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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 296

Purpose In Life

I mean they and also the soul

you see I don’t care what anybody says

about alternative lifestyles and all

these people out there doing people I

guarantee you people have trouble in

their soul

you can numb it you can preoccupy

yourself you can entertain yourself you

can do all these things to not deal with

the souls anguish but you cannot remove

the anguish of the soul there is it’s

not possible which is why you know Mark

said religion is the opiate of the

masses and all the Hokkien winter said

but opium is is the religion of the

masses that’s the idol is escape from

reality that’s what they’re worshipping

because they’ll do anything for that

Idol and all they’re trying to do is

numb that the pain of existence but the

existence is painful because you are not

fulfilling your function and when you

don’t fulfill your function there’s

always trouble and and any time anything

in the body is not fulfilling its

function what is the first sign to let

you know that you should go to a doctor

pain there’s some type of disquietude in

the body to let you know it’s not

fulfilling its function so if suddenly

you’ve got this pain in your liver and

you go and he says you’ve got hepatitis

that pain was to let you know the

function has been disrupted the same is

true for the soul if you’re not

fulfilling your function which is to

worship allah subhana wa ta’ala testify

to his unity and to behave accordingly

then you will be in pain and suffering

until you come into accordance and

that’s a gift from allah in the same way

that pain signs and symptoms

gifts for people so that they can go to

a physician and get well if there

weren’t signs and symptoms that’s why

hypertension is such a dangerous disease

because people can walk around and not

feel any discomfort from hypertension

and they can die from it

so pain in the soul is there but people

will do things and that’s what people do

see what Kufa is essentially is covering

up now if you get a headache and you go

and take tylenol you’re not getting rid

of the headache you’re suppressing the

symptom so if you are sick in your soul

from your Kufa and you go and you do

things in order to remove the pain of

the kuffara

you’re just covering up more and that’s

why it’s little Matt FOFA dunno Matt

it’s darkness –is over covering

darkness –is and you just keep covering

up more and more and more until that

person is so disease that it’s on its a

hopeless case and that’s a lots of kind

of Italian intervenes money

don’t come with anyone up on a in one
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