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Published on February 9th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 284

online quran with tajweed

online quran with tajweed

Reflect on the Quran Deeply | Subtitled” online quran with tajweed “


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the only way you will find the miracle of this Book

is if you come looking for it

and you reflect inside this Book

and you dig and ponder into this Book

then it will become clear: this can only be from God

if you give it a shallow look, it will give you nothing

if you decide to dive in deep

I had a friend in college who was born in a Muslim family

but they’re not very religious family

they sent him to college

he decided to do a bachelors in philosophy

What happens in – after bachelors in Philosophy, your Iman has a janazah – انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

so he’s completely gone off the deep end – he’s agnost – he’s a skeptic

he doesn’t believe in anything – he’s not even sure if he exists

you know – he’s one of those guys

he’s out there floating in space

and then he was challenged to ponder on the Quran – just ponder over the Quran

” online quran with tajweed “

and so he did – he brought all of his philosophical questions

all of this – from every ism you can think of – he brought to the Quran

and he just studies it for a couple of years

he just studied the Quran asking it questions

hoping he can find something – he came back and finally

philosophy can crush this Book

but he kept getting defeated by this Book

and you know – people that study philosophy love to debate

so when they lose a debate, they get really ticked off

their ego is hurt

so they want to come back and crush it the next time

so he keeps coming back with more criticisms

but he’s not arguing with a person – who’s he arguing with? this Book

he just debated with this Book

he used to like literally slam it shut sometimes – because it shut him up

he was looking for it

“I bet you, it doesn’t have an answer for this”

and he reads it – “oh, it’s there again – I got to find something else”

and he would go back and forth angry with this Book

and two years later – he told me himself

“I wrestled this book and it pinned me down”

” online quran with tajweed “

“and I came to this Deen”

“yeah – I know”

“it pinned me down”

but it doesn’t give itself for free

he could have been a philosophy student, read a translation of the Quran and say “nothing here”

and move on

but if you decide to ponder -why am I saying ponder?

that’s not something I came up with – that’s something Allah’s own claim

by the way – if you study the Quran in a shallow way, you will find contradictions
Allah says “if they reflect, they will not find contradictions”

” online quran with tajweed “

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