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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 347

Prophet PBUH as a teacher

…just tips on teaching…there’s actually a really cool book I found, “an-Nabeeka Muallim”

The Prophet (sas) as a teacher, which highlights a lot of the teaching practices of the Prophet (sas)

It’s been translated into Urdu as well. I haven’t seen an English translation yet, maybe there’s one out there

but from my experience just kind of summarizing some of those things and

In my own experience, the three or four things that I think take

The majority credit for being an effective teacher: the first of them would have to be to think like a student

When you know something or you’re an expert in something and you’re a professor or a teacher

Then a lot of times people speak at the level of professor or they speak at the level of scholar

But when you’re teaching, it’s not the same as speaking. When you’re teaching, you have to actually

think about people that have no background, they have no

necessarily prerequisite information, and so you have to bring them from the bottom up. They shouldn’t hear you teach and say:

“Man, that was a pretty hard lecture” or “I didn’t get most of what was being said”. That’s not their fault,

that’s actually a teacher’s fault. So to bring a teacher…

A teacher has to visualize themselves literally sitting there, not knowing anything, and how would they be spoken to.

So, that’s very important in the role of a teacher

A second thing that I would have to argue is letting go of inhibitions. One of the things

that personally helped me a lot in teaching, is teaching children.

Because when you teach kids you have to let go of your inhibitions.

If you’re gonna tell a story, you can’t be boring because they’re gonna eat you alive

You have to turn into a lion where you gonna talk about a lion

You have to not be shy and you have to be able to make a fool of yourself

And completely let go and this is actually part of…it’s almost like theater I argue sometimes, teaching in a classroom

Because keeping people’s attention for a long period of time is not easy

You can’t just talk for hours and hours and hours and expect people to just sit there and listen.

You have to be able to captivate their attention, and part of doing that is to not have any hesitations

when you want to demonstrate something, when you want to say something.

It’s okay to make a joke that’s not funny and nobody laughed. At least you are having fun doing it

And actually your confidence, and your comfort with yourself, it projects onto students. They can sense it.

The next thing is actually to be yourself.

You know, a lot of people when they don’t have a mic on, or they’re not on the podium or teaching or speaking

they’re someone, and as soon as they get on the mic, they become somebody else.

This is actually pretty weird. Just be yourself! Whether you’re talking to a crowd of thirty, fourty, fifty, fifty thousand it doesn’t matter.

You don’t have to become a different persona when the camera is on or when you’re speaking.

And that projects. Because everybody sitting in your audience, in teaching, should feel like you’re talking to them one-on-one.

And that really really goes a long way. And then of course, the final is especially not in speaking

but moreso in teaching is to

to find the right balance between being an authority in the classroom

and being a friend in the classroom; if you’re too much of an authority

there’s an emotional disconnect between yourself and your students and that, you know, becomes a barrier to learning.

And if you’re too much, too chummy and too much of a friend in the classroom,

then you’re not gonna get any work done, because they’re just gonna turn the entire class into a hangout.

So, finding that right balance between humor, and you know, taking it easy, giving breaks,

and then also, putting your foot down when necessary, all of that is actually pretty pretty important in a teaching environment.

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