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Published on February 25th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 234

Q: Should I focus on Memorization or Understanding of Quran? – Nouman Ali Khan – illustrated


Change you to lif “Free Quran Education” Youtube.


here’s a quick question from the gulf tour

I read the Quran , but I don’t understand Arabic

so I don’t get anything out of reading the Quran

and then these people tell you you have to memorize the Quran , there’s so much reward from memorizing Quran

and there is so many Hufaz out there that memorize Quran and don’t even understand what it means

and you know what

as I heard this question I realized something

to every action , there’s an equal opposite reaction

we have an extreme in this community

we have on the one hand people that wanna emphasize the memorization of the Quran

and not emphasize understanding at all

that you just become a trophy once you memorize

and you are going to lead Taraweeh , and you’re going be reciting beautifully and people are gonna be saying what an awesome Tajweed you have

and you have no concept of what’s being said

that is one extreme

and that extreme gives birth to the other extreme that says : you know what !

and they’re just making these beautiful sounds , but what’s the actual message! we should forget about memorization

and you know what this is?! these are two extremes.

the truth in usually these kinds of things lie somewhere in the middle.

and for so many questions people ask , I realize more and more and more

that they’re actually a reaction to another extreme that makes them wanna justify the opposite extreme

and not consider the answer lies in the middle.

the answer is at the end of the day , memorizing Quran is one of the most spiritually enriching and powerful acts

that we can do

memorizing the Quraan is actually fulfilling the legacy of the prophet himself ( peace be upon him )

one of the most beautiful verses in Surat Al-Ankabut, describes that :

the Ayat ( verses ) of the Quran , live in the chest of those who believe

the Ayat ( verses ) don’t live on pieces of paper , the Ayat don’t live inside Mushaf ( The Book )

the place the Ayat are stored in this world are inside the chests of believers

it’s an amazing thing to say!

and so I want more and more of these Ayat in my chest , I want to memorize as much of them as I can.

that’s something you should struggle with , and want for yourself!

why wouldn’t you wanna memorize Quran if your parents are gonna be raised with crowns on their head in Judgement day if you memorize Quran.

on the one hand we should be memorizing the Quran and on the other hand the Quran completes itself

don’t they reflect deeply on the Quran or

are their hearts made up , locked up ?

so reflection on the Quran , and memorizing Quran are actually hand in hand

and let me add one more thing

this is the balance of our religion guys ,

this is where things really get so epic

these two things are not mutually exclusive

when I’m memorizing the Quran , I’m repeating the same Aya , over and over.

and the more I’m repeating it

the more i’m thinking about it

and the more i’m thinking about it

more realization comes to my head

reflection is actually facilitated by the act of memorization

that’s how it’s facilitated

then you recite Ayat with Tajweed

what Tajweed does is that you give each letter its due

you pause

and you take your time with every single word

which means that it slows you down

doesn’t it ?!

Tajweed slows you down!

and when it slows you down

your mind is not just pronouncing every word like you should!

it’s giving your mind the opportunity

to think about every word

and instead of rushing through the whole thing

and not giving each word

letting each word have its effect on you

even the science of Tajweed

actually fulfills the purpose of thinking

and reflecting on the Quran

that’s what it’s there for

this stuff is so interconnected

what we have done is

we have ripped it apart

I just wanna read English translation

or I just wanna study Tajweed

and not reflect , Subhan Allah!!

these are the things that Allah ( SWT )

commands to keep or meant to keep together

and we keep putting them apart

so the answer really lies at the end of the day in balance!

when you have one extreme

it will certainly lead to the other

may Allah keep us from extremes
and truly allows us to be

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