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Published on February 26th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 509

quran reading

quran reading

Road of Islam | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | Subtitled”quran reading”


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The first thing I am talking about is this
concluding towards the end of Suratul-Nahl.

Allah Azwajal says ‘Ud’oo illa sabili
rabbik’, which is commonly translated, ‘Invite

to the way of your lord’ that is how it
is translated typically, bil hikmah, meaning

using wisdom, or ‘Invite to the way of your
Lord wisely.

But let’s think about it a little more deeply.

When you invite someone, inviting someone
is an act of friendship, it’s an act of

kindness and it’s an act of love.

You don’t invite someone that you hate.

And inviting someone cannot happen when you
are angry.

“quran reading”

In other words, you don’t go over to someone,
inviting them to dinner to your house and

say, “Aye, come to my house”.

You don’t do that because that is a guaranteed
way of your invitation not being accepted.

What I am trying to get at is that the idea
of dawah, the idea of spreading or inviting

people to Islam, the idea of dawah itself
is an act of love and courtesy and respect

for the person you are giving ‘dawah’

It cannot be filled with a message of hate,
it cannot be filled a message of judgment,

it cannot be a condescending message where
you come across as better than the one you

are talking to.

It cannot do any of those things, because
if it is, it’s just not an invitation.

It’s just not an invitation.

Now, that the first word that Allah uses:

And then He (SWT) says, “illa sabili rabbik”.

Call to the path of your Master.

Now, I want you to think about this.

There’s a lot to talk about it in classical

“quran reading”

But, I want to make it very simple for our
audience today.

It’s really easy to understand.

When I invite someone, I invite them to my
house, yes.

I invite them to a conference, I invite them
to a retreat, I invite them to this program,

I invite them to a restaurant.

Meaning, what I am trying to say is you invite
people to a destination.

What you to is you invite people to a destination.

But you don’t call someone and say, ‘hey,
I want invite you to highway 95.

That doesn’t make any sense.

You don’t invite people to a path; you invite
them to a what?


Because that what’s makes sense.

Now, think about what Allah SWT says, “Ud’oo
illa sabili rabbik”.

Invite people to what.

‘The path’ of your Master, the road of
your Master.

He’s not; the invitation is not to the destination.

The invitation is, ‘to the road’, which
is unlike any other invitation.

When someone, now; let me help you, why that

Because, this is, profound wisdom in the Quran.

Profound wisdom is the Quran.

“quran reading”

When you invite someone to your house, which
is a destination, and they don’t show up,

they don’t show up.

They are two hours late.

Or like me for Jummah today, I was an hour

So, if you are late, then people are upset
with you because what, you did not make it

to the destination.

But, if you were invited to the path, then
it doesn’t matter, if you travelled a thousand

miles or if you travelled only ten feet.

You have already met you goal because you
are where?

On, the road.

You are on the road.

In other words, Allah Azwajal has given us
a profound gift that to help us understand

what ‘dawah’ means.

You are not asking people to reach the destination
or perfection.

You are not asking people, we are not expecting
perfection from anyone, not from me, not for


No one is expected to be an absolute, complete
perfect submission to Allah without any mistakes.


And people aren’t even expected to be at
the same level.

No, because, this is, ‘a path’.

Some people will make progress faster than

Some people are going to be way ahead.

Some people are going to be behind.

Some people are moving really slowly.

And, some people are going to move superfast.

Some people are just getting started.

And there progress is literally an an inch
a day.

Almost, feels like they are not making any
progress at all.

Feels like that.

But you know what?

All of that, all of that, is a success.

And, if any of those people die, if any of
them died on the road, meaning, it feels like,

they were just travelling and they dint even
make it to the destination, and, their journey

came to an end.

They died.

They are acceptable with Allah because they
were on the road.

The entire religion of Islam is described
as a road, ‘ihdinas siratal mustaqe’em.

Think about that.

The entire life you spent is a road that you
are travelling on.

And the point of the road is to make progress.

But, Allah, did not define for us, how fast
and how quick and how much progress, quantitatively

you are supposed to make.
Because every human being is different.


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