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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 935

Quran’s remarkable structure


the arrangement of the Quran is one of

many reasons why Muslims believe that it

could only have come from God in fact

modern research has discovered a

remarkable structure in the Quran and

known as ring composition to demonstrate

this let’s analyze the second chapter of

the Quran known as al baqarah the cow

this chapter consists of a total of 286

versus the entire chapter can be divided

into nine groups based on theme the

first group of verses talk about faith

and unbelief this mirrors the theme of

the last group of versus the second

group covers God’s creation and

knowledge this again mirrors the second

to the last group steam the third group

discusses the law given to the

Israelites which mirrors the giving of

law to the Muslims in the seventh group

the fourth group relates to the test of

Abraham and mirror of the test of

Muslims in the sixth group the middle

group the fifth group is the central

theme of the entire chapter the change

in direction of the Muslim prayer

we have made you believers and middle

nation so that you may bear witness to

the truth before others we only made a

direction the one you used to face in

order to distinguish those who follow

the messenger from those who turn on

their heels

this turning point was the change in

direction of the daily prayers from

Jerusalem to Mecca which represented a

big test for the believers we find the

mention of this important turning point

in exactly the middle of the chapter the

hundred and forty third verse moreover

this verse even contains the word middle

together these nine groups form a giant

ring composition as you can see link

composition is structured as a sort of

circle with the central meaning placed

at the center you can think of it in

terms of a mirror so link composition is

the equivalent of putting a mirror in

the middle what is mentioned in the

first half will be reflected in the

second half

things can be taken a step further if we

examine these nine groups we find that

they each contain sub during

compositions so what we have is rings

within rings for example here is the

eighth group with the theme of God’s

creation and knowledge we can see that

the beginning and the end both have the

themes of giving and charity and the

central theme of God’s power and

knowledge is placed in the middle

things can be taken further still this

submarine contains yet another ring

within itself this is the 250 fifth

verse Milner’s ayatul kursi the verse of

the throne just like the chapter which

contains it the verse of the throne can

be divided into nine groups based on

theme the first and lies pass each

mentioned God’s personal names the

second and eight parts both state that

God never tires the third and seventh

parts described that God owns everything

in the heavens and the earth the fourth

and six parts make it clear that God has

total control over us and we are

dependent on him notice that the middle

of this first mentioned before and after

which could be yet another allusion to

the mirroring of ring composition it’s

worth highlighting that not only does

the verse of the form contain its own

wing composition but it is also

positioned as a sub ring within two

larger rings a concentric ring

composition we can see that this chapter

of the Quran is marvelously designs

being precisely and tightly arranged

according to the principles of rain


this precision in arrangement is in fact

astonishing when we consider the timing

of the revelation of these verses to

appreciate this let’s consider the

analogy of building construction imagine

you had a task of building a house

rather than waiting until you receive

all of the materials and then drawing up

a carefully thought out design plan you

will stand aside to proceed without

complete knowledge of the constituent

parts constructing it’s piecemeal adding

to a bit by bit as and when you receive

the individual materials what are the

chances that this approach will result

in a well-constructed house unlike an

organized approach where each part is

placed in its best possible position

according to a design plan instead you

have a situation where it seems each

part is placed arbitrarily depending on

the order in which the parts were

received in such circumstances you would

most likely end up with a very poorly

designed house liable to collapse at any

time it is highly unlikely perhaps even

impossible that this disorganized

approach would end up with the same

stunningly designed house as an

organized approach yet this is exactly

what we find with the Quran structure

the Builder in our example is the

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him the

house that he began to build since its

first verses were revealed to him is the

Quran the rooms and bricks in our

construction example are as chapters and

verses he can never have a design plan

in place for the Quran because the

revelation of many let’s vs. depended on

events that were out of his control such

as the social developments and

challenges that he faced throughout his

prophethood for example believers would

come up to him and question him on a

particular matter or his enemies will

challenge him the responses in the form

of revelation would then descend on him

addressing the specific situation that

he was facing how clear Muhammad have

devised such an intricate plan when he

could not predict the events that would

dictate the revelation of verses such an

arrangement would have to be planned in

advance but this was not possible due to

these events being out of his control

well this demonstrates is that the

author was someone who could predict the

future possessing knowledge of the

unseen is a quality of God not human be

some critics may point out that books

prior to the Quran had this literary

style and therefore we cannot use this

as an evidence for the Quran divine

origin however comparing the Quran to

other books is like comparing night and

day for many reasons firstly Prophet

Muhammad peace be upon him was not a

poet normally have any literary

reputation in fact like many people at a

time he could not read or write secondly

most people would assume that the Quran

is arranged chronologically starting

with the first revealed verse and ending

with the final revealed verse this is

the order in which books are typically

written in a logical sequence starting

at the beginning then the middle and

finally the end but the way the Quran

was composed is unlike any other book

al-baqarah the chapter of the Quran that

we have covered was not revealed

starting with verse 1 followed by verse

two then three and so on rather its

verses were revealed out of sequence

over span of many years and interspaced

with the revelation of verses from other

chapters the Quran unusual manner of

Revelation makes incrementing link

composition much more difficult than

conventional books thirdly conventional

books follow an editorial process by

undergoing multiple stages of editing

which allows the author to gradually

refine the text over time however the

Quran did not undergo an editorial

process Prophet Muhammad peace be upon

him would place the verses in their

positions as soon as they were revealed

to him with each new verse he would not

go off and review what had been

previously revealed to see where he can

position him in order to maintain a ring

structure rather spontaneous revelation

was immediately followed by the

placement of the nurse its position

fixed when we look at the history of the

quran’s compilation there is not a

single instance of averse being moved

around in order to make it fit a ring

composition fourthly achieving ring

composition in conventional books is

much more feasible as it also has

complete control over the content

allowing them to plan the structure

ahead of time as we’ve already seen with

the quad its content was circumstantial

as it was tied to a

that were out of the control of the

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and

therefore he cannot plan a structure

ahead of time fifthly the Quran was

first revealed as an oral recitation not

in written format with written books you

can easily plan a structure because you

can quickly and conveniently refer back

to what you have written previously but

with the recited texts like the Quran

the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

would have had to rely on his memory in

order to recall what was previously

revealed a much greater challenge

in light of all these difficult

circumstances wouldn’t you expect the

Quran structure to be jumbled what we

find against all odds however is that

the Quran contains a remarkably

sophisticated structure the

circumstances of the quran’s revelation

together with its precision and harmony

represent a compelling argument for its

divine origin your companion is neither

astray nor being misled nor does he say

anything of his own desire it is no less

than inspiration sent down to him he was

taught by one mighty in power
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