beautiful jobs

beautiful food beautiful everything but

you lost in the hereafter and we don’t

want to be replaced by those who had

nothing in this world they had to walk

five kilometres to get a bucket of dirty

water to heat it up in order to be able

to drink from it and yet they earn the

athira they will be the VIPs on the day

of judgement and we lose out we all want

to be the VIPs we should and that’s why

I decided to talk about this I’m so

inspired by people that I’ve seen who

gives Salah so much of preference

they don’t mind one day we visited a

country very poor country in the

southern part of Africa in Malawi and I

recall we walked through some fields and

there was motor vehicles could not go

there that particular place and as we

walk through we see Samir Allahu Liman

Hamidah it was the time of salat al

Assad and there was a large group of

people who had actually

up from liqueur and ready to go for

sujood who were they they were the

friends of allah subhanahu wata’ala

a place and the time where no one would

have known that there are muslims and

these people are praying for allah they

don’t even have proper water my

brother’s my sister’s with us do you

know you don’t have to turn the tap on


for water to come out you just have to

put your hand there and it detects the

hand and it drops down that’s the water

and we still don’t do wudu and we still

don’t fulfil Salah and the other men and

women back in the poorest countries have

walked 5 kilometers to get the bucket in

order to share it between two hundred

people to fulfill will do in the Salah

and we are still not ashamed of

ourselves they’ve done it you follow

what I’m saying surely we should be

embarrassed give it importance this is

your Salah don’t miss it and I promise

you your life will change and if you may

still have obstacles in your life but I

swear to you Allah Allah Liam I promise

you by Allah your hereafter will be

guaranteed in sha allah by the mercy of

allah subhanahu wata’ala you if you are

close to allah with your salah it will

help you in your character your conduct

you meet brothers you meet so many

brothers and sisters who everyday

subhanAllah and you become close your

heart is softened this is what we need

to achieve my brothers and sisters may

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala bless us all

may Allah make us from those who can

learn a lesson I fear and I always fear

the verse where Allah says why

Tata Milania Stabilo menachem Somalia


I’m telecom if you are going to turn

away from obeying Allah instruction he

will replace you with others who will

not be like that they will not be like

you I don’t want to be replaced I don’t

want to be replaced

I refuse to be replaced I will worship

Allah willingly willing obedience and

I’m sure the same feeling you have so

let’s do something about it

may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala make this

day a day of change in our lives may

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala make this day

a day of turning a day of taking the
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salah more seriously from today


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