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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 953

Put Your Trust in Allah


and you know what happens to people this

is the last thing I’m sharing with you

in chat la jolla there are people who

Allah makes many things easy for them

please listen to this carefully Allah

makes many things easy for them for some

of you Allah made money easy for you

just easy for you

for some of you confidence is easy it’s

no big deal

other people get nervous you don’t get

nervous for some students of mine

studies are easy like I study I teach

Arabic some of my students well lucky I

could tell Allah made Arabic easy for

this one and the other one Mahoney

Khalid Allah settle out of via he wasn’t

made to study Arabic he could he’s a

smartest guy in his field he will be a

PhD in physics he can’t do mobile phone

with ophélie he can’t do it you know he

wasn’t made for it is it’s tough for him

not everybody is the same now what

happens is when people get used to

success Allah makes one thing easy then

he makes the next thing easy and it

makes the next thing easy and the next

thing you see is everything always going

to be easy no sometimes you will fail

there’s a student who gets used to

getting a hundred the first time the

second time the third time the fourth

time and the fifth time he gets 250 all

of a sudden and he’s used to what 100 so

I said ah forget it

I am worthless Allah is no longer with

me you know what’s the point now cuz you

get you get used to writing so high that

one little failure one setback and

you’re just crushed

you’re completely crushed what’s the

point I’m dropping out of school I don’t

want to do this anymore I hate this

you know what the after that this is

when you didn’t remind yourself and

every single success that that success

was a combination of two things your

effort and a less help every single

hundred you got before wasn’t because it

was easy you put effort and Allah Allah

gave his Baraka

you put effort and Allah gave his Baraka

and this time when it doesn’t happen two

things could be wrong number one maybe

you didn’t put enough effort and when

you don’t put enough effort Allah does

not give his Baraka and maybe even if

you put effort Allah decided that he

will not give you but I come maybe

that’s better for you one of my best

friends in life used to be a Hindu and

he wanted to go to med school

yeni was a straight-a student straight

A’s in the entire life perfect scores

higher scores in the SATs applied to med

school he was expecting a full

scholarship he got rejected

he was completely shattered he ended up

in a different University he decided to

do computer science instead and he was

completely still a Hindu you know it

completely depressed except he met

people in his new college Muslims who he

started hanging out with and within two

years he took Shahada and he looks back

now he goes thank al I didn’t make it to

med school when I failed med school I

thought it was the worst thing that ever

happened to me and now I look back at my

life and I say I failed med school it is

the best thing that ever happened to me

you know his kids his kids are

memorizing Quran can you imagine his

kids are memorizing Quran his father

when he became one so every day they

dragged him to his father got so like

shocked he took him to India to beat

Hinduism back into him and he ran away

from they came back you know and as kids

are memorizing Quran so how Allah so we

have to sometimes we have to have trust

in a love you get used to riding a high

wave and one little setback comes and we

lose our trust in Allah and then there

are others who Allah gives you one

difficulty then he gives you another

difficulty then he gives you another

difficulty and you gives you another

difficulty and you start believing that

I will never accomplish anything my life

is just difficult man everything is hard

for me I keep getting fired I keep

failing my tests I keep doing that you

get depressed and even this one has to

remember that success in this world

everything that happens is a combination

of two things I have to put in my effort

and Allah will make the task easy my I

know I said last but I have one minute

left might as well use it for something

I shared this last thing with you there

are two parts of this das so far it’s

not even the whole dog I just wanted to

share these two statements with you

about business already why I said liamri

there’s a there’s a symbol Ali there’s a

very beautiful eloquence to this

statement Allah is teaching us that if

you have a calm heart if you have a

positive attitude and you have the what

good in Allah

and you put your work in then Allah will

make your mission easy but if you start

with the other tool I know it’s not

gonna work anyway but I’ll try

you already began with a defeated

attitude Allah will not make your task

easy for you you have to come with

shuttle suddenly you have to have an

open chest a positive attitude believe

that Allah will give you success in what

you do and if he doesn’t give it to you

well you know you’re still saying

alhamdulillah but you don’t walk into an

effort you don’t start a project you

don’t start doing any work and you begin

with saying I’m probably not gonna

succeed anyway given my track record you

don’t begin with that attitude then

Allah will not make your job easy for

you so if we have that good heart before

allah azzawajal allah will make our task

easy for a soprano hoeata hala with that

i pray that allah Saladin gives us all

the ability to take advantage of the

wisdom of our of the great prophets of

allah alayhi salatu wassalam that is

captured in their doors they set such

few words but they told us they taught

us so much of how to better our lives as

believers and how to live our life

successfully for Las deen and also make

the best of this dunya may allah

azzawajal make us find the balance

between this Dean Andrews dunya as he

intends it and may Allah put all of us

to the service of his beautiful Deen and

this one Mubarak Allah Habib Allah

fulfil Quran al Hakim when a funny idea

can be Lyautey what did Hakim



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