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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 900

Prayer is the solution

Salah is actually an act of worship that

will reduce our stress levels the Quran

speaks about it and Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala says this in surah – hey Jeff

regarding the prophet sallallahu alayhi

wa sallam while a pardon Alamo and

nakiya de cosas de Luca be Maya put on

fast a baby hum the arabika come Mina

Sergey deen o muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wa sallam we know that whatever they are

saying they are spreading rumors about

you that you are a womanizer you are

behind money you are after control you

are after power and so on all those

rumors that they are spreading about you

we know that they are causing your chest

to be narrowed which means you know you

are concerned about them it’s stressing

you up so what you do praise allah and

find yourself in this in the condition

of prostration a lot be from those who

prostrate now prostration if you are in

that position it is the only position

where the brain is lower than the heart

subhanAllah so the blood that is pumping

to the brain is effortless it will help

a person whose cholesterol is high when

you are in the condition of sujood

because naturally there is no effort

when the oxygenated blood is being

pumped into the brain amazing and this

is why it is said that sujood will help

relieve your stress

just to dude itself even just the

position of sujood subhanAllah and we

find it a burden to go and make sure

dude llahu akbar that position of

prostration is a sacred position it is

only to be rendered for the one who

created me and you it is haram and

prohibited to render that position for

anyone else any creature that Allah has

created no matter who it is may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us all

understanding and protection so here

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala is mentioning

how it is actually a point of release of

stress salah is also a point of mercy

allah says allah come to hammock

after speaking about Salah he says

fulfill your Salah so that you can be

from amongst those who is whom Allah has

mercy on so that you can have mercy on

yourself so if you want mercy you need

to fulfill your Salah may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala grant us fulfillment

of the Salah you want success didn’t we

say moments ago hey island Falak means

come to success Allah says in the

opening verses of Surat al mu’minin

utter a flaw Hal mumme known 11 whom

feels all a team Haji Oh

on successful are the believers who

concentrate in their Salah so they read

their Salah but now what is discussed is

not the quantity but the quality so you

want success improve the quality of your

Salah may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

grant us the best inshallah of this
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dunya as well as the Acura



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