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Published on April 8th, 2020 | by Admin | Views:

Reverse Symmetry : Linguistic Miracles of Quran

so little Wacha is interesting it has a
number of subjects I’m gonna I’m gonna
list five of them
the first main topic that comes up a lot
all’s them asabi Kunis a buffoon who
logical macabre boon Fijian atheneum the
first and the foremost the highest
ranking people in Jannah Allah talks
about them first that’s the first main
topic of Salutin walkera okay the second
topic of salute al-waqi’ah the main
topic is us hobbly amin the people of
the right hand now people of the right
hand are also people of Jannah yes but
Allah first talks about a Sabha Kunis a
bhikkhu meaning the premium package the
higher level the best people then he
talks about everybody else who also made
it on board
so there’s first class and there’s
economy class agenda also but it’s
mentioned so two classes of people but
they’re both good they’re both making it
they’re both saved okay the third
section is as Habashi mal mal Habashi
mal the people of the left hand so one
was a sabe Pune Saba :
– was as have William in three was as
hashim al 4 I’m Tim Taylor una who I’m
not Nazarian are you making the clans
grow are you making the crop come out
are you sending the water from the sky
or we do that who does that so he makes
a list of things that only he can do
right so I’ll give it a simple topic the
creations of Allah and the fifth one the
final one is actually fella Oh Kasim
will be Milwaukee in new June well in
the hula cusamano Munna aleem in the
hula Quran Karim
it is a passage about the greatness of
the Quran these are the five main
subjects of Salutin baqara surah Rahman
also has five subjects subject number
one the greatness of the Quran subject
number one insulative Rahman is a rock
manu eylem al-quran that’s the greatness
of the Quran being talked about what was
subject number five in saluto Rocky
the greatness of the Quran okay
subject number two in Surat al-rahman is
alas creations a sham su and kama will
be husband when Najma hallelujah Sudan
was samara ha ha wah wah dah
Alma’s on the second last subject
backward subject number 4 of salute
allah kiya was what creations of Allah
and the second subject of soul of man is
creations of Allah the third subject of
salute Oh Rahman is Judgment Day
criminals that will end up in the
Hellfire now subject number three what
was subject number three backwards in
salute allah kiya as hashim al same
people then subject number four Allah
says well Iman cough Amukamara bahijon
natin Allah gives – Janice – people who
feared him and he starts describing
agenda and a little bit later he says
women do need him agenda turn and above
and beyond that there is even a better
John I got for you there’s two more
Jana’s so he talks about Jenna
two times so you could say Jenna regular
and Jenna deluxe package four and five
Jenna and better Jenna what was subject
number one and two
asabi Hoonah Sabich own us how will you
mean the best of the best get the best
Jenna subject number one in subject
number five Subhan Allah

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