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Published on February 3rd, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 251

One Ummah | Subtitled


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I’ll leave you with one more reflection about the

the phrase Kaana an-naasu ummatan wahidah

If humanity was once one

One single nation

Now let’s not think about the entire humanity, let’s think about one family.

Imagine there’s a family, and they’re brothers, and they love each other. When they were kids, they are playing with each other, they go to school together.

They eat together. They eat from the same plate

They’re brothers, blood brothers. They fight for each other

They disagree sometimes but they get along

They got each other’s back

And they grow up, and then something happens and they have a fight.

And they move apart

Does that happen? Is that a real life thing? It happens, right?

And they don’t talk to each other anymore. They don’t even call each other for ‘iid or nothing

And then somebody reminds them

“Man, you were one family

What happened to you?

You were one family.”

Now, when you say you were one family, what does that supposed to do? It’s supposed to…

ignite in you those feelings

That subhanallah, “Yeah man, I remember”

I belong to this family

It’s an act of not coming back and being brothers again

and letting bygones be bygones. Letting the differences go

and being a family once again is actually an act of

re-igniting of what was originally there

We, actually, in the genuine sense, the Muslim, is supposed to have love

For all of humanity

Because he sees all humanity as originally what ummah? One ummah!

And what he sees

The Muslim sees now the diversity of religions, and different views,

and all these other…other kinds of human beings

Actually we see them as lost members of the family

As literally, our potential brothers. They just don’t accept that they’re family anymore

Because if you can take them back to the idea that we’re children of Adam alayhis -salam and you believe

in the message given to Adam (as)

We aren’t just family by blood now, by race, by humanity, we can be family

in our allegiances, in our loyalties

So, we’re supposed to think of humanity as our own, not as the other.

There are visions of Islam because of the angry world situation we’re in today with

the few people that have power

have the power to create hatred among nations

hatred among people and they’re very successful at doing that and

instilling hate inside people

and people have duped us and confused us into thinking

if you’re really genuinely a Muslim, you’re supposed to

have hatred toward non-Muslims.” NO!!

You’re supposed to have hatred specifically

towards the enemies of Islam, who want to destroy…ashiddaa’ ‘alaa al-kuffaar

and those kuffaar aren’t just any kuffaar in the ayah in suratul fath

They’re specifically the enemies of Islam

But they’ve duped us into thinking all non-Muslims

we just genuinely have to think of them as inferior, or hate them,

This is not the teaching of our deen (religion)

This actually goes against the wisdom of the phrase “Kaana an-naasu ummatan wahidah)” – Humans are one people

Why would Allah even tell us that? Subhanahu wa Te’ala

That humanity was once one, and all the children of humanity

we have to remind them, that we’re supposed to be one

we’re supposed to be the agents of unity
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