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Published on November 25th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 281

Purify Yourself

bismillah r-rahman r-rahim allahu

subhanahu Dada said in the summer well

boss our award for a de cool o Allah o

Kekaha anhu missoula the the sound

itself the site itself and the heart

itself all of them man has been made

responsible for Allah begins with

hearing because hearing is the most

difficult to guard I came into New York

City and I’ll tell you something going

from Mecca to Jeddah was like going from

Paradise to the gates of paradise going

from Jeddah to Morocco was like going to

a place where I could see paradise off

in the distance but I definitely wasn’t

in it and then getting to New York was I

could descent into the bowels of hell

and there’s no exaggeration about that

because suddenly everybody around me was

using foul language I it’s unbelievable

the only time they don’t use foul

language is if they’re serving you

something everybody I was standing in

the waiting for the bus and I hear this

beep two people talking and I wanted to

plug my ears and that’s what he Mahmud I

was at I used to do when he saw people a

bit out and these people

it was so foul every other word was a

foul language and the movement is lace

of Ebola in the hadith the moment does

not use foul language nor should he hear

it you have to protect because now those

words ring in the heart they ring they

have a resonance because you’re hearing

fill and if you get polluted by it so

you have to guard the years and the

problem the danger of the ear is that

it’s it’s it’s our own it’s circular

it’s not linear the I you can divert

your gaze and you see something Haram

you can look away unless given the

ability with the ear and this is why in

the Quran Allah always mentions the ear

first because the ear is more difficult

and the ear is a faster and more direct

line to the heart than the cut that then

the eye itself and then you have to

guard the eye because the eye is

mirror it’s a window into the heart the

eye is a window into the heart but first

and foremost the heart itself is more

important than anything else that the

human being has been given and so we
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have to purify our heart


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