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Published on November 17th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 818

Prophet Musa (AS) Vs The Magicians


Musa (alahi salam) says [rabbish rahli sadri] and the second thing he asks is

[wa yassir lee amri]
“make my mission easy for me”

who makes the mission easy?


which means by definition, by default – some of you are of technical background

the default position is – the mission is hard

and the only one who can make it easy is?

Allah Azzawajal – and He only makes it easy when, first of all, you have an open chest

you’re positive

and you’re a source of positivity for other

then he acknowledges his own weaknesses

that’s the third step

you have to acknowledge where you’re missing

what he was missing was – sometimes he couldn’t speak clearly

so even if you’re carrying the Word of Allah

your – the Word of Allah is perfect

but I’m not perfect

the Word of Allah is perfect

but my Dawah is not perfect

and I have to acknowledge

what about my Dawah, and what about my speech, and what about my ability is not perfect

and I have to ask Allah to cover my mistakes

and so he says [wa-hlul ‘uqdatan min lisani]

“untie the knot in my tongue – I’m not the best speaker”

Firaun is one of the greatest politicians in human history

which means he’s an amazing speaker

politicians are great speakers

they give speeches regularly

and Musa (A.S.) has a stutter

There’s no way you can win this debate

so, he says “Ya Allah! I have a deficiency, you need to help me with it”

“I need your help with this deficiency”

and then finally,

finally, look at this

he says

by the way, what’s he going to share?
before I share this with you

what is the job of Musa (A.S.)?
the job of Musa (A.S.) is to share the Word of Allah

yes or no?

but he says

[yafqahu qawli]

“so they understand what I say”

what is he going to say?

what is he gonna say?

the Word of Allah, isn’t it?

he’s going to say the Word of Allah

but the Word of Allah should be understandable on its own

why does he have to say… why didn’t he say…

“so they understand your words”

why did he “so they understand” – what?

“my words”

because the Quran is the Word of Allah, but on this mic right now is not the – it’s my voice

that’s my voice

I have to try to explain it

I have to try to express it

And now, even though the Word of Allah is perfect

the way I explain it will be – what?


and I have to try to make sure people understand

my primary concern is I have to help people understand

so I have to know who I’m talking to

I have to understand what kind of words they can understand

what they find difficult?
what they find easy?

I don’t – I can’t make things complicated for them

because I’m concerned about them understanding

in other words, the job of a Da`i – the job of someone who carries the Word of Allah

his final concern

first you understand where your weaknesses are

then you understand how do you make sure your audience will – what?


you don’t just start talking – you – I read something in a book and I start talking about it

and I don’t care if it was

it was complicated for me

but I enjoyed it

so now I talk in complicated language, nobody understands what I’m Saying – but who cares!

no, no, no, no, no
I have to speak in the language

that people will actually understand

that is the sunnah of Musa (A.S.)
and when that happens

everything will work out

I’ll fast forward in the story of Musa (A.S.)
I’ll just share one thing with you about Musa (A.S.)

then i’ll give you the example of Rusool Allah (sallahu alahi wasallam)

I want you to think about this

who was supposed to battle with Musa (A.S.)??

you know – when he threw the staff

and the hand

who was supposed to battle with him?

the magicians – you guys know that, yeah?

so in Surah Ash-Shuraa , Allah tells us

that the magicians were heavily financed

they were gathered from all different cities – the best of them

[waiba’ath fil-madaini hashireen]
(Quran 26: 36)

“gather all the best magicians from all the cities”



they were made popular

in other words, Firaun was already humiliated

everybody knew that Firaun was defeated by Musa (A.S.)

so now,

Firaun looked very bad

so he wanted to make the magicians look good


so he spent a lot of money

and a lot of campaign

telling the people

that the heroes of Egypt are – who?

the magicians!

and they will save

our nation from this threat of Islam

they will protect our nation

so you – all the people need to be fans of who? the magicians

So much so that there’s an Ayah in Surah Ash-Shu’araa that people started thinking

[la’allana nattabi’us-saharata in kanoo humul-ghalibeen]
(Quran 26:40)

maybe we’ll end up following the magicians

if they win – in other words – maybe the government will not even belong to Firaun

may be the government will go to

the magicians – that’s how popular they became

that’s how popular he made them

and then on top of all of this

people did not want to

you know – يوم الزينة (the day of decorations)
the day on which the battle was supposed to happen

how do you make sure everybody comes out and watches?

because he wants to make sure the entire country watches this

he needs to make sure everybody sees that Musa (A.S.) has been crushed

so what does he do?

we find in the Quran

[Waqeela lilnnasi hal antum mujtami’oon]
(Quran 26:39)

people were told: “are you coming or what?”

people were forced to come out

to watch this battle

and everybody was told by the military and by the campaign that your heroes

the one that you will listen to is – who?

the magicians

I’ll fast-forward

Musa (A.S.) throws the staff

it eats all of their ropes and their rods

and who falls in sajda (prostration)?


and then magicians get up from sajda

and they say:
[amanna birabbi ala’alameen rabbi moosa waharoon]
(Quran 26:47-48)

“we believe in the Rabb”

“we believe in the Rabb of Musa and Haroon”

who paid for the stage?

who paid for all the audience to show up?

who paid for the campaign:
“listen to them”
“listen to them”
“listen to them” ?

who spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the campaign?

so that they could have the biggest stage they ever had

and then they could stand on that stage

and Musa doesn’t have to do Dawah (A.S.)

they did the Dawah for him

who paid for it?

Allah has a plan

you just have to have [شْرَحْ صَدْرِ] [sharhus-sadr]

open up the chest

that’s it

you could have argued 10 minutes before

so many resources

so much money

so much power

how is everybody going to hear the message of Islam?

and just 10 minutes later

you see what Allah does

you understand?

that’s why, we have imaan (belief)

that no matter how bad the resources look on the opposite side

we don’t know how Allah can turn them around and make them in our favor

we don’t know

I met the minister from Europe who

was one of the most instrumental in Switzerland

who was instrumental in – you know – banning the minarets back in the day

right? and after that he was – actually he wrote

against the Prophet (sallahu alahi wasallam)

and they were trying to pass legislation and even encourage people to insult the Prophet in Europe (alahi wassalatu wasslam) right?

they were encouraging this kind of thing and he was on the front of the Right Wing Campaign

the guy took Shahadah

he’s a muslim

when I met him two years ago almost

his son was with him – he’s still not Muslim – and in that conference he took Shahadah too


the people that were at the front of hatred against Islam

Allah turns their hearts

why do we have to be depressed?

Why, do We have to be negative?

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