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Published on April 8th, 2020 | by Admin | Views:

Ring structure in Quran

and doing a lot of great work in the
quran on what’s called ring structures
and what ring structures are our entire
sewers that are actually symmetrical
they imagine that I said to you 20
sentences and my 20th sentence is
directly related to my first and my 19th
to my second and my 18th to my third and
my 17th to my fourth is that even
possible for a human being subhanAllah
you notice what sama eva tell baruj is
the first ayah Allah swears by the sky
in the last ayah he says below a Quran
Majeed fie Lohan laughs ooh that’s in lo
of muck food where’s the Lilith muffled
it’s in the sky it began with the sky
and ended with what makes the sky so why
is the sky fortified why does he say it
has forts in it because it has the most
protected thing in it what’s the most
protected thing fallopian mat food it
began with Viraj which is a fort and it
ended with the word McCool’s which means
protected what is the purpose of a for
protection that’s the first ayah and the
last ayah he says well yeoman marude was
shy he didn’t wash food the day that has
been promised what is the day that has
been promised the day of judgment the
second last ayah of the sunnah wa llahu
muara in him repeat Allah is completely
encircling them he’s right behind them
is about to encircle them when he in
circles then what day is that the day of
judgment rutila’s house look dude and
nari that in good the people of good
were killed
that’s the third state third passage the
people of a flood were killed and then
in the third last section he’ll attack a
hadith old you nude phenomenal absolute
what happened to fit all his armies they
were killed and then he says that in the
next section he says Lamonica woman whom
in LA me noble allah aziz in Hamidah
lady local similarity was allahu ala
kulli shayyin qadir and aziz and Hameed
names of who Allah Allah Lena who work
was somehow a fee without the one who
owns the kingdom of the skies in the
earth description of who allah allahu
ala kulli shay’in Shaheed Allah is
witness over all things another
description of Allah the fourth last
section in now who are you
Oh while you’re a Wahoo a la food on wa
do the optional machine for Alan Lamar
you read that is also a description of
who allah you go on and allah says in
the Nalina saturn will move me Nina will
be not some man Lamia tobu fella who as
abou Jahannam wallahu either will have
if those who those who put the believers
and on trial they will have the
punishment of hell and they will burn
and this is the fifth section and the
fifth last section is in both shut up
because I should heed when your master
grabs it is intense
and then there’s the middle area of the
entire surah in Medina amanu aminu
slowly heart l’homme Jenna totally
intact even and have logical causal
Khedive the middle jewel in the surah as
believers will be in general hated that
for the entire Quran

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