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Published on February 27th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 764

holy quran online

holy quran online

Never Get Angry | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | Subtitled”holy quran online”


Quran tajweed lessons “Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


I was at a masjid not over here in America. I was at the masjid, and I was sitting in the

Talking to some board members about some program

I wanted to do and a brother walked in and he heard that I wanted to teach arabic

He was an arab fellow it was an egyptian fellow and he heard that I wanted to teach arabic

And I’m- he’s like, “You?? Teach arabic?” I was like, “Yeah, a little bit.”

and he said, “Where are you from?” I was like, “Pakistan..” and

he said, “oh yeah?”, and he took out a napkin and he said write the alphabet for me

So I wrote down the English alphabet for him

And he said, “You see? You don’t know Arabic. And I was like, “Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry.”

And then he started teaching me the alphabet, 30 minutes

I sat there, and I learned the alphabet with him and then he had to go, and then he left.

And that night, that night at the same Masjid

They asked me to give a lecture, The Importance of Learning Arabic, if you go on YouTube

and you search, how to learn arabic, and why I learn arabic, why study Arabic?

That lecture was at that Masjid, and that guy was in the first row-

smiling at me the whole time.

“holy quran online”

But he comes to me and says, “You, Pakistani. You’re gonna teach Arabic.” I’m gonna go, “Oh yeah, oh-

No no no. “Hey, it’s okay. It’s alright. You’re right. I don’t know anything. It’s okay.”

Don’t get worked up. Don’t get all full of yourself. If people speak to you in that way. It’s okay. They have a right.

You know, and you don’t know why people speak to you in this way. There may be some other things going on in their life.

You know and they come to you and they let their anger out on you.

You have to be kind of-

Merciful and courteous to people. There were women, there were men, that came to Rasululullah s.a.w. started yelling at him.

From the Badwi. They were Muslim. They started yelling at him

and you know, The Prophet s.a.w. didn’t get upset, he just-

calmed them down.

“holy quran online”

The Sahaba wanted to kill them. He said, “No. Relax.”

Just peace, you know. This is the sunnah of The Prophet s.a.w. When people say things that make you angry,

you just gotta-

Calm down. And by the way guys, men over here, your wife will say a lot of things that make you angry, boy.

And when you hear that, you don’t say that she’s jahil, but you do say, “Salaam.”

Just be quiet.

Don’t talk back.

Sisters upstairs, ladies, your husbands will say things that will boil your blood.

Oh my God, you will get angry. And Allah has given you a special power. I have three sisters,

I have a wife and I have four daughters.

I know girls have special powers and their superpower is they can answer you in a way that will-

Like stab you in the heart. Oh my God! They have the most amazing answers. It was like, “AHH-“

But you, sisters

When your husband is out of control and he’s becoming too emotional or too angry, “Shh..”


“holy quran online”

Change the subject

-and salaaman. Qalu salaaman, does not mean.. that Allah says you have to say Salaam and somebody’s will be fighting and you’ll be like, “Salaaman 3x.”

Not like that.

That’s not what that means. Let me tell you what salaam [is]. Salaam and could be a ‘hal‘ here in grammar.

You know what that means, they speak calmly.

They don’t just say the word salaam,

They speak calmly, they speak peacefully, they speak in a way that disharms. That doesn’t make you angry.

You know?

And so for example, you know one time I was sleeping in the Masjid.

I was, i’tikaf

And I was sleeping in the masjid, and you know when you’re sleeping

you don’t know what which way you turn. So I’m sleeping and I woke up because somebody kicked me in the stomach.

There’s a really old gentleman, in our community, it was an Irani fellow, and he was also doing i’tikaf.

He didn’t speak any English, any Arabic.

And it’s just- and he kicked me in the stomach. And I wake up and like- “Ohh..”

Then look at him like-

And he goes-

My back was towards the-

bookshelf, where the nasakh is.. You can’t have your back to the Quran, so he kicked me in the stomach.

Now I could get up and say, “C’mon.. You could have woken me up nicely..”

“I’m fasting, and then you kick me in the stomach too..”

But you know what I did? I just hung out with him afterwards, just sat down with him..

I said, “Can I recite Quran to you.

So you can correct my Quran?” And we spoke in sign language, and I recite the Quran to him and we just hang out the whole time

You have to deal with people peacefully. You have to calm down when you deal with people. You will meet all kinds of people.

All kinds of temperaments. Some of you are stuck with a boss.


Like he’s always angry. He wakes up angry.

He he– you know, he’s eating and he’s angry. He’s angry when he’s smiling, even there’s nothing he’s angry. You know.

You have that kind of a boss, but you know what? You have to learn to deal with it peacefully. Peacefully.

You have employees. Some of you are teachers, you have students that make you angry. You’ve got to calm down.

You can’t get angry in the classroom.

Rasulullah s.a.w. has told- we were told..

“Allah sent us a teacher.”

“holy quran online”

He sent us a teacher. He never got angry, at people. Never.

You know? His servant is telling us, that he lived with him, and

then he’s.. and he’d never told him, “Dude, why did you do this? Why didn’t you do this?” The entire time.

Subhanallah. And that’s his slave. That’s not even his employee. That’s his slave.

He never said this to them.
[Sorry for any mistakes. Wallahualam.]

“holy quran online”


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