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Published on March 30th, 2020 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1


Quran with tajweed Teaching

Quran with tajweed Teaching

The Work of Shaytan (Complete) | Subtitled” Quran with tajweed Teaching “


There is the narration I owed you

So, shaitan plants himself right above the heart of the human being, of the son of Adam

And as soon as the human being becomes lax, careless, heedles and forgetful


He puts in waswasa

And then, “…”

And as soon as he remembers Allah…

He(shaitan) retreats back

He takes a step back

So when you remember Allah, shaitan takes a step back

You stop remembering Allah, shaitan takes a step forward

And he never stops

” Quran with tajweed Teaching “

It is not like he sees an opening and he says, “Yeah…I’m tired today. I don’t want to do waswasa today…”

It’s been a long few thousands years

He doesn’t do that

And why he doesn’t do that, we’re going to learn in this ayah

He never takes a break

You’re going to take break from remembering Allah

He will not take a break from making you forget

He is working hard

He is working harder than any of us

So we have to fight back hard

It’s not something that comes casually

Isti’azah from shaitan

Shaitan is really good at what he does, he is really good

You gotta appreciate the hardwork he is putting in to throw people into hellfire

It’s serious

” Quran with tajweed Teaching “

You know, on” Quran with tajweed Teaching “
e of the easiest manifestations of shaitan is ego

Kibr(pride) was his problem and he wants to instill that into people

And one of the easiest ways to instill that into people is through anger

Anger is a manifestation of what?


And shaitan is very good at making you angry

Have you ever seen a Muslim brother gets really angry?

What are you supposed to remind him? We’ll say what?

Say, “A’udhu billahi min ash shaytanir rajim”

Shaitan is really good with this guy. You know what he does?

You say, “Hey brother, just calm down. Say “A’udhu billahi min ash shaytanir rajim”

What are you saying? I’m possessed by shaitan?

And he gets even more angry

And shaitan is sitting there laughing, “I got him good!”

I even got him to stop saying “A’udhu billahi min ash shaytanir rajim”


So, he’s good at what he does and we have to be able to…

And it takes humility, right?

It takes humility to take a step back and say, “You know what? Shaitan is whispering.”

” Quran with tajweed Teaching “

It’s not me, it is iblees that’s whispering to me

I need to take a step back and humble myself before Allah

And realize that anger is something that is befitting to Allah and is not befitting to me

It’s not something I should be taking on myself

So I should take a step back and say, “A’udhu billahi min ash shaytanir rajim”

Another narration, this is a very important narration to understand

There so many lessons in this one

So, the Messenger(pbuh) goes in the night and he is returning his wife Safiyah(ra), the mother of the believers to her home

And on the way in the dark, they saw two of the Ansar

So here is the Messenger(pbuh), here is his wife(ra) and there are two of the Ansar that are walking by

Now, the Messenger(pbuh) tells his spouse to stop

And he tells them(Ansar) to stop, so they stop

And then he says, “…”

“This is Safiyah”

“This is Safiyah”

And the sahaba were like, “Why are you explaining to us who that is?”

So the sahaba said, “SubhanAllah! Ya Rasulallah!”

Why did they say “SubhanAllah! You don’t have to explain to us”

“Why would we think that? Why would we think anything wrong?”

So the Messenger said, “…”

“Shaitan flows in the son of Adam like the flowing of blood.”

“And I fear that he will put, he will launch something into your hearts.”

What is that hadith teaching us?

The Messenger(pbuh) is cautious of the waswasa of shaitan

Especially for the believers, when it comes to them getting waswasa against who?


And this is actually something that ties to what we started with

The sceptism about the Sunnah…

…is waswasa of the shaitan against the Messenger(pbuh)

…is waswasa of the shaitan against the Messenger(pbuh)

And people fall victim to it

” Quran with tajweed Teaching “

This waswasa is introduced to you (in this surah)

This surah tells us to look out for waswasa from two sources. From what two sources?

“from jinns and human”

You’ll have these websites by evangelical ministers and by atheists and by murtadeen

People who left Islam and things like that

And they will quote all these ahadith, “Look what your messenger did!”

“Look what he did in this hadith, look what he did in that hadith. How can you believe he is a messenger?”

“What kind of man was he?” etc, etc, etc.

You’ll see those things

And the people who don’t have enough knowledge and they don’t remember Allah

They don’t remember Allah much and the vacancy is there

They read that garbage and what happens?

Shaitan pours right in, puts the waswasa in and their iman is shattered

Their iman is gone

The easier attack is not to attack iman in Allah

” Quran with tajweed Teaching “

You know what the easier attack is?

Iman in the Messenger(pbuh) of Allah

Accepting Allah is one thing, accepting the Messenger(pbuh) is even further humility

Because you have to accept the human being’s authority now

Who’s gonna be telling you what Allah wants from you

And this waswasa comes in a time, where we are living in a time of inflated ego

It is very easy to let that get in the way

That’s really the psychological origin of “I like Qur’an but Sunnah? I don’t know”

“Qur’an is from Allah, I can accept that much humility.”

“But humility to a human being, to a messenger? Oh, I don’t know!”

“His job was just to deliver.”(ma’adhAllah)

“He just delivered the Qur’an and everything else about him is his own personal business”

“I don’t have to take that seriously”

This is the attitude that is developed


You’ll find even subconsciously people will say, “Brother, I heard this is haram”

And the sheikh will say, “Yes, it’s haram.”

“Is that in the Qur’an?”

They’ll say, “Is it in the Qur’an?”

You know what they don’t say?

“Is it in the Qur’an or in the Sunnah?” No, Sunnah is out

“If it’s not in the Qur’an, it isn’t that haram then.”

“It can’t be that haram ’cause it’s not in the Qur’an.”

That’s the attitude that is developed, subhanAllah!

This is waswasa of shaitan

This is a big waswasa of our time

And this is against the nobility and the place of the Messenger(pbuh) of Allah

And he was afraid that the sahaba would even get the wrong idea about his character

Even though they know him like that

But shaitan is just that powerful

If he is that powerful against the Ansar

Quran with tajweed Teaching “

Ansar-ul Madinah who see Rasulullah(pbuh) with their eyes…

And he can get to them, he can’t get to us?

He can’t get to us?

We have to be careful

We have to watch out

Especially for the thing that the Messenger(pbuh) showed specific concern for

We should be going out of our way to be concerned for those things

The nobility and the honouring of Allah’s Messenger(pbuh) and his place in our iman, in our aqidah

” Quran with tajweed Teaching “

You know when you say something inappropriate about Allah’s Messenger(pbuh), all of your iman is gone

All of it is gone, all of it…

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