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Published on November 25th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 221

Quit Your Bad Habits

bismillahir rahmanir rahim don’t you

agree that in the month of ramadhan the

hearts are softened we tend to reach out

in charitable deeds much more in the

month of ramadhan than we do during the

other months not to say that we are not

charitable in them too but it is the

condition of the heart that allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala has definitely

granted us such a gift regarding that we

feel the goodness make use of it there

is no point in saying this Ramadan is

blessed the recitation of the Quran that

the Imam is reading is so good the

lectures we’ve heard are so powerful yet

we have not turned what is the point of

hearing powerful lectures one after the

other when we have done nothing about it

it is like seeing the best business deal

in front of us and we did not

participate or we did not earn and we

did not earn any profit so my brothers

and sisters it is up to us to start up

with the dealing with Allah

I do look commodity gelatine georgy

could mean either have been any Allah

says should I not show you that business

that you shall engage in that will

result in your Saviour from some painful

punishment what is it to mean who have

been lying or Azoulay believe in Allah

and his messenger and strive in his path

with your wealth and yourselves may

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala make us

steadfast on the path my brothers and

sisters this is the month of resolutions

make your resolutions here and now

promise Allah you will quit your bad

habits this may be the last chance you

have in order to do that you may quit

your bad habits whether it be as trivial

as some may think habits such as smoking

habits that people may never ever be

proud of such as being hooked onto

pornography such as gambling such as

alcohol whatever else it may be some may

be hooked on adultery brothers and

sisters this is your chance to end

forgiveness of allah allah subhanahu wa

ta’ala smurfs ii the blessed month of

ramadan the day of a friday the time of

the hotbar isn’t it about time that our

hearts are softened towards allah who

those habits cut them now promise Allah

and believe me if you were to die right

here right now

perhaps Allah grant you paradise just

because of the goodness of your heart

and your intention may Allah forgive us
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