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Published on February 20th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 507

female quran teacher

female quran teacher

Praise your wife | Funny | Sh. Mufti Ismail Menk | Subtitled” female quran teacher “


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And the same applies to the spouse,

You know you love them,

But you need to say it again and again.

Like we got to the food moments ago,

And you need to say, ‘This food is.. Masya’Allah, it’s really, really great.’

Even if the salt is a little bit more.

Because sometimes, as I was saying,

She spends so much time bringing it in front of us,

And we are worried about how it is smelling, number one..

And number two, is we say, as we taste it,

“The salt is too much, no?”

(audience laughs)

“Salt is too much, no?”

” female quran teacher “

(audience laughs)

What are you talking about?

She just looks at you and her face flops.

“I’ve been at it for 3 hours dear,

4 hours, I’ve been busy with this for so many months.”

And what is she going to say.

“Next time, I’ll try a little bit better, a bit harder.”

That is, if she is a good woman.

If not, she will say,

“Never going to cook this again!!”

(audience laughs)


Never going to-.. It’s typical.

Never going to cook this again.

And if you have someone who is very witty,

“The next time there is salt to be put in, I’ll call you to put it.”

(audience laughing)

So, we need to praise the cooking of our wives,

We need to praise their… dresscode, especially. For example,

I can let you know something that has worked for some people.

When you find some women, who you know,

they don’t like to dress appropriately, so

the husband sometimes wants to tell them something.

There are two… three ways of doing it.

You can either say,

” female quran teacher “

“This is very bad!! I don’t want you to wear this.”

And you might have a response.

But if you want a response from the heart,

What you do is.. You tell them,

“The other dress looks much better than this.”

You see. So, you are praising one thing,

and that praise is not there when the other thing is there.

So you have told them in a way, that, “This is what I really love.”

And.. Go beyond the limits in praise!

That is your wife, don’t worry.

You can say whatever you want. Masya’Allah.

In terms of goodness.

Like, the food.

You, when you eat

Even if it is a little bit… this way, or that way,

Just praise it! Masya’Allah!

See what it is, praise the effort! You know. Masya’Allah!

Let me tell you what has happened once.

The imam in the masjid said,

“You need to praise the cooking of your wives.”

Just like I’ve said now.

So the man went home,

And he had this meal

And he was looking at it, and looking at his wife.

And smiling, you know.

All happy, masya’Allah.

And excited, and everything.

And when he finished, he said, “Ohh! It was AWESOME!”

And the wife says,


“I’ve been cooking for you for TWENTY ONE years, you never said that!”

(audience laughs)

“Today, when the food came from the neighbour,

(audience roars in laughter, clapping)

“You want to say it was AWESOME?”

(audience laughing)

So, he says, “Oh! I’m sorry, I’m sorry about that!..

I didn’t know!”
(audience laughing)

” female quran teacher “

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