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Published on April 8th, 2020 | by Admin | Views:

Palindromes in Quran : Linguistic Miracles & Perfection of Quran

Allah Azza WA Jalla he says in sort of
mud death care
well I’m Becca a bit what up Becca
up yeah
now Wow in the beginning is like the
English capital letter like when you
start a new sentence you begin with
capital letter in it in Arabic Wow can
be used for many things over 21 things
one of them is a list enough to start a
new sentence so you could think of the
why in the beginning as a new sentence
the rest of the ayah says Arabic ah
up there now listen to this carefully
what’s the first letter you hear when i
say about Becca what’s the first letter
of the Arabic alphabet that you hear
everybody heard them up or Rebecca now
listen for the last letter that Kat if I
kept beard what’s the last letter you
okay now listen carefully for the second
letter I’m back up
what’s the second letter about Becca but
listen for the second last letter
Rebecca that kept beard what’s the
second last letter but Rob that cap
what’s the third letter kaph Rebecca fat
cap beard what’s the third last letter
you notice something it’s spelled
backwards and forwards the same way it’s
spelled backwards and forwards the same
way in English literature we call this a
palindrome something that spells
backwards and forwards the same way like
Bob or race car race cars an interesting
palindrome in English
allah azza wajal gave our messenger
sallallaahu our day of cinema words that
he didn’t write down well not a hopeful
will be a meaning Allah tells him you
didn’t write anything down with your
head you don’t know how to write so this
is entirely an oral exercise for the
messenger some of Maharani you said them
and he once he says something he doesn’t
edit it he doesn’t correct it that’s it
Allah revealed it and that’s it there’s
no I didn’t mean to say that let me
change the way I said it
etc etc right it’s exactly the way I
instructed him to recite the challenge
for mankind is you see
ayuh the simple translation of the aisle
would be declared the greatness only of
your Lord that would be a simple
translation of what Ambika fuckup dare
try to say declare the greatness only of
your Lord in English or French or German
or Japanese or Chinese or Italian or
Russian or or do or Farsi you pick the
language say it so that it spells
backwards and forwards the same way and
say it so you only have one attempt
orally no writing down while looking up
in dictionaries how possible is that
subhanAllah I can translate the ayah but
could I translate the miracle in English
if I tell you declare the greatness only
of your Lord you get some of the message
but do you get the miracle you don’t get
to learn the miracle of quran is in the
arabic language and this is just one
small example the quran every ayah has
its own miracle

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