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Published on February 16th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 268

Q: What if I can’t pray 5 times a Day? – illustrated answer by Nouman Ali Khan – Subtitled


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I can’t Pray 5 times a day, I can’t do it
Now, i don’t believe you! whoever said i can’t

do it i dont believe you. you know why?. Beecause
i believe Allah now i didn’t say i believe

in Allah, i said i Believe Allah. There is
a difference, right?. I believe in Allah means

‘i believe in Allah exists, i believe in Him.’
but when i say i believe Allah it means i

believe what He says. He says, swt, Allah
does not burden anyone except/unless they

are able to carry that burden. You are saying,
you are not able to live upto a responsibility

that Allah gave you, isn’t that true?. You
are saying i can’t pray 5 times a day, it

is too much. And Allah is saying ‘Yes, you
can’. So i have a choice between believing

you and believing Allah. And perhaps if you
didnt realize this. Maybe you are lying to

yourself. Maybe you have convinced yourself
because of your laziness, because of your

lack of will, that you don’t want to pray
5 times a day. I can’t judge you, i don’t

know what the problem is. People can take
15 mins cigaratte breaks at work, they can

take a break to just go hangout or do whatever.
you cant pray 5 times a day?. Subhan Allah.

I used to work in new york city. I have seen
Muslims praying all over the place. In the

middle of fifth avenues, on the curve, the
guy is making Salaah (prayers) because it

is time. Muslims are going to pray, if it
is time, Muslims are going to pray: That’s

it. Allah said ‘You can’, so if Allah gave
this burden upon you and He did infact, then
you can. Convince yourself of that and rely
on Allah, He will make it easy for you.

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